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Who is the best all-time Aussie in the NBA?

Was it Longley and his three championship rings?

Could it be Bogut, despite his injury-riddled career?

Where do championship winners Patty Mills, Aron Baynes and Matthew Dellavedova sit in the discussion? And then there is Ben Simmons. Is it too early to put his name into the equation?

Which Aussie has had the best NBA career?

Voting tips off on 14 April.

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It's Bogut now. It will eventually be Simmons.

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Makur should not be ahead of Anstey or Anderson.

Bogut, Mills and Longley have been excellent.

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Years ago

How is it not Longley? The starting C on three straight title teams AND he played in the biggest games. Bogut was unplayable in the pivotal games.

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Years ago

Bogut made all-NBA and all-Defense once each, a good rule of thumb for determining the top 20-25 players in the league each season. Longley never came close to doing that.

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It's already Simmons. He’s the closest to a franchise is player the aussies have had.

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Simmons has done what exactly? Longley hands down. Daylight next.

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What has Simmons done? A whole lot more than Longley had done by the same age.

At 23, Longley had a disappointing rookie season (disappointing for the seventh pick in the draft anyway) under his belt. That's it.

By 23, Simmons has won Rookie of the Year (Longley didn't receive a single vote for the award), been selected to play in two All-Stars Games (Longley never did his whole career), played in 22 playoff games (Longley didn't play in the playoffs until this third year), has 28 triple doubles (Longley had none his whole career), has averaged almost double the rebounds of Longley even though Longley was a centre and Simmons is a point guard.

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depends if you measure success by stats or titles

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More daylight
Even more daylight

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It's not as simple as only defining success by stats OR titles. Both are important. Individual and team success needs to factor into the discussion because we're comparing individuals, not teams.

Longley has more titles than Bogut and Simmons, but I don't think that automatically makes him the best all-time Aussie.

Longley won his titles playing with Jordan, Pippen and Rodman. Bogut won his title playing with Curry, Thompson, and Green. It's not as if we're talking about two players who were the best player on their respective championships teams. Not even close.

Both players fulfilled their role and contributed to the title, no doubt. Longley fit well in the triangle with his passing and Bogut gave the Warriors rim protection they needed.

But let's be real. The Bulls could have switched Longley with any number of other centres who could have fulfilled that role at a good enough standard for the team to still win a title. The same is true for Bogut. But you couldn't have found too many shooting guards to replace Jordan, or point guards to replace Curry, for the teams to still be as successful.

It's not as simple as using team success as the only way to compare players. If it was, Jud Buechler was better than Karl Malone and Bill Wennington was better than Patrick Ewing.

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Longley started at bad culture franchise at the time, Simmons has picked his way through every level from schools to colleges to his nba team coach. He can be great but has not over taken Longley or Bogut yet. Being part of championship teams is everything in team sports and both Longley and Bogut have done that. Simmons could not even get his college team to the play offs.

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But let's be real. The Bulls could have switched Longley with any number of other centres

Except they didn't. When building a dynasty, they went after Longley. I trust their judgement, as it paid off.

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Years ago

I love longley
I hate Bogut.

But clearly Bogut $hits all over Longley.

Simmons is a franchise NBA player.
Bogut is not was not.

Simmons is already our best NBA player even if he retires tomorrow.

He is on a completely different level.

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Years ago

It's Ben Simmons but it could have been Andrew Bogut if it wasn't for that awful incident where he slipped off the ring and landed on his arm when he played for the Milwaukee Bucks. Bogut was never the same offensively after the injury and killed the momentum that he had going at that point during his career and largely ended his tenure with the Bucks as he no longer was a franchise player. He definitely would have played in the all-star game for years to come if it hadn't been for the injury.

Luc Longley wasn't near the realms of Bogut and Simmons and largely benefited from playing on a great team. Any decent centre could have filled his role. He was a good passer for his size and he served his role well but that's where it ends. I will give him some credit though as he played in the golden years for the NBA big man and had to go up against tough competition during that period (Shaq, Olajuwon, Robinson, Ewing etc)

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Years ago

Who's had the best career?

Bogut, by a mile.

Who's had the best individual season?


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Years ago

Simmons will be but Ingles will be a legend forever

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Years ago

Right, so Bogut is better than Longley "cos anywun could have done what he did at the Bulls."
Ok, so what exactly has Bogut done in the NBA that couldn't have been done by this mysterious "anywun"?

And at the end of the day, opportunity does play a part.
Longley won three rings as starting Center for one of the greatest teams in history.
Could "anywun" have done that? Maybe, but they didn't, Longley did.
Maybe if Gaze got the right opportunity at a young age, he would have played his illustrious career in the NBA, and it would be case closed, but again, he didn't.

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Years ago

Longley played back when they actually used to play defense in the NBA!

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