Two years ago

AJC U16 team lists

U18 teams all out now, tournament next month.

Very early on but the U16s lists have started to come out this week also, Thought I'd list them.
These are all 05/06 athletes
Best players will be chosen for U15 oceanias later on in the year and beyond = U16 Asia 21’, u17 WC 22’, u17 Oceania 21’, u18 Asia 22’, U19 WC 23’

QLD North/South

VIC Metro/Country

NSW Metro

NSW Country

SA Metro

SA Country

WA metro

WA country




Thoughts on talent throughout the teams?

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Old Star  
Two years ago

Checked out the SA U16 metro squads following your post. SA 16 Boys looks ok with a good mix of 05 and 06 players in the squad and some good scoring potential/future talent that will be intersting to watch at AJC. Competitive but unlikley to challenge the Vics when it counts.

SA 16 Girls squad seems to lack any real stars or high-end talent that are likely to make an impact at AJC. Predict them to struggle against the better quality bigs and the faster and more talented guards in the QLd, NSW and Vic squads. Hard to see this chosen SA squad being overly competitive against them and a mid-table final position is most likely.

Was a couple of surprising 05 omissions from what I have seen of this age group and heard about from the East Coast tourny in favour of high numbers of 06 players in the squad. These 06 players didn't excel against weaker teams at 15s Southern Cross tourny so hard to see how they have been picked if it is only about performace. Summer season and tournament form indicates same 06 players well behind the 05s when playing the top teams so expect most of these 06s will struggle to make the final team (with maybe a couple to get chosen for "development" reasons). Plenty of questions could be asked around a couple of the 06 squad selections in particular if you look at there SA Comp form compared to stronger 05 players. Appears from the outside 06 selections are around development for next years AJC but would suggest the 21 AJCs SA team is also unlikley to be any better than mid-table and possibly lower but hope I am wrong about this.

Congrats to all those selected in the squads though. Never the players fault for being picked and no doubt they will all give there best.

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Two years ago

There's a couple of sa metro women that have been up near the top in scoring for the development tournaments.
Add to that the 3 bottom age women from last year. I think they’ll do ok.

Don’t know much about sa country

Qld south women look very strong, anything less than making the final would be a disappointment.

Qld nth will do pretty well, a lot of players back from last year plus top scorer from development tourney.

Nsw m girls have some nice big prospects but don’t know much about the guard depth.

Nsw country have a few nice players, a really good c and cg

Anyone’s guess atm choosing vic m and c sides. Not alot of bigs but deep in 2-3-4 spots

Probably wa metro girls best team in sometime, will get better as they go through the age groups.
The bottom age pg looks to be aus rep calibre and 2 bottom age bigs with great potential.

Wa country still on a plateau.

Tas on the rise but maybe not this year but certainly the following couple.

Nt, Unknown

Act, not much progress since the Bourne sisters.

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Two years ago

SA Metro Women actually have 4 returning from last years silver medal team. The experience of playing this tournament previously should be a big positive for the team.

Agree they don't have anyone that can get you 25+ any given game like in previous teams but may actually be a positive with multiple scoring options and ball movement.

SA Country Women have one star and other good role players but bench would be pretty thin.

Gold - Vic Metro, Silver - Queensland South with Vic Country and SA Metro to play for bronze.

SA Metro boys should do well again.

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Two years ago

With the SA metro girls, besides a few of the 05 girls I think alot of the 06 girls are a stronger mix. There are some good shooters in that group, from looking at the U14 national stats last year. I think if they are coached well they will still be competitive.
I think VIC Metro will still be the bench mark.

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Two years ago

In the girls it is hard not to pick vic m for gold. The surprise of the tournament will be nsw metro. So i have vic m for gold, nsw m for silver, Qld S for bronze.

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Two years ago

When do the vic lists come out?

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Well Read  
Two years ago

SA Metro won't be up to it for boys or girls.

Boys: all top agers last year, and this is not a very strong group. Probably place around 7-8th

Girls: four bottom agers last year, but the talent was top-heavy. This year's group will out-work teams, but isn't especially talented. Probably place around 4-5th

I don't believe SA Country will be great either. The girls do have one tall, multi-talented player that could carry them though, so I could well be wrong about that group.

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Two years ago

What makes you think nsw m will beat qld sth?

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Two years ago

Vic list out tomorrow night.

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Two years ago

Qld Sth are a fine team. Will be favored by many to take silver. Let's see. Should be fun.

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Two years ago

It would be very hard to pick the 10 qld sth girls, very deep.

I think in time there will be twice the amount of teams at the ajcs with each state taking both a top age and bottom age side whether they play in same groups or separate comp, much like southern cross.
Getting harder to pick a stand out 10.

Could easily get 2 quality teams from qld sth right now. Just as an example, just from that above list alone. A bottom age and top age.

Qld South



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Triton 26  
Two years ago

SA Metro boys will be mid table at best. The squad has some really strong guards, but lacks depth in the big man department. Those listed are either bottom age or very raw.
I'd expect the team to try playing an uptempo trap based game, because if the game gets in the half court, the SA bigs will struggle - as they did at East Coast, where the centres were routinely exposed.

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Two years ago

Im liking the potential of wa metro women and tassie boys.
Will be much better than previous years in this age bracket.

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Two years ago


Injuries to some players?, somegood squads but not elite.

Qld sth women look stronger to me.

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Two years ago

Has that young bloke from Warrnambool chosen footy?

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Two years ago

Has u16s also been cancelled? Or pushed further back?

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Two years ago

I have it on good word from one of the vic metro coaches that nationals this year could end up like this with the virus still in effect:

18s - July (Townsville)
16s - October (Warwick)
14s - December (Casey)

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Two years ago

No one knows what is happening next week let alone 4 months from now. To comment that everything is being pushed back to a certain date is just insane. The vic metro coaches may say its happening then but as fast as this thing is moving, we could be in lockdown for months.

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Two years ago

Logic would be our border is now shut. Cases of Covid19 should now start to reduce and we hopefully see in the next 2-3 months we have a control on this thing. That would get us to May, at which time 18s could then start to prepare for a July tournament. So the methodology is actually quite accurate in terms of if we were to have nationals this year, those dates above would seem to be the most likely.

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Two years ago

Italy shut there borders and the virus shot up ten fold.
This thing will take a long time to isolate, did you see 1000s of people who went to Bondi for a swim, people don't take it seriously.
This will kill alot of people here and overseas before the end. Some say in the millions.

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