Two years ago

Pinder can be a future Boomer: Forde

Taipans coach Adam Forde has spoken glowingly of Keanu Pinder, following a great run of recent form:

"There's very few people in the league, let alone Australian players that can do what he does on the court," Taipans coach Adam Forde said of Pinder.

"His level of maturity and how much he's grown; he's got ambition,

"There's no reason why he can't achieve a position on the Australian national team, that's what he wants to do and we want to help provide that platform for him to get there."

I didn't see this coming, but well done to him for his improvement.

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Two years ago

I have really enjoyed watching Pinder this season. I definitely thought by the end of last year that he'd be out of the league this season, as he didn't seem to offer much at Adelaide.

Just shows how players can thrive in some situations and not in others.

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Two years ago

The one success forde has had with the Taipans this season!

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Camel 31  
Two years ago

Player of the game, 2 games in a row..

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Two years ago

The amount of minutes he was getting previously in Adelaide suggested to me that there was either more than met the eye, or that the coach was appeasing an agent and player expecting minutes.

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Two years ago

My assumption was that in Adelaide he must have been terrific at practice, but it did not carry over into games. It was mental errors mainly too, bad shots, turnovers, fouls, etc. There were some glimpses, but 50% of the time he was on the court he looked bad.

IMO the best thing for Pinder's development would be to sign long term with Cairns (Kuol too).

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Two years ago

He looked like he cared more about his hairstyle in Adelaide than winning

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Two years ago

Yet another guy that became a better player after he left the 36ers *sigh*

In saying that I didn't ever think he would have a 20 & 10 game in the NBL let alone in consecutive games. And just like that the Taipans have gone ahead of the Sixers on the ladder too.

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Two years ago

Australia is blessed for talent, good on him for good season, there is a fair few in front of him at present though.

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Two years ago

Depends what Boomers team you're talking about. If we're talking Asia Cup, sure. I could definitely imagine it. If you're talking Olympics or World Cup, not on his life. He would need to play like he has for the last two games but for an entire season to get that kind of look.

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Two years ago

Would need a very cosistent 3 ball to make Boomers!

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Two years ago

Fantastic that pinder in the conversation
. Another sixer making good. Great for club to have such positive grounding platform for likes of pinder Creek sobet giddey majok cadee and list goes on. Hopeful club can reatrract some of the talent and get repaid ... sixer proud

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Two years ago

If Rhys Vague can be a Boomer then so can Keanu Pinder. No diggity.

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Two years ago

Yet another guy that became a better player after he left the 36ers *sigh*

The Sixer version of Pinder was just awful, so awful virtually no one would have him back.

I am happy that he is doing well but there would be no guarantee that he would have turned into this version of himself with another year at Adelaide.

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Two years ago

Come on he didn't look awful he was a genuine solid contributor just that he was supposedly on star money, that was always the issue not whether he could actually play or not.

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Two years ago

Even his hair looks better in Cairns.

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