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The future centre thread

Thinking of Boomers once Bogut and Baynes move on.
Landale looks more a 4 to me and I don't think Thon Maker is the answer either.

Other than Humphries who do we see as potential Boomers centres beyond 2020....

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Jack McWilliams and Jordan Hunter

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I didn't realize Baynes was 32 already.. guess it's a legitimate question.

Agree Landale's a 4.

Humphries may well be a Boomer going forward, but let's see how he pans out. At 21 he's obviously got enough promise to be getting NBA look-ins, but I find his game to be a bit soft/unathletic and lacking in elite skills (soft touch is about the best I can come up with).

I wonder how his progression will go versus someone like Harry Froling, who is a more elite shooter and a better passer (but obviously even less mobile/athletic, and less of a defender).

Thon's not perfect, but sans Bogut/Baynes he might be our best option. It will be interesting to see if he's able to develop his game at all or whether he ends up dropping out of the league. Regardless, he can protect the rim, mobile on switches, can run the floor, finish lobs and shoot a spot up 3. If you have him you still need a bulkier C to defend more conventionally sized 5's though.

Makur Maker is probably going to break through in a couple of years and be a better version of his cousin as well. He's our brightest C prospect right now, though again, he is on the thinner/mobile side of the spectrum so you want more of a banger to compliment him in the lineup as well.

Dire straights you also have Mathiang who is a good interior C.

As for the names above, Jack McWilliams is really big for his size - I think that's all I can assess right now about him. Hard to say that he actually is or will be good. Think Jordan Hunter will be lucky to be a notable NBL player.

Could be other prospects coming down the track as well. A guy like AJ Magbegor might grow into a C with another growth spurt.. possible when his sister is 6'4.. assuming the parents are very tall.

Also way down the line is the youngest Maker, playing for Hawthorn 14/1's, already 6'8, said to be looking promising.

I think next WC/Olympics the most likely C rotation would be -

Makur Maker / Isaac Humphries / Thon Maker

With guys like Bolden sliding up a spot for some small ball minutes as well.

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Last year

Young Boomers post 4 or 5 spots.
96 Simmons 1-4
95 Cooks 3-4
96 Bolden 4-5
98 Magnay 4-5
95 Landale 4-5
98 Humphries 4-5
97 Maker 4-5

Maybe a chance
Acuil 5
Mathiang 5
Reath 5
Hunter 5
Makers 4-5 both Matur and makur
Frolings 5 both Harry and sam
Gaks 4-5 gorjok, deng and akoldah potentially.
Epperson 5

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Last year

Landale isn't agile enough to be a 4 in today's game. How's he going to do marking Giannis or Davis? Or are we giving up on medals?

Good international teams are going to have more mobile 4s in the coming years.

The Maker cousins and Landale will be 5s of the future. Bolden could get minutes there too.

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Last year

Horz, you wrote, "Landale isn't agile enough to be a 4 in today's game. How's he going to do marking Giannis or Davis? Or are we giving up on medals?" and it's hard to disagree with your comment.

So, does that mean that you would leave him out of your team or turn him into a 1,2,3, or 5 instead? Seeing that Giannis and AD haven't applied for Aust citizenship, and with the choices that we do have, I reckon he's shown enough to be given the role.

Isn't your comment a bit pointless, anyway? I can't think of anyone who could adequately mark either one of those 2, so, do we ALL go home or try to find another way?

And for that matter, I could just as justifiably ask, how will any of our players (really) do against the world's best. On paper, we just wouldn't go. But we all know that this is not decided on paper so we go, hoping, trying for upsets and a medal. How it should be. But please don't reject our choices just 'cos someone out there is better.

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Last year

From the #700 list above, we seem to either have quickness without a strong body, or a strong body without quickness. (Along the lines of Thon Maker versus Aron Baynes for the Boomers.)

Some of the names I haven't seen play, so someone else will need to give me their 5 cents worth - do we have ANY 4 or 5 prospects who are both quick AND strong AND are a threat at both ends.

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Last year


I think Landale if Landale wants to be in a rotation of a team that wins a medal then he will end up playing as a Centre.

I just don't see him having the agility to stay with the PFs of Europe or Canada.

All I'm saying is there a players who have a better body and agility in Australian basketball to guard those players.

Notably the Maker cousins Bolden Simmons Adel and Joe Ingles. Hell even Mitch Creek.

But my biggest gripe with Lemanis is he is stuck in the past with 2 bigs and shooters around them it's not the way basketball is played by most teams these days.
I feel the teams he is choosing aren't fast or agile enough when we have guys who have those abilities and for some reason aren't getting choosen.

I think he should try fit the system to match the players not the players to match the system he wants to play.

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Last year

Thanks Hroz. I guess I still see the 5 as the big strong brute and the 4 more likely an inside threat mainly but a bit more agile, sorta like I see Landale's game.

For mine, Bogut and Baynes more the 5 type.

Because of his height, I expected Landale to be a 5 (yeah, I know, what about Simmons?) but love what he is doing along-side the other big (either one) as a 4.

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Last year

Robt and everyone else.

I take back what I said about Landale. I'm still not in love with his agility, but I think it's serviceable for a 4 and he does alot of the other things you'd ask of a 4.

He could be a poor man's Kevin Love right now.

I hope he makes the NBA. And frankly think he should be there this year.

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