Last year

Is Mackinnon the Bullets worst ever GM?

Legit question.

Been a Bullets supporter/observer since 93. The early 00s were very lean for wins, but most people expected little and supported the team because the players gave effort and battled honestly.

The current iteration is easily the most dysfunctional club team in history, and would be right up there all-time for NBL.

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

I have it on good authority that it's not Mac, it's those above him denying recruitment decisions and overruling him

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Weedy Slug  
Last year

Said it before, the owners do not want to spend.

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Last year

That may have been true up until this season but we know Baynes is the highest paid player in the league and Tyler Johnson after 5-6 years in the NBA likely isn't cheap either. Throw in this being the first year of Sobey's new 3 year deal and I bet they're spending a lot this season.

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Last year

An absolute disaster of a season

Comparing pre-season expectations to season result, one of the worst in memory in the NBL

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Q Anon  
Last year

JVG worked there , so no McKinnon isn't

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Last year

It obviously hasn't gone to plan, but going out and recruiting Baynes and Tyler Johnson were really good moves on paper. Add that to Harrison, Sobey, Cadee, Krebs, Froling and 2 other imports, their roster looks way better than it's doing.
How much can you blame a GM for putting together a team that looked good on paper and just hasn't performed?

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Last year

Had a feeling some peanut was going to say JVG, hah. So far off the mark though :)

Say what you want about spend, but he put together arguably the best championship team the NBL has seen, so he's definitely out of this discussion. Taking Brisbane from laughing stock to legit contenders in a short turnaround was a great job imho.

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Last year


I'd disagree with your take. Many questioned Tyler's signing when announced, given his skill set was similar to Sobey's and didn't address what Brisbane desperately needed - a strong point guard, and a defensive-minded 3-4 (in that order). Tyler has been good, but a luxury the team could do without

Bringing Harry back was baffling to all. It's no secret he's been poor for team chemistry at every stop.

Nobody knows why Devondrick was signed at all to an import spot at season's start, then just flat out wasn't played for a period before being released.

Andrew White has just been a body, not a remarkable import replacement.

Drim was let go in the off-season and would've been handy. Deng might've been good also.

Sammy has been restrained but what spend management dictates, but regardless he's still failed to address obvious team needs to give Brisbane the best shot at being successful.

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Last year

Agree. Defensive 1 & 4 is so important in this league, and while Brisbane got that right first year back with Gibson-Petrie, it's been a long time since they've had really good defenders in those spots.

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Last year

@Zodiac. Is that right? Baynes is the highest paid player in the NBL? He's taking the piss then. He is way below anywhere near his best. Wow! Gotta get out of that contract & a few others. The team is a joke

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Q Anon  
Last year

@Ben if you think JVG had anything to do wth signing those players you need to think again.

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Last year

You obviously have a bee in your bonnet about the man.

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Last year

I think it's a situation a bit like Brooklyn. These egos need a coach who can actually coach. no disrespect to the rookie big fella or Pero Cameron but they need a Goorg or even a Brett Brown type. It could turn around very quickly!

I've never been a huge Baynes fan but he's better than what he's producing. Sobey can destroy but also loves to sook!

Pay the $$ for a respected coach. Let them be part of the choosing process then they can't bitch about it!

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Last year

How much input does Peter McLennan have?

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Last year

I still find the decision to deny Duncan the opportunity to travel to Summer League and network/scout - on his own dime - quite bizarre.

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Last year

Coming from a Wildcats point of view at least the Bullets have a CEO.

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Last year

Duncan wouldn't put up with players going iso, some players got there noses out joint, it was down hill from there. They were winning a quiet a few games at halftime only to collapse.

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Last year

I like Lamar Patterson unlike many others on here but remember he played NBL1 North during the offseason and hasn't been picked up by the Bullets this season no matter how bad things were going, he doesn't fit their needs so that fact alone should mean that Sammy isn't the worst decision makers out there.

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Last year

They have a great list on paper, Baynes and Johnson? If you get a chance to get those guys then that's what u do.

I just think they need an Elite PG, someone like Magette from Tassie who can run the team, and a coach who isn’t gonna get walked over, I’d be ringing Aaron Fearne...

They might also be too big, they have Baynes and then 3 promising young bigs, not enough minutes to go around and the game isn’t played that way anymore…

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