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Where to next for the Hawks?

We heard the interview last night by Campbell saying they'll target a marquee local, Duop mentioned again as was Finn Delany.

What needs to happen:
Jackomas needs to go, has no idea and his coaching has lost the Hawks many games. Up by 3-5 pts with less than a min to go and Froling is on the court and receiving the ball to be sent to the FT line. He also plays at least 10 players a night which is too many. This was happening before Siva and Frazier got injured. George King was a great shooter too, he was never drawn up any plays. Would love Lisch to get an interview and if not hire an American.

Release Mudronja, Swaka and I think I'd rather Hickey over Dent just need to keep the ball out of Hickey's hands, his defense is amazing but he shouldn't see the court unless Hawks are up by 20 with a min to go.

Limited, if any mins for Grida (terrible IQ) next season then DO NOT re-sign him once his contract is out.

Re-sign Deng Deng, I also don't mind Mango on limited mins depending on other centers brought in.

Would love McDowell-White as marquee, don't mind Delany but really should be looking to pay Cooks in 2025 good money.

Bring back Robinson!!!!

Get a tough import center for a year who can screen for Harvey, hopefully his last season as a Hawk. Too many silly shots in crucial parts of a game.

It's that easy Matty. If Hawks don't aren't competing for finals again next season. He's gotta go too. I know he's a Hawks legend and I love him, but something needs to change if the Hawks are to be successful on court. Let's just say East Sydney won't be having him if it comes to it.

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You obviously were not listening to well, coach is staying.
Grida plays D, good off the bench
Deng is a bench player at best
Froling is a starting 5 and you want to import one.
Swaka also off bench
King was woeful

Hawks need a import 1, Dent
Harvey at 2, Hickey
Import, Swaka
Marquee who rebounds, plays D and high iq, Grida
Froling, Mango,

Chose 11th man out Harry Froling or Deng.

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Agree 100% Dunkman. There are nice complementary pieces to play off the bench, two starters in Harvey and Froling, they need to recruit good starter-level players at PG, SF and PF. Two of them can be imports, one a local.

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OP talks about low IQ but wants to resign Deng. No doubt Deng has talent and can score and rebound. On the other hand he is completely lost tactically and defensively.

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No no no I heard well but they aren't going to say on live TV "Oh the coach won't be there next season" and he is off-contract. But I don't think you read too well as I said this is what needs to happen.

Grida isn't the only player who plays D, his offense is woful. I'd love to see which team he'd get minutes on. You'd either keep him or Swaka. Not both and I'd prefer Swaka over him.

Never said Deng should start, great backup 4 and is a better player than Grida.

Froling can play the 4 as well.

King wasn't given a chance offensively when he was on the court. His fouls didn't help him but I stand by that.

You've named 11 players who all get minutes. Should be playing 8-9 players a night. You get a marquee PF it's likely going to be more than a year. You miss out on Cooks, local boy who would bring the big crowd and a star.

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They can chase Glover and Cooks, both locals.

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Too early to say Jackomas needs to go surely

11 of their 19 losses by 10 points or less. A revolving door of imports due to injuries, and only 4 players who have played every game

A budget roster to begin with and then loads of injuries, tough for a first year coach

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Last year

Agreed that it's been tough for a first year coach, so many injuries, especially to quality imports, BUT that sort of masks what I think OP has spotted as some pretty big flaws... Whenever I've watched a Hawks game, their D has been woeful and their organisation at the other end has been non-existent... Surely this is something that the coach needs to drill into the team from the start of pre-season? Nothing has seemed to improve from the early games I've watched to the one last night...

I know Froling is only 22 (as the commentators say it like a half dozen times a game) but if a coach can't get some fight out of him, he's going to waste... When Sam is aggressive and puts some effort in, he's a league top big man, but those moments are very few and far between...

Something definitely needs to change... Getting people to spend more money is tough, but finding players that work hard and develop has been possible for other coaches and GMs in the league, time to start holding them accountable at the Hawks...

