Weedy Slug
Two years ago

2022 AIS National Junior camp squads


Full squad lists:

Brad Ballinger NSW
Abass Bodija Queensland
Ethan Bolton Victoria
Lachlan Brewer Tasmania
Carlin Briggs Victoria
Lebron Brooks Queensland
Tyson Crees Queensland
Josh Dent NSW
Tristan Devers Victoria
Charlie Dimmock WA
Alex Dodson SA
Riley Dunn Victoria
Luke Fennell Victoria
Kristian Ferronato Victoria
Corey Hastings Victoria
Nevarda Higgins Queensland
Joshua Hughes Queensland
Josh Ibukunoluwa WA
Elijah Kamu Queensland
Will Mortimore NSW
Anthony Mundine NSW
James O’Donnell NSW
Noah Pagotto NSW
Jaylen Pitman Queensland
Ned Renfree Victoria
Ky Savage Tasmania
Roman Siulepa Queensland
Thomas Snelgrove WA
Martin Steen Victoria
Ben Waller Victoria
Rocco Zikarsky Queensland

Opal Bird NSW
Monique Bobongie Queensland
Olivia Bradley SA
Jayda Clark WA
Edie Clarke Victoria
Meera Coburn NSW
Macey Crawford Tasmania
Emma Donnelly NSW
Hilary Fuller Queensland
Rubi Gray Tasmania
Summah Hanson Queensland
Sienna Harvey Victoria
Isla Juffermans NSW
Amy Kurkowski Victoria
Caitlyn Martin NSW
Georgia McBean Victoria
Savannah Metcalfe WA
Jessica Petrie Queensland
Sarah Portlock Victoria
Saffron Shiels NSW
Lulu Twidale Queensland
Kyra Webb Victoria
Isabel Whitelaw Victoria
Monique Williams WA

Dyani Ananiev Victoria
Isobel Borlase SA
Tayla Brazel SA
Sophie Burrows Victoria
Jada Crawshaw NSW
Emily Foy NSW
Ella Gordon Queensland
Holly Griffiths Victoria
Amelia Hassett NSW
Tess Heal Victoria
Felicity Henderson NSW
Mia Jacobs WA
Charli Kay Tasmania
Tenielle Knight Victoria
Grace Little Queensland
Dallas Loughridge Victoria
Skye Mason Queensland
Taylor Moffat SA
Rose Nelson NSW
Amy O’Hara Victoria
Carla Pitman NSW
Nyadiew Puoch Victoria
Lilly Rotunno Queensland
Jess Simons SA

Bowyn Beatty ACT
Jensen Bradtke Victoria
Alex Condon WA
Joel DeBarros NT
Tomas Dobson WA
Ethan Elliott WA
Harrison Evans NSW
Thomas Gerovich WA
Jackson Harding Victoria
Rory Hawke Queensland
Ben Henshall WA
Darcy Jones Victoria
Alex Kovatchev WA
Chol Machot Victoria
AJ Magbegor Victoria
Kobe McDowell-White Queensland
Cooper Osborne SA
Geordan Papacostas Queensland
Daniel Poelsma Victoria
Tyrese Proctor NSW
Kane Runnalls Queensland
Sean Stock SA
Alex Toohey ACT
Yaak Yaak SA
Luca Yates Queensland

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Maybe missing some from the USA

Amir 05 boys
Fearne 05 girls

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

The u17 women, I don't know what to say... but it seems to be missing several players…

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago


Amir 05 boys
Fearne 04 girls

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Two years ago

U17s are definitely missing a few. Hard to understand how they put these lists together

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Love to know who the selectors are...

To me
u17 and u19 boys are pretty close
U19 girls is right
U17 girls list is way way off. I could list 10 more players that are better than alot of those on the list.

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Two years ago

Spot on Weedy

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

If the coaches are the selectors, Herbert always does a great job.
The only one I would add to the 04 group whose based in australia would be salon.

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Two years ago

Who have they missed in u17 girls?

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Two years ago

Benson, Wickstrom (05), Deas (06) off the top of my head

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Off the top

Holmes, Heard, Bond, Donovan, Billing


Hinton, Walker-roberts, Gardiner


Deas, wickstrom, betson




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Two years ago

Don't agree with Billing much better players in GC team in Donovan and Peacock. Pretty sure Billing only just scraped into the team after performance in final and I would assume the combination with the other GC girls. Billing stats in rep season wasn’t pretty but can defend. On the north girls I think you are right with those girls will be interesting to see them at nationals. I also agree on the non selection of Wickstrom. She has performed well and I think she will be one of the stand outs at nationals. It’s interesting how they came up with the list many of the players have played in competitions for ages. I’m guessing they came from the states high performance managers.

