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Two years ago

U16 Australia Champs

Any stand outs at the tournament?

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Two years ago

Tim Hill, the NSW Met coach. The win by NSW Metro is the first achieved in U16 category in several decades. His defensive systems also delivered at the U18 Classic - the lowest points scored against by any team, delivering the highest placing by a NSW team at this tournament. Tim should be strongly considered for the U17 World Cup in 2 years time. But I'm from NSW, and I have known Tim for years - so I'm biased.

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Two years ago

I don't know him but totally agree.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

You mean this years job? as the cycle includes u15 oceania/u16 asia/u17 wc

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Two years ago

When you have the best player in the country playing for you and no one really could stop her then it helps a lot and then you have other players around her to play a role.

To say Hill should be U/17'in 2 years is a big statement and you must be from Manly.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

I think veal deserves a shot too.
With such a talented 07/08/09 group, giving it to York again would be a mistake Imo.

Potential team?


*dnp ajc

Other talented players from ajc

De Dios

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

I'm sure Ive missed more than a few

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Two years ago

Vic Country Coach Mat Holmes did an outstanding job as well. With 1 star and all other players playing their role. Someone else standing up each game. DeDios, Dimarco, Arnasan. Taylors scoring ability off the ball is special.

The 2 guards Perkins & Hall from NSW Metro were outstanding. Nousis very good.

Seumanutafa very strong as well, I'd love to see her in a team with an elite PG like Hall next to her.

Great tournament.

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Two years ago

47 points off 33 turn overs in the final is good defence.

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Two years ago

The SA Country girls failed to live up to the hype. Pre championship anyone associated with this group- Coaching staff,parent group etc only talked gold medal and how they were cutting down the nets.
The coach hasn't won at anything previously but talks himself up as the next Opals coach.

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Two years ago

The NSW Metro coach did a great job, he had clearly the best player at the tournament but he also seemed to get a lot out of the other kids when they were pushed.

Vic Country were fantastic, they were not very big and really only had one offensive hub, but they were competitive with everyone nonetheless. The only critique I'd give him is that he left a few pretty good girls at home and their lack of depth hurt them in there big games.

Vic Metro shot 21% from 3, with only 3 makes per game and a pretty dismal 65% from the stripe as well. They were never going to win with such a lack of shooting and probably did well to get into the top 4 considering. Its pretty clear that the VM coach doesn't value shooting.

SA Metro looked a good all round team, athletic and skilful but no real standouts over the whole campaign, there are some good players there though obviously given they were unbeaten before the final, but none were consistently great.

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Two years ago

Look who appointed himself SAC Coach for a start.

Weedy, IMO if you're not willing to even try out for your State team in general I don't think you should be considered for a National spot.

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Two years ago

SA Country girls let themselves down with no perimeter threat and poor substitution patterns all week. Poorly coached and never seriously in the medal mix from game 1 when they were fortunate to beat Tasmania.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Nightwing, 3 players and likely starters (1 qld s, 1 vic c and 1 sa m)who did not play at ajcs are all in the npp program so they are clearly identified as potential junior n.t players.

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Two years ago

DNP isn't what I said. There are reasons espcially in the era of COVID why a player would miss a Nationals.

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

My bad, are you referring to coaches specifically?

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Two years ago

BV have sent out an email today that says if kids don't do SDP they are ineligible to make the state team. Is SDP or NITP or whatever it’s called in other states mandatory?

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Nup, not mandatory.

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Camel 90  
Two years ago

WA Metro Girls as bad as ever?

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Weedy Slug  
Two years ago

Girls standings

Nsw m - gold
Sa m - silver
Vic m - bronze
Vic c
Qld s
Sa c
Wa c
Nsw c
Qld n
Wa m

Wa m really have some work to do for sure.
Qld n should be on the way up next year.
Sa c probably expected to finish higher after last year.
Credit to wa c who are usually bottom 4, finishing top 8.
Nsw m easily the most well rounded side and should be a handful over the next few years.
Vic m probably the early favourites for next year.

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Two years ago

Athletes in WA must be selected into the State Performance Program (SPP - Equiv to NITP on east coast) and then state teams are selected from the respective SPP Squads

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Two years ago

I believe in NSW they have the same rules to make State teams is you must do SPP and HPP and have had for some time.

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Two years ago

In the girls, NSW Metro were too talented and well-rounded in the end with the tournament's best player, very capable players at every position, legitimate size, shooters and depth.

Vic Metro were disappointing. Not enough shooting as some have mentioned, but it also just wasn't cohesive basketball. Vic Country took it to them without their standout player in the Bronze medal match, which shouldn't happen. The complacency from BV in coaching appointments and selections is showing.

QLD South, SA Country and NSW Country would also be dissapointed with their results.

NSW Metro, SA Metro and Tasmania were clearly the best coached teams. SA Metro with no real standouts, but great teamwork somehow earning them a place in the GF. Tassie punching significantly above their weight as usual with a couple of notable players carrying them and others playing their role.

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Two years ago

Out of curiosity ?What does each state charge/cost per player to attend this event?

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