Last year

Why didn't DJ get NBA interest then or now?

Just asking the question...

Stretch centre

Good with the three

Good IQ

Not athletic

Defence is questionable

A lot of centres already in the nba wouldn't have his skill set.

What am I missing?

Why didn’t he make it?

Love to hear your opinions

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Last year

You answered ur own question in that post...

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A Aron  
Last year

Poor man's Andrea Bargnani, so no

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Last year

There's a reason (or two) why no NBA teams have ever shown a skerrick of interest in DJ.

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Last year

DJ is an absolutely talented almost footer, has always got numbers for the Sixers but has won nothing, the Boomers have never been interested and as far as NBA, too late.
Something is missing and those that have watched him for the last decade or so know exactly what that is.

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Last year

To play NBA as a big you have to be able to guard the pick and roll. Johnson can't even guard heavy footed bigs in the NBL, there’s your why.

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Last year

Ahhh love the expert sideline @home coaches.

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Last year

He didn't have an expert marketer creating a mix tape of him. That's another reason.

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Last year

I would have loved to see what Prime DJ can do in today's NBA.

HE is mobile for his size, used to have a world class rip-through.
He can score from anywhere.
Knows how to draw fouls, hits FT's.

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Yinka Dare  
Last year

Probably should have gone to a American college when he was younger to get more exposure and work on his defence.

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Last year

Didn't get go to Pepperdine and barely played so he quit?

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Last year

Zodiac still salty with DJ - give it a rest champ.

I am sure if DJ went to summer league or played a season in the G League he would get a two way contract or multiple 10 day contracts like Creek. He is better than Adel Deng and others sitting on NBA benches.

Didn't see you complaining about his D yesterday on Nate and Cam Oliver?

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Last year

Because his skills, while unique in the NBL, are a dime a dozen in the NBA. And his weaknesses are too glaring to just cover up. DJ probably could score 10 ppg in the NBA if he had reasonable minutes. But he'd be giving up 20 ppg on the defensive end.

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Last year

ME you obviously do not watch much NBA but there is not much defensive played so DJ would fit in fine. It is a make or miss league now and DJ would stretch the floor and has better IQ than most. If Thin can make it DJ is superior to him

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Last year

His bad defence is worse than nba players bad defence

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Last year

DJ is too soft for the NBA

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Perth fan.  
Last year

As good as the NBL is there is a massive gulf between talent of the leagues. DJ wouldn't make it then or now.

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Last year

Hey DJ, don't play that song - NBA teams

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Last year

Because they don't pay many soft fouls in the NBA so his ability to score would be severely diminished

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Last year

I think you mean, he wouldn't be a star player so he wouldn’t get soft foul calls.
Watch the crap Harden and co get their way compared to role players.

If DJ was in his mid 20s I think a team would give him a chance. Utah could use him, with Gobert helping to cover his poor defence.
But like with most international players not picked in the draft it is all about fit and opportunity.
Ingles was cut by the Clippers with getting a decent chance to show his skills.
There have been many Euro stars player bomb out quickly due to bad fit.

But yeah doubtful any teams are going to bother looking at him now.
Which is unfortunate since with NBA scouts looking at Giddey the other players on the team are getting good exposure.
Could give Humphries another chance or some scout may fall in love with Dech.

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Last year

Can't see DJ's mid-late 2010's prime going well against the crop of old school power C/PFs (ie Howard, Jordan, Horford, Gasols, Gobert, Aldridge) plus the new generation of do it all C/PFs (Jokic, Embiid, KAT) coming up then.
DJ could have been a hit the open, stand still 3, spacer... but being a liability on defense would mean no game time in his prime. Least he had an All-NBL career then that lead to some Euro cash and secure home in Adelaide.

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Camel 31  
Last year

Went to Europe for a little while, but didn't get paid,
so, came back here and got paid, eventually. Took a while...

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Last year

Only really left Europe so early because the club he was at wasn't paying the players.

Has been a genuine star for many years in the NBL and I hope he gets the accolades he deserves from the 36ers when he does retire down the track.

As for why no NBA, as others have suggested his lack of physicality in defence is the major one. His size advantage wouldn’t be as noticeable over there either. Also Aussies had to work a lot harder to be noticed when he was younger compared to the young lads coming through now.

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Last year

He'd be a homeless mans Bojan Bogdanovic. And I mean proper homeless.

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Last year

A 2021 DJ would certainly attract NBA. Attention.. ridiculous to suggest otherwise based on blokes like thon maker deng froling getting interests

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