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West Sydney?

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Earlier this year

Tassie - 10
Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.
Nz 3.

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Earlier this year

Tassy huskies
Gold Coast
WA team
Vic team
Sunshine Coast qld
NZ team

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Just Tassie atm

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What evidence is there that the Sunshine Coast could ever field an NBL team? No venue, two struggling clubs in the QBL and competition to the Bullets who can't pull a crowd themselves.

West Sydney makes sense as does Newcastle (New Stadium, History and population). A Western Victoria side (like the new a-league team) could be another possibility as it could include Geelong, Ballarat and the western suburbs of Melbourne.

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Earlier this year

There won't be a second team in Sydney. What's the case for it? How many disaffected Kings fans are there these days? Where would you get serious corporate support from - even the Kings haven't had that for a decade? And where would a second team play? Qudos is hideously expensive and the next largest suitable venue is an old facility that seats less than 5000 and in the same area as Qudos. A second Sydney team is a pipedream.

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It's just a hypothetical list of teams
It would take over 10 to 15 years to bring in 8 new teams into the NBL by that time Sunshine Coast could have everything in place for a NBL team.

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Sydney clippers

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Earlier this year

Jesus Townsville is THAT far down the list???

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W Sydney has a huge marketplace, basketball has grown hugely despite the currently far more popular NRL. Financially there of course logistics, but with good backers and the support of an NBL executive team that is proving more and more capable of running a sports league towards populairty, I see no reason.

The large Asian migrant population has picked basketball as there sport (and thats a heap of people in the syndey basin), this paired with improving youth talent I see no reason why a new team would not be effective in attracting not only fans but also local players capable of playing at this level.

Like the WSW, when a team is successful and the fans get behind there is really nothting that can stop it.

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Earlier this year

Perth Bandits?

But I just really, really want to see the Southern suburbs of Perth get a national team, based of course in Cockburn. :-)

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Earlier this year

Build a 5/6 k stadium at Blacktown, make membership at reasonable prices and they will follow. Blacktown has a lot South Africans and Asian community .

Afl giants were out there and doing a lot better than today. The move to inner west Sydney was disastrous and the get only opposition followers, and they chuck lots of money in there. Lucky they have reasonable side or it be gone.

The rumour at the time the kings came back though was they had a guarantee of no other Sydney team for ten seasons.

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Earlier this year

Even if that were true, the ten seasons is up.

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Earlier this year

Canberra won't happen any time soon.

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Earlier this year

I'm heading to a SBL game in Cockburn hoping to meet forum star Dazz.

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Earlier this year

From the Sunny Coast and would loooove to have NBL here. Not going to happen though!
Comment above re 2 struggling teams is a bit harsh. A shaky start to this season for both teams, it's true, but consider that first of all, 1 of the 2 teams seems to at least make finals most years. Both can this year.
Then, consider that with our smallish population base that we divvy up everything. Players, sponsors, fans, facilities and can still dish up not 1, but 2 competitive teams.
Thirdly, since when has state-league teams had any influence on NBL membership? The only inference that I can see is that there is enough interest to sustain 2 clubs at this level.
Lastly, with NBL presence in the region, can you imagine how strong the "struggling" Sunny Coast sides could become?
But, in spite of all my great reasoning, still not gonna be.

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Gold Coast 680,000
Newcastle 490,000
Canberra 460,000
Sunshine Coast 330,000
Geelong 270,000
Hobart 230,000
Townsville 180,000
Darwin 150,000

Wellington 420,000
Christchurch 400,000
Hamilton 240,000
Tauranga 140,000
Napier 130,000
Dunedin 120,000

To me, it looks likely we will see Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Geelong, Hobart, Wellington and Christchurch the next expansion teams.
Townsville and Hamilton much later on are a possibility.

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Earlier this year

Population figures are only part of the story. Any potential NBL franchise needs a few things to build from:
1. A "natural base" of junior players, as they're easier to sell tickets and merchandise to;
2. Facilities, minimum 6000 seat capacity I’d say (we need to plan for the future); and
3. Potential local sponsors/ benefactors

Above is not an exhaustive list, but some locations mentioned don’t even meet those criteria. The Gold Coast’s biggest employer is the local Council. The soccer team was propped up by Clive Palmer, but he was more of a hindrance than a benefactor. Their national league teams have always struggled to pull a crowd. The Titans’ (in NRL) fans are often outnumbered by visiting fans. The Suns actually seem to do a bit better for local support, but the Gold Coast has a strong AFL competition, whereas League just doesn’t seem to put the development resources in.

All the Australian cities listed above have had NBL teams in the past, except Darwin an the Sunny Coast, and they have all ultimately failed.

Any expansion will need to be gradual and well planned.

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Earlier this year

A lot euro division one clubs don't have 6000 seat stadium. 4000-5000 seats is ok, make the seats more valuable, supply and demand. Phoenix should play out of state sports centre, better having 5000 in than half empty stadiums.

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Earlier this year

2.5 million people live past parramatta?

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Earlier this year

Any-one remember the add for Kepple Island? "I,ve been to Kepple, .. and survived!" The comment above, "2.5 million people live past parramatta?", made me think that they survived the experience of Parramatta???

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