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t wait until after nationals. You will great the right list based on performance and I’m sure some of those girls listed won’t be on it.

Will be interesting at nationals I’m sure some girls now have the fuel from not being selected.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

The 03/04 sapphires was stacked, pity that covid killed the WC tournament.

I don't have much hope for the 05/06 group, if anyone watched the europe or Americas qualifiers, we don’t have a chance of winning a medal...

Some generational type players for USA(watkins, Williams, Thomas), Canada(Prosper, Gibb, radocaj), France(Molonga, salahy) Spain(Fam, carrion), Slovenia(sivka, stirn), Serbia(avlijas, Dokic, milanovic), germany(soltau)

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Two years ago

I understand covid had an impact but BA/COE identification and programs need an over hall. Or maybe our talent is not there anymore.

I still think the states need have control of the COE program. Players stay home in their environments (which they would already be excelling in being picked for state/coe). They could play NBL1 as a team. BA could see over the programs even lick the coaches.

I think things need to change.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

It's both talent heading to netball, Afl, rugby etc
And Coe identification.

A nbl1 u20 npp side per conference would bridge the gap. (The younger npp players would train with them tomfill,spots as the older ones move onto other nbl1 rosters)
Young prospects don’t get gametime for clubs so a npp side would give them a chance, like the wildcard conference does for Coe

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Two years ago

State's shouldn't take over the selection of kids, especially BV. The high performance development program has become a debacle. Victoria will be lucky to win 1 gold medal let alone multiple.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

No doubt the vic program has fallen to pieces

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Two years ago

Its amazing how lead coaches are put into positions to develop players when they haven't done any anything other than play...... there are 100s of coaches in all sports that where good players that never become good coaches (Tim Watson, D-Mac, Andrew Gaze. But BV just wanted to go with 'big names' rather than coaching/development record.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

You have screen who was solely a defender and nothing more.

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Two years ago

1. So who goes out for those to come in?
2. Vic HP is in trouble because:
- covid has had Vic in shutdown for almost a year
- players leaving to play other sports
- players leaving because VJBL schedules. Games starting at close to 10 on a Friday night when have an hour and half drive
3. Too much focus/money/resources focussed on too few areas be it individuals or associations
4. An absences of feedback to players to improve.
5. A minority of "big name" coaches acting like gooses at games with juniors
These are more with heirachy rather than coaches

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Early prediction for the final squad

U17 boys

U17 girls

*not on list

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Two years ago

Webb from Vic - selected for sure. Plays all 5 positions- jet

Covid hurt, but footy is a huge problem. I think Eastern Rangers has 106 junior girls TEAMS to pick their U18 NAB league team. And they're in the basketball heartland. Footy is a fun game to play, and footy culture is very different.

I think there needs to be differentiation between 'selection' and 'development'. Just nominate players who are considered for selection, but keep the others for development. Even if that is facilitated at Association/Region level.

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Two years ago

Thinking about the footy v basketball thing, I wonder if so many girls are going to footy because it's new and competitive, but it’s also FUN and the expectations are lower.

When I watch girls play top-level basketball, it’s so competitive and intense that they may love the game but it just doesn’t seem to be fun until they’re up by 30 and can relax. Everything is strategised to death, they’re scared to make mistakes, they know about the politics and the favouritism, and every game is played for sheep stations.

Anyone got stats on the drop-out rates from 10 or 20 years ago versus now?

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

The wnbl has to be moved though so,thatbelite athletes can play both.
Start the wnbl season in August/September and finish in December/January.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Lavey, Conti, price I view as current or future opals and by next year we may never see them as basketballers again.

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Two years ago

hoopie - I think you've nailed it on the head. Footy is fun. Basketball is serious pretty early, Kids at 12 and get cut from development programs. Errors stand out more (and get punished easier) on the basketball court.

Other side is the social side of playing in a big team. Footy/Netball is part of social fabric, its part of your community. Basketball doesnt allow that 'whole club' atmosphere and sense of belonging due to teams playing different locations/times etc.