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Last year

Hawks should sign free agent PG Matt Guy. He's way better than dent and hickey

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Last year

What would be the case if CJ and Jackomas switched seats? Would having lower expectations actually help CJ and not have to try and satisfy egos?
The critiques mentioned about Jackomas may have validity, maybe he's trying to get Froling over the yips and saying our star local needs to step up for his development. But a fair criticism. A lot of players are swung through, but in reality he may just be searching for who to keep beyond this year. Hawks went from penthouse to outhouse really quick, only a few scraps left and not much came in. They've been fairly close in a lot of games, which is when you look at disparity in talent most nights it's not like they're a total disaster.
Not sure if they can keep Harvey based on his inconsistency, can shoot them into a game, but can be ice cold as well. Was good for the Goorjean teams, if he was having an off night they had other weapons to rely on.
No chance in hell Cooks will suit up in near future, won't be in this league for much longer. Even if he was, Sydney would trump any other offers. Might play for them when he comes back, but there may not even be a team there when he returns.
And attracting established players there will result in overpaying. McCarrons agent has probably got his spiel ready for them, teams would be stupid to pay even half of what he is currently making.
So they just have to go the Cairns route, hopefully uncover a rough diamond like Pinder. If they didn't have Froling, someone like Sotto could thrive there, but they are literally the same player.
Jackomas will get another year, deserves it, and who is better that him that they can get anyway? God knows if Lisch is any good and recent imported American coaches haven't set the world on fire unless you have the resources of Sydney.

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Where next? Isn't it obvious. They are pulling barely 1.5K a game, they are destined to be scrapped or moved.

You're talking about forking out big money to draw a pissant crowd? The owner is haemorrhaging money.

Hawks are cooked without a miracle.

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Last year

In the Adelaide game with the Hawks up 89-81 late in the game Adelaide hit a 3 (89-84) then another 3(89-87) then McCaron makes a layup 2 the scores are tied 89-89 then Franks hits a corner 3 for Adelaide to hit the front 92-89 and Jackamos decides to call a long overdue timeout. If that was Roth from Jackjumpers he would of called a timeout after the first 3.

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As a local and fan for 40 years here's my take. Season tickets are horrendously overpriced. My tickets this season would have been $1400 for a family of four sitting high up at one goal post end. Not middle etc. I didn't renew. It averaged over $110-$120 at least a game for a family. How many families in Wollongong can afford to pay that every game plus some popcorn for the kids etc. The Entertainment Centre is so expensive to hire that the Hawks can't make money from it. I said 15 years ago, knock down the Illawarra Hawks training complex, known as the Snakepit, which I believe is owned by the Hawks, build a 4000 seat stadium on the courts and huge carpark. Every cent earnt would have gone in the Hawks pockets. At present, the money goes to the WEC. We have no future at the WEC and fans refuse to pay for the most expensive tickets in the NBL.
Wollongong also sits in a massive Labor stronghold for decades so Liberal governments have never offered a lot of help as they will never win here, and Labor can put their money/investments into swinging or marginal seats.

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Last year

"In the Adelaide game with the Hawks up 89-81 late in the game Adelaide hit a 3 (89-84) then another 3(89-87) then McCaron makes a layup 2 the scores are tied 89-89 then Franks hits a corner 3 for Adelaide to hit the front 92-89 and Jackamos decides to call a long overdue timeout. If that was Roth from Jackjumpers he would of called a timeout after the first 3."

Tassie led Adelaide 75-69 with seven minutes left in Round 11, Roth called a time-out when it was 75-75.

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Moose 32  
Last year

The Snakepit is owned by Basketball Illawarra on council land. The Hawks hire it for their training and office space.

The Government owns the WEC, which Hawks hire for games. I believe they also train there occasionally during the season.

As Dew95 mentioned, being a Labor stronghold definitely hurts any prospective upgrades to both the WEC and the Snakepit. That money all goes to swinging or marginal seats.

The Hawks could probably increase their crowds by allocating more budget for marketing and other community engagement activities such as school visits, which were seemingly halted due to the Covid19 pandemic according to what I hear.

Also lowering ticket prices, especially for families could help.

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Deng deng is not a "great back up pf", he's an NBL1 level player who is lucky to be on a roster, he’s also 31.

The Hawks have 1.5 NBL level local players - Froling and Wani.

Harvey is a star, after that there’s a revolving door of injured imports who are mostly unavailable.

The roster is mostly NBL1 level guys, the fact that Jackomas can get this collection of scraps to be competitive for 36 minutes is a credit to his coaching ability, not a detriment. The reality is that Brisbane has bench players who would start for the Hawks.

Jackomas stays.

Outlook for next season? It’s fantastic coming up with all these list of players to target but as always with the Hawks it comes down to budget and who they can afford because it’s obvious this year they haven’t spent much!

What if Jackomas was coaching Brisbane ? What if this Hawks group had Cairns imports?

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Last year

Greg Hire.

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Last year

Greg hire is better than Deng Deng, pretty much same stats this season

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Last year

Who do the hawks keep in us punters opinions.
Grida bench
Hickey bench
Mathiang bench

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