Last year

RJ Hampton out for 4 weeks

As reported by ESPN RJ Hampton our for 4 weeks with a supposed hip injury.

Is it just great timing that he and Ball have suffered injuries right before Christmas? Wouldn't have thought so.

Expect to see both these fellas living it up on the beach for the next month while there team mates toil to get back in playoff contention.

Top 5 draft status locked up, why would you bother playing haha

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Last year

They both use the same doctor ;)

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Last year

It would be one thing if they're both just pulling these stunts to go back home for Christmas but if they both don't play for their teams again this season I think this will be the end of the Next Stars program.

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Last year

Are you guys wearing tinfoil hats?
All the conspiracy theorist's are coming out today.

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Dave Q  
Last year

Hell of a coincidence! I would really like to think that this is just one of those things, but the cynic in me just won't let me do so.

To be fair though, I can't blame Hampton for bailing. The Breakers have been a mess this season after showing some promise early on.

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Last year

No tin foil hats...just reality. This is the BEST case scenario for the Next Stars program, guys choose to skip collage and play in the NBL and get drafted high, making other potential lottery picks come.

Its the risk the league and teams will have to take if they want a 'Next Star', when their stock is highest they may bail to protect it.

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Last year

Hasn't Hampton's draft position dropped since coming here? Prob needs to show a bit more to move up, thought he was estimated to go at #3 before he came to the NBL, now he's projected at #5?

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Last year

Very coincidental.
Didi won't be injured though as he was drafted already.

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Last year

So, if the deal with Next Stars is that we expect to only have them until Christmas, do we still go with the program?

Much as I disliked the idea in the beginning because of all the emphasis on the entertainment and social media, I still think it has been great for the game here and hope it continues.

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Last year

You need to weigh up whether the exposure is worth compromising the integrity of the competition. From the teams POV, I'd say no. I dont think the league gives a shit about that.

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Last year

Flights home for Christmas. Tin foil hats my ass, get in the real world. These kids used the nbl and the nbl used them, win win, but it's over.

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Last year

Its not win-win for NZ or the Hawks.

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Last year

Will they end up going home for Christmas.

let's wait and see or support their teams

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Last year

Since when does Hampton have a "Top 5 draft status locked up"? The very first mock draft I looked at had him barely in the top 10...

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Last year

What a remarkable coincidence.
Him & Melo will both be back in action in a month I am soooooooooooooo sure about that!!!

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Last year

I think there's a right to be sceptical.

The nondescript way the injury is advertised; its like they don't want people to know exactly what's wrong so they can have the flexibility to spin whatever they need to after the 4/6 weeks is up (e.g. if they described it as a sprained ankle people would rightfully hold them to account if he didn't come back after the 4 weeks). I heard it being described as a "long-term injury". LaMelo's is also nondescript being based off "specialist opinion".

I'm sure that we'll give it 4 - 6 weeks, then at the end of that time, there will be another media release that RJ is heading home to rehab his hip injury based on specialist opinion or something like that;

Frankly, I don't know if I've seen enough to suggest to me that RJ is a lottery pick. But at the end of the day the draft is a comparative exercise, so can't fully say that without knowing the other talent. But on its own, I haven't seen enough to suggest top 15.

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Last year

"Its not win-win for NZ or the Hawks."

Pretty sure Jersey sales and memberships are non-refundable

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Last year

anyone didn't think this would happen with Next stars who will actually get drafted?

Its all good to have these guys but they aren't playing once a draft spot is secured and teams give them positive feedback.

They'll only stay in town to get paid and "rehab" and non contact basketball work!

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Last year

"Pretty sure Jersey sales and memberships are non-refundable"

Pretty sure being last and second last on the ladder at the halfway point of the season isn't going to help their bottom line.

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Last year

The breakers and Hawks were well within their rights to go out and get a decent team assembled outside of the next stars guys, which they didn't. From a league point of view, it’s win.

Both parties used each other.

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Last year

"get a decent team assembled outside of the next stars guys, which they didn't."

Thats right, they didn't. Do you think they factored their NS players sticking around for the full season when assembling their teams though?

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Last year

As a Breakers fan, I don't mind if he doesn’t play again. He was talented but he wasn’t winning us any games. Henry and Weeks, in particular, will play their minutes, run the team and we can get some wins on board. If RJ does come back we can have him off the bench "easing back into things Post-injury" while the others play the bulk of the minutes.

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Last year

Didn't factor in on these guys making their personal business decision. But if the clubs were at all smart and forward thinking, they would’ve seen this potentially coming. If they would’ve adjusted in anticipation, then they wouldn’t be bottom 2.

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Last year

Terrence Ferguson was recruited by 1 NBL coach as an athletically talented but underdeveloped kid from high school, so he could skip College and get drafted after 1 season. He plays out the season, his team makes finals. He is used as a role player by his team.

NBL run with this idea. They dress it up as a Next Stars program and promote the idea and the young players. This season 2 kids who are athletically talented but underdeveloped are recruited from high school so they can skip College and get drafted under 1 season. They are both given starting roles on their teams, and are expected to run the point. They both "experience injuries" just before Christmas, their teams don't look like making the finals (and are absolute shit storms) and we are now speculating that they will not return for the remainder of the season.


(I haven’t included Didi, he’s already a “seasoned” pro in comparison).

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Last year

As long as this isn't used by the (AFL) media for a good laugh at our expense (again)

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Last year

(I haven't included Didi, he’s already a "seasoned" pro in comparison).

If you were to do it Didi, you could compare him to the other draft and stash players, or guys who came to the NBL to play their first professional gig, before either getting an NBA deal, or returning to the Summer League. You'd find that sort of player has existed in the league for at least 5 years so its nothing new, except this time the league decided to stamp it as a Next Star so the Kings owner could tell everyone else how they should be following his lead...

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Last year

I'm all for draft and stash as long as the other 8 teams are entitled to it .

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Last year

Rumour has it that Ball was offered to multiple teams, including Cairns. They turned it down. Seems like a smart move.

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Last year

oh ahhh yeahh Hampton is quitting

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