Not sure the answer, but its a big problem - especially in VIC

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Two years ago

There has been talk in the media late about moving the AFLW and creating a longer season and not playing in the summer heat

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Two years ago

Junior basketball in Vic now mimics the professional leagues in that a players are recruited to clubs. It works against a sense of loyalty. Footy is strong on that and building a culture. Kids want that sense of belonging.

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Two years ago

Footy will be a massive problem for girls basketball because it is much better run, it doesn't go for 12 months of the year and kids get a chance every week to change a coach or selectors opinion of them. In particular there is much less pigeon holing of kids as too small or too slow at an early age. There are so many kids who get cut or don't make a team and then give up, because that's their opportunity gone for 12 months. The u18 system is happy to bring kids in mid year if they have improved or the selectors realise they have stuffed up, also the selectors are willing to acknowledge that they can stuff up.

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Two years ago

spot on regarding footy being fun vs basketball being too serious too early. my daughters friend has been in state development squads for both, but always talks about how much more fun footy is than basketball and tries to recruit my daughter to footy. and i recon she will probably succeed soon

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago


Hopefully we are asia 1.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

U19 GEMS 04/05 Top 15 imo


Cut 04/05

Way too many 1 dimensional bigs selected.
All traditional stand under the basket centres with no dribbling or shooting skills and lack of mobility.

Webb is a good example of the modern day big, but she would be double bottom age, 2006.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago


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Two years ago

Teams are up:

Saffron Shiels - NSW
Lulu Twidale – QLD
Sienna Harvey – VIC
Rubi Gray – TAS
Monique Bobongie – QLD
Jayda Clark – WA
Olivia Bradley – SA
Summah Hanson – QLD
Tabitha Betson – VIC
Isla Juffermans – NSW
Jess Petrie – QLD
Sarah Portlock – VIC
Head Coach: Tracy York
Assistant coach: Zoe Carr
Assistant coach: Kayelee Stuart

Josh Dent – NSW
Kristian Ferronato – VIC
Tristan Devers – VIC
Lachlan Brewer – TAS
Carlin Briggs – VIC
Joshua Hughes – QLD
Roman Siulepa – QLD
James O'Donnell – NSW
Rocco Zikarsky – QLD
Austin Rapp – VIC
Jacob Furphy – TAS
Kye Savage – TAS
Head Coach: Justin Schueller
Assistant coach: Greg Vanderjagt

Kurkowski, Wickstrom and Burrows from Vic are all pretty unlucky not to be in the Sapphires team.

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Two years ago

Lets just tell it how it is. They were always going to pick ALL of the COE girls no matter how they performed at nationals/camp. Even if there were better girls they were never going to pick them. They have to pick the COE girls or program would look shit.

Watching the nationals this year I cant say the COE girls were any better then some of the other girls at this tournment. The only girl from COE that was the best was Juffermans. I really dont this the age group is very strong.

We will get to see how strong they are in the next two months. Will be very interesting.

Wickstrom didnt even make the camp along with a lot of other girls that should have been there but they selectors know more then us. LOL

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

What an absolute disgrace. So wrong not to reward the better performers over Coe kids and height.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Saffron Shiels - NSW - yes
Lulu Twidale - QLD - yes
Sienna Harvey – VIC - no
Rubi Gray – TAS - yes
Monique Bobongie – QLD - yes
Jayda Clark – WA - yes
Olivia Bradley – SA - no
Summah Hanson – QLD - no
Tabitha Betson – VIC - maybe
Isla Juffermans – NSW - yes
Jess Petrie – QLD - yes
Sarah Portlock – VIC - no

Players that missed


Will we even qualify through Asia next month?

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Unlucky boys


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Two years ago

It never changes, it's the same in all sports. Disappointing though.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

They have 6 bigs in the girls and 2 forwards who were top rebounders and we are playing fast small guards in asia...

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Two years ago

There were lots of girls on the below list that didnt even make the camp;

Holmes - Did not make camp
Bond - Did not make camp
Alexander - Did not make camp
Wickstrom - Did not make camp
Gardiner - Did not make camp
Peacock - Did not make camp
Webb - Did not make camp
Crichton - Did not make camp

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Yes, it looks asthough they did not watch the ajc u18s.

Portlock made the team and wasn't even selected for Victoria.
Auto spot for someone 6’6-6’7

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