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Dan grida is a spud

As per the title .... over used spud

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Last year

There's a bunch of guys on Illawarra who I feel would be good with talent around them. The problem is there is NO talent!

Ball is young, Blanchfield we know is a stud and Aaron Brooks is class! After that it's a bunch of sub par NBL players!

Dech (a development player level), Naar, Glover and Grida don't look like NBL level players. Froling is young and not on the level (may develop though). Then you have the ghosts of Anderson, Coenraad, Boone and Ogilvy.

Don't just go at Grida. There's another 7 guys you can lump in that category!

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Last year

Ogilvy sucks

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Last year

You can add Naar to the list, but don't tell homicide. Hampton scores on Naar like he’s not there. Cairns team last season would beat this mob by 50. They are young but you can still play defence.
Great crowd and nz should make the four.

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Last year

Naar was always a dud but people talked him up cause he played at Saint Marys.

Like most of the Saint Mary's aussie alumi he is an NBL1 level player at best ad that includes the current guys there.

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Last year

Grida and Naar have a lot media backing. The agent must be mates with media. I never saw the hype even under Bevo.

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Last year

the hawks are a basket case and always have been? is this surprising? grida and naar are nowhere near nbl level

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Last year

The hawks just have too many blokes who aren't ready or even close to contribute at nbl level. Blanchfield, Ball, Brooks, Boone are fine, Coenraad is serviceable in a small role and Froling will be good given time but the rest of the roster seems to be blokes who are 11th men at best. But you can't have six blokes who are 11th men in this league.

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Last year

Grida and Naar are fine in reserve roles. The biggest problem with the Hawks is the unbalanced roster and lack of contribution from Boone. Switch Boone with a player like Cam Oliver and I think that alone makes the Hawks a lot more balanced.

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Last year

You're all correct, their bottomless pit of money should have signed way better players. Morons!

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Last year

OP must be a real dopey member. Grida is all heart and will have a long and successful career in this league

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Last year

The people in this forum that react to games is incredible. Firstly, Grida is still a kid, and a very good one for his age, so if there is a spud, it's you!!!!
Froling is also a kid, and both players will have huge careers.

The disappointment should be focussed around the players that should be leading and winning games, such as Blanchfield, Ogilvy, and Boone. Blanchfield has had a free pass for not doing a whole lot in his entire career, and this is the team that he should be helping to win games for, yet the simpletons on this forum somehow find fault with Grida? Wow.

Maybe watch a few games carefully before talking.

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Last year

Emmett Naar was a beneficiary of St Mary's giving him freedom and a long leash - he played 28, 37, 33 and 36 minutes per game in his 4 seasons.

I do think that the success of Dellavedova and Mills (and other Australian players) at St Mary's perhaps led St Mary's to rate Naar a bit higher than what he was;

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Last year

Must say I agree with #0023. The vets of this Hawks team know it's on them to right the ship; there is no way they are out there blaming a second year player.

And I actually agree with OP to an extent in that Grida has had a shocking start to the season. Mainly it's his shooting, dude can't buy a bucket. But him and the other young Aussie guys are the ones showing heart out there. Don't forget their only win of the season so far came on the back of a clutch steal by Dech who was subbed in to do just that.

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Last year

In professional sport no matter what age you are you are judged on performance. Grida has been terrible and maybe a lot of the criticism around here is because we kept getting told how good he is by media. Most good judges judge by there own eyes and don't listen to the media hype but lots just get conned by media, so when he’s performances have been shit they come out wood work with criticism. He has long way to go and hopefully the media gives it a rest on talking him up and let him play bench minutes to find a bit form.

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Last year

Interesting topic...

I feel for the kids (players) that are part of the conversation.

The 'media' aren't necessarily qualified journalists but are more interested spectators who are submitting what can be seen as interest pieces...

Without naming the players involved, the last 12 months have seen a handful of junior players being labelled as the next NBA superstar from Australia.

When in actual fact these players are not really performing at an elite level in tournaments such as u18 nationals.

It is unfortunate as some of these players start to believe their own hype which has its own challenges.

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