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Last month

Opals roster announced


Anneli MALEY
Alanna SMITH
Marianna TOLO
Kristy WALLACE - training, not playing.

Head Coach Sandy Brondello
Assistant Coach Cheryl Chambers
Assistant Coach Olaf Lange
Assistant Coach Paul Gorris

Shyla HEAL
Steph REID

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Last month

what happened to shyla heal gets draft then went down hill

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Sandy prefers Rocci to heal n Reid.

It's the same old lineup every year, big, big, big. Slow, slow, slow with limited ball handlers


Whitcomb - Rocci
Talbot - Madgen - Wallace
Allen - Blicavs
Magbegor - Smith
George - Jackson - Tolo

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Last month

Why the hell is Jaz Shelley not in this squad. She had a breakout year in college, has an outstanding all round game. Is bigger and better than Rocci
Way better than heal

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

College ain't the wnbl or wnba. If she can do what she does as a pro, then I’m sure she’ll get a look in.

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Last month

Oh come on.
What she has done is a way better resume than some on that list.
She joined a program that was 13-13 and lead it to a 24 win season.
She averaged 13 -6-5.
Named second team all big ten
Ranked number 2 transfer player.
This was all after she was originally named in an opals squad.
So the question is she a better player now? Of course she is. If she were in wnbl she would dominate.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Dreamin mate, she didn't even play well at asia cup.
If she was good enough, she’d be in the mix. 2 years away from regular camp invites.

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Last month

No way heal is better than her, Melbourne is debatable. But wnbl is no where near top level Div 1 colleges.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

They would be pulvarised by nbl1s logan thunder

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Last month

College basketball is nowhere near the level of the WNBL.

Heal and Shelley not good enough, yet.

Reid (and Woods) toweled up Heal and Mangakahia on the weekend in NBL1 North. Lauren Nicholson playing in NBL1 East has not helped her cause.

Our guard depth is a worry for the World Cup.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Geez I hope we've ditched the onesies...

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Cosmo Spacely  
Last month

Cant see how Sydney can have Heal and Mangakahia on the court together at WNBL level , i think i know the one who will be sitting.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

They had both Mansfield and heal together, no different.
Mangakahia certainly playing better in nbl1 than heal atm avg 30/6/6, 5 turnovers a game though.

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Last month

How does Brondellos husband keep getting an Assistant Coaches role.

He does not coach in Australia and coaches elsewhere.

Is it Sandy dictating he has a role or I am out.

Let here go.

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Sandy is going to want to hope this team delivers.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

I know, it's bs.

Seebohm, Veal, Herbert, Hurst should be the next coaching lineup imo

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Last month

Let Her go and get someone who can coach and not look after Spouse with jobs for the boys.

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Last month

LC - don't take much from the Reid vs Heal/Mangakahia game.

Northside are a two lady show and heavily rely on Heal/Manga for everything.

Reid on the other hand has the luxury of playing on the best side in NBL1 North, which can easily throw out defensive strategies to heavily focus on the two whilst not having to worry about anyone else on the court. Kinda skews a fair view of things if you're just looking at a boxscore.

On a side note fwiw, Mangakahia has been unreal and imo has outplayed Heal.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Considering the opals winning record under sandy is now 63%, her job should already be under threat but with Stirling calling the shots, we could see sandy go until 2028 LA.
Potentially Getting fired by New York after this season and ba will just say more time for the opals,

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Sorry correction, I forgot the japan friendlies, it's 61% win, 39% loss.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

WC/Olympic age

Old - last 2 major tournament opals 2022+2024 if good enough
Jackson 41/43
Whitcomb 34/36
Tolo 33/35
George 33/35
Madgen 32/34
Allen 30/32

Mid - probable 2026/28 opals if good enough
Blicavs 29/31
Talbot 28/30
Garbin 28/30
Wallace 26/28
Smith 26/28

Young - atleast until 2030 opals if good enough
Maley 24/26
Rocci 24/26
Magbegor 23/25
Melbourne 20/22

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Last month

Brondello did not coach the Japan series.Cheryl Chambers did so Brondello will not get any blame for the losses.

She was too busy coaching WNBA.

