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What does the future look like

So, everything has come to a grinding hold down here in the south and while today should have been the last game of the VJBL season most of us sit here and think of what could have been. I noticed a heap of club advertising for coaches for 2021 but what is this really going to look like? My guess is that we will not be having try-outs in October which puts into question grading phase 1.

What do we think 2021 will look like? No Southern Cross Challenge, East Coast Challenge?

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I'm interested in this too, will the NBL1 and other state leagues be pushed back - tryout dates and season start dates

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I doubt we see any VJBL this side of Christmas. May well have to focus on returning in late January 2021.

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Surely we have to learn to live with the virus as pretty much every other part of the world has done and just get on with living life.

A call will soon have to be made on this as lockdown as seen in NZ isn't a solution and causes more prolonged pain.

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Govts. will stay with restrictions until a vaccine is found. 'Living with it' won't be an option. Restrictions stay = bball on hold.

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If some conferences in NCAA football are postponed with all their resources then I would argue that is one way of living with the virus. It's horses for courses. We have juniors back on SA but if we get as bad as Victoria then that should be shutdown. That’s learning to live with virus until a vaccine is available. I’d rather "live" with the virus rather than “die” from the virus

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NSW jnr metro conducted its first round of the truncated season. Everyone here on tenterhooks regarding covid spread and individual associations are terrified of being identified as spreader of the virus. Sutherland - god bless them - allow one spectator for every player. Staggered entries, no mingling etc. Worked quite well I thought. Most other metro associations are seriously spooked - won't allow any spectators at all. Never realized how much I enjoyed watching my kid play. Anyhow - I feel for the Vics.

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It's a conundrum.

Places like WA (and many others) have shown what works. Keep the virus out, and you can get on with your lives inside the bubble. Limited numbers coming in can be isolated and traced.
Victoria and others have shown how quickly things can go to hell.

Given the path we have gone down, I don't think we have any choice, but to stay the course.

The only thing that will change things from here is either a vaccine, or an effective anti-viral.

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Best hope for Vic is to allow the warmer months to settle in and hope that drives virus numbers right down. Then condense the finals period from 4 weeks to 1, to allow commencement of Phase 1 grading games in late Jan 2021.

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Might give the other states a chance for once at nationals.

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Few experts in Vic talking about living with the virus as complete eradication is looking increasing unlikely and the mental health/economic cost is starting to turn into a tidal wave in Melbourne particularly.

This is a decision anyone want to make but is clear its being discussed as its being selectively published in all papers/ABC news so they are preparing people in Vic for this possibility.

Its clear NSW aren't going for eradication either but living with the virus and working to contain any outbreaks.

If Vic get the outbreak under control and like NSW just work toward living with the virus with aggressive test/trace then the smaller states won't have much of a choice but to follow as SA/NT/WA/TAS need Vic/NSW from an economic point of view with QLD obviously needing NSW/VIC for tourism.

NBL will be hoping that Vic/NSW open up and live with Virus or there'll be no NBL until there is a vaccine.

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