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should we be able to call "time in" again ?

years ago we could call "time in" if we were the team that called the time out and it was still under 60 seconds and we were ready to go again.

With the tactic of teams being able to advance the ball in the last 2 mins - so often used now - which I like too.

I would like to see the ability to call a "time in" again.

Also can anyone remember the year "time in" was removed ?

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Last year

Will never happen at NBL level due to broadcast.

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Last year

There's only one timeout per game that goes to commercial.

That said I don't recall this ever being a rule. Sounds like a bylaw introduced by a competition using a running clock.

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Last year

I used it often as a coach, decades ago - it was a great way to pass information to my teams while also allowing me to annoy other coaches and unsettle the other team. I tried it recently, and the refs didn't know what I was talking about (not surprisingly).

I agree with the earlier poster who said it wouldn’t happen in the NBL because of commercial breaks, in which case it wouldn’t filter down into lower levels which could use it without any issue.

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Last year

I don't think this was ever a thing at the professional level and OP is referencing district basketball.

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Last year

Years back I used it a bit too when just needing a short message to the players and catch the opposing coach without time to do much.

A few years back I actually stopped calling timeouts unless absolutely necessary. I could change defenses on a call to defensive transition which we trained for. Offense was known by players and worked against any type of defense.

You won't believe how many opposing coaches were visible uncomfortable when I go thru games calling no timeouts.

My players loved the idea believe it or not. In a 15-18 game season, I maybe called 10-12 timeouts all year long

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Diop Kick  
Last year

US had short and full time outs for this purpose

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Three to Make Two  
Last year

I'm pretty sure that when I started playing the team that called the TO controlled the time and could finish it in under a minute*. But the current regs say:

18.2.1 Each time-out shall last 1 minute.

"Shall" is pretty clear and unambiguous. I can't find any provisions that give the team that called the TO any way of ending it. Of course there is nothing to stop either team ending it early and going back on the court to wait it out. But some coaches like to talk!

* but I am pretty old - look at my user name!

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Three to Make Two  
Last year

Also, I'm not sure if the early end to the TO was a local rule or was in the FIBA/NBL rules.

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Camel 31  
Last year

I seem to recall my Coach calling time in a few times.
But, you might say that I'm old, and it was clock running amateur.
When you've played as long as I did and double dribble was always called,
kinda feels a bit strange watching NBL and never called.

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