Years ago

If these guys played NBL?

How would these players go in NBL if all were available.

Thon Maker

Which would dominate, which would be ok, which are duds.


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Years ago

Can't see many dominating players in the list.

Mathiang, Exum and Delly I think most likely

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Years ago

They don't.

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A A Ron  
Years ago

Delly would be like peak Kevin Lisch.

Bolden would put up huge numbers with his ability to shoot and increased usage.

Exum would rack up numbers across the board.

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Years ago

I don't think Delly would rack up big numbers, it's just not his game. To me it kinda feels like if he played 30 mpg in any big league in the world (including NBA), he'd get about the same line regardless of competition.

Bolden would be dynamite I think. Exum would be very solid as well, and probably a much better shot at staying healthy.

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Years ago

Some decent players in the OP.
Bolden, Exum and Landale would do well.
Pinder would be a bench player.
Not sure how Humphries would go but I'm sure he would've improved a fair bit since his Sydney Kings days.

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Years ago

Delly would be Damian Martin with an offensive game.

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Years ago

None will dominate because the refs call fouls as per the fiba rule book, and you can't travel. NBA isn't basketball , it's entertainment, just how the WWE is not wrestling.

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Years ago

Humphries would be a force if he came back for next season. He'd be there with the likes of Bogut and Long, as an elite NBL big.

Delly would lead the league in assists, drawn charges and toughness. Might average 12-14ppg. Would be first or 2nd team all NBL. Kind of like a guard version of Bogut who averaged 11ppg but influenced games with smarts, passing, rebounds, D.

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Years ago

Humphries would be behind Bogut or Long but not too far off

If I could pick any current NBL C 5 man to join my team for next season, including Humphries tmI'd take Bogut/Long, then Humphries 3rd

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Food for thought  
Years ago

I think Delly would be behind Bryce Cotton, Caspar Ware and Melo Trimble for best guard in the league, but not by a lot. He would be comfortably the best Australian guard and arguably would run a team better, but those guys would put 20 a game out and he'd be like 10-12 ppg, 6 assists, and some good D. As said before, Damien Martin with some offense.

Thon Maker would be an upgraded Majok Deng. Probably a starter. But he has too many holes in his game to be a MVP candidate. Would probably rise to that level with time though. Would make some great highlights and be vuery good though.

Exum, with his physical skills, would probably average over 20 a game. I don't see anyone stopping his first step. He would be like Joe Ingles first year in the competition and perhaps better.

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Years ago

I wonder if Humphries is someone the Wildcats might be looking at trying to get after summer league? Would have been a better fit if they still had Neilsen though.

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Wang whipper  
Years ago

"NBA isn't basketball"

Jog on you imbecile. NBA is basketball at its absolute peak. But no, let's see second rate athletes and lots of travel calls because that's what Trev wants.

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Years ago

"Humphries would be behind Bogut or Long but not too far off."

We're talking about a guy who a season ago averaged less than 7ppg in the NBL and was a defensive liability, then averaged under 5ppg in the Serbian league. Then this year he averaged 11ppg in the G-League, and we're comparing him to Bogut?! Let's keep this believable please!

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Years ago

Create a fantasy thread, because that's all it is. Fantasy.

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Years ago

Just to add some flesh re Humphries-Bogut. Bogues is an elite passer and rim protector, he has an elite understanding of team offensive and defensive schemes (both his own team and opposition), and he's a proven player at international, NBA and NBL level.

Humphries is a young prospect who has yet to excel in a serious league, he has struggled early on to understand defensive schemes and is still finding his feet offensively, though he has obvious talent. At the moment, he is only proven at G-League level.

There is no way those two players should be compared at this point.

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Years ago

Yeah, there's still some thinking that exists in some folks that because a guy steps on an NBA court he'd also be a dominant NBL player. A lot of guys better than Humphries don't get the same chance he did re: an NBA roster because they opt to make big money overseas rather than risk a year in the G League hoping for a call up. It was a great decision for Humphries though (and Creek).

I'm sure Humphries has improved since his last stint here, but I don't think he's suddenly transformed into an elite player of the Long/Bogut level.

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Years ago

Plus not to knock Humphries but if Atlanta thought there was something there he wouldn't be playing for the Clippers in summer league.

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Years ago

Right time and place led Humphries to his NBA shot.

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Years ago

Reath would be interesting. Just about average at college, had good games and bad games but had a shit coach then a new coach. Not sure how strong the league he plays in now is. Somebody might take a punt on him. Probably Joondalup as they spend more than a lot of NBL teams

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Years ago

Most nba teams pick up 7 footers this time of years as training fodder, just like end of year when they're shutting guys down and looking towards next year. If only he had gone to a college where he could have developed.

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Years ago

Probably Joondalup as they spend more than a lot of NBL teams


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Years ago

[There is no way those two players should be compared at this point.]

Hence why I said I'd take Bogut ahead of him.

In Humphries favor is that he is 21 years old.

Based on the flashes we saw in NBL 17/18, some big G League games and a decent stat line in 18/19, it seems his trajectory is moving upwards quickly. He has all the physical tools, and appears to have a rapidly improving game.

If I was a GM I'd take the punt on that quick improvement continuing, ahead of signing someone like Boone, Brandt, Jawai, Bairstow- who are all either at their likely peak or in decline.

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Years ago

Bairstow is all of 28. Yeah he's still recovering from an injury, but he's in his prime.

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Years ago

Humphries clearly has potential, and is still relatively young.

Would I prefer to see him or Bogut in Perth next season??
All completely hypothetical, but it also comes down to price.
Bogut clearly still a better player, but what's he being paid?

And then, if Humphries has been playing o/s, how much does he think he's worth?

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Years ago

And no NBL team is touching him which suggests he prices himself too highly. The talk with Bairstow is that he'll likely go and play in Europe and if so he will get brought back to reality over there.

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Years ago

Dellavedova would be a 15ppg and 7apg player in the NBL. Would shoot good %'s, play good defense and make smart decisions.

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