Last year

Give Bruton the axe?

Surely questions are being asked as to how he hasn't managed to get these guys to make the playoffs let alone anywhere near a championship...

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Weedy Slug  
Last year

Yes, axe.

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Uncle Dre  
Last year

AXE. And Axe owner that appointed him while at it. Club needs a fresh start from the top.

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Master Chief  
Last year

Can see poor coaching in performance, but definitely feel for CJ being a second year coach with expectations.

Seems to have good relationship with owner, and I doubt the players despise him enough even though they look a bit bewildered sometimes.

Yes, i think he should be moved on but could aren't they paying 12 coaches already?

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Last year

Ave complete fail who are those assistants they have been there longer

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Uncle Dre  
Last year


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Last year

If they don't get rid of him they going to have serious issues getting any quality players to go to Adelaide.

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Last year

Cue the end of season specially picked review committee with usual suspects of Smyth, Gaze and a token AFL person to investigate what went wrong.

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Uncle Dre  
Last year

They did a review the year Joey left, then never released the damming findings.

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Last year

I must admit his combination of players at times is perplexing, we're far too talented to not be in the Top 6! Defensively we’re completely horrible & struggle to defend very basic pick n rolls.

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Last year

Its going to depend on who they could get to replace him I think. I'm not convinced CJ can bring the success we need from what I've seen so far, but its not like we can just bring Gleeson back from the US or something!

Most likely he'll finish his contract next year and then the club will reassess. Not sure they can afford to pay out yet another coach and still afford to put a good team on the floor next season!

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Pablo Escobar  
Last year

If the coach goes, the assistants go as well. Not every decision is CJ's. If that's what needs to happen, then that is the only way. Fresh eyes and different voices.

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Another Anon  
Last year

Start a few levels higher than CJ.....

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Last year

I saw dj, Sotto and Harris in the same 5, iirc end of 2nd q, there's no organisation, I just don’t see how you can bring cj back...

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Last year

Feel for CJ, great player & has done his best to make it as a HC. He would have learnt from guys like Lemanis that to win in this league you have to spend big on imports & unfortunately it hasn't worked. It seems like a decade ago they beat Phoenix. The highs & lows of a HC !

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Last year

I'm not sure if it was CJ or the front office who did the recruiting but for me it was never going to work. Phoenix was a fluke. They brought in 3 big ego guys (yes they moved Randall on), but to bring in 3 egos to go with the big ego of DJ who is in denial of his decline always stunk of disaster. DJ has moped around more than ever and been more distant. You only have to watch one quarter to see this isn’t a "team". This was doomed from the start, then you add the fan boy championship talk externally and it had less of a chance.

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Last year

What's CJ's contract status? out of contract at the end of the season?

Agree with many of the comments above. Some of his decision making has been less than desirable over the last couple of seasons...strange rotations, team looks lost in offense, not calling timeouts when the other team has all the momentum, hasn't been able to get the team to collectively want to play defence. With the roster they have, the fact that couldn't even make the play in tournament will mean questions will be asked. Maybe they will let him have one more go next season? I wouldn't if a better candidate was available.

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Last year

I would prefer to see a new head coach, CJ become one of the assistants so that he can learn from a someone experienced with a different approach, and CJ's assistants dropped as I don’t think they’re going to become HCs given their role in this train wreck

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Last year

I don't think it’s as simple as getting rid of Bruton to make your Sixers better.

There’s a chronic underachievement and issues that have been going on for years now, clearly the problem isn’t just the coach, you’ve gone through a whole stack of them in recent years.

Did CJ bring in his own assistants (as is the norm) or did he get given who he was told?
All head coaches generally have some choice in at least half of their ACs, even at BigV/NBL1 level.

There are some clear locker room issues, and I think that buck stops with Johnson, he’s been there as long as the issues have plagued the club. Don’t forget, there was a reason Melbourne was happy to let him go all those years ago.

The amount of players in the last decade and a bit that have blossomed since leaving the club, or publicly had problems or spoken out, should let people know that this problem isn’t solvable with another change in the coach.

There is clearly a cultural issue in the organisation that goes well beyond the players, seems to run through the entire place from the fish’s head.

I’m not saying CJ is perfect, far from it. But part of me thinks if he was in a different situation, like Perth, he wouldn’t be doing too badly at all.

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Last year

Who's CJ gonna learn from? He’s already played/coached under Goor, Joey Wright, Lemanis, Brendan Joyce, Adrian Hurley, Cal snr, Vickerman...

I’m sure I’m missing a few but that’s like a who’s who of Aus bball coaches…

My guess is he has a shane heal like coaching career minus Shane’s current drama

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Last year

Fair point, yup. Maybe he'll be another Gaze - good player with a good brain who’s just not a good at getting people to do what he wants

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Last year

They struggle getting people to do what they want because they just see it so easy, most players are not that smart and need it drummed into their heads.

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Last year

Bring back Joey.

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Last year

Yes easier to replace the coach than a team of under performers.
Players have to take responsibility too. In the end they're the ones in control of shooting & defending

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