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Last month

what happened to shyla heal gets draft then went down hill

Hype and bluster do not work out in the long run. Shane didn't learn from a failed franchise empire but maybe through what has happened here there may be some self awareness finally.

Oh wait, who am I kidding. Carry on.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

#365 brondello instructions and selections this time around.

No intervention
2017 asia cup was on chambers
2021 asia cup was on Goriss

46 games since 2017 (Brondello, Lange, Chambers, Goriss)
29 wins 63%
17 losses 37%

Sandy as solely as HC (no Chambers, Goriss filling in)
31 games
19 wins 61%
12 losses 39%

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Last month

I only loosely follow the National Women. Have seen the 'why Sandy' talk for a couple years though. If not her, who would the likely/desired candidates be? Just curious.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Seebohm, veal or Goriss appear to be the top 3 front runners.

Goriss has had the integrity issues in the wnbl.
Veal is a first year wnbl coach but highly regarded.
So I assume Seebohm is the front runner.

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Last month

When was the last time the Opals had an international top class pg? I mean the complete package - obviously a good ball handler, but also an excellent passer, floor general, decision maker and shooter?

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Early era Mitchell, before that harrower, bevilaqua...
We've always had sgs fill in at pg the last decade, Phillips, Ebzery and and now it’s Whitcomb.

Madgen has played some pg, Mansfield selected for WC but injured, Lavey always seldom used and now aflw focused and recently Reid, heal and Mangakahia trialled in limited minutes.
Conti-aflw, Shelley, Amoore, scanlon, Deeble, Loughridge have been good juniors but none near taking senior opals pg role.

The future is bright though but we have problems now. The 07 young girls playing ajcs atm are showing a lot of promise, atleast 4 highly rated pgs.

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Last month

Wallace isn't even available for the games but is an inclusion, how on earth does this keep happening time and time again, players included though unavailable or injured, but then they have a head coach that doesn’t even live in Australia and her husband as an assistant , BA needs a good clean out, the nepotism is unbelievable...and which big is going to miss out because they won’t cut Lauren Jackson , no matter what happens.

NBL1 East is like a domestic competition, hence her big numbers, and sure you can’t take anything away from the fact she was absolutely by far Australia’s best ever big, she has had her time, and her opportunities, if they want her for her mentoring abilities, put her on the coaching side, she can help at training being on court.
Our PG position is woeful, they really need to look at all the current PGs in NBL1 , put them together and pick a group to actually work with to find the next true PG, because they don’t have one in the current lot they have.

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Well Canada was a good opponent for Jackson and to test Rocci who is the only backup at pg.

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Lauren Jackson making this roster will certainly sell tickets. And make for quite the documentary!

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Last month

Not if they fail like Tokyo.

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You make a good point....

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Last month

Nbl1 avg stats


Rocci - selected for the opals
27 - 6 - 7 - 3
79% ft, 6To, 28% 3pt

Heal - cut by opals
21 - 3 - 5 - 2
79% ft, 3To, 33% 3pt

Reid - cut by opals
21 - 8 - 5 - 2
86% ft, 2To, 37% 3pt

Mangakahia - didn't make camp list
31 - 7 - 6 - 4
82% ft, 5To, 28% 3pt

Surprising tiana doesn’t even get a look in.
Her last game
41 - 12 - 10 - 6 vs Gold Coast

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Last month

Reid the best PG of that group

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Probably overall yes, I agree.

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Last month

Games vs Canada won't be televised unfortunately.
Pretty fked up given jackson is back.

Mangakahia probably should be getting camp invites as a minimum. Been playing great as she continues to improve conditioning.

Statline tonight 22 / 15 / 17 / 8 - just 2To today

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Aus beat Canada(mix of A and B squad) by 8, 70-62

Team today looked like

Rocci - ...
Madgen - Melbourne
Maley - Blicavs
George - Smith - Garbin
Tolo - Jackson

Madgen and Melbourne probably played some minutes at 1 also.
No Whitcomb, Wallace, Talbot, Allen, Magbegor it seems.

Why they didn't bring another guard…. Just stupid.
Heal, Reid, Mangakahia just sitting at home.
Mansfield, comm games
Lavey, aflw

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