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Nets trade Kyrie Irving to Mavericks

Nets have ignored alternatives including the Lakers and Clippers, and gone direct to the Mavericks, offloading Kyrie Irving and Markieff Morris for Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, a 2029 FRP and seconds from 2027 and 2029.

Morris has been averaging 4 PPG and 2 RPG and only getting occasional minutes.

Risky move for the Mavs under pressure to ease the workload of Doncic. Too risky?

Seems great for the Nets - getting two useful players plus picks, including the 2029 FRP which comes a couple of years after Doncic's deal ends.

This should be entertaining at least.

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Last year

Yeah high risk high reward for the Mavs. If Kyrie is committed, he and Luka could be a great offensive combo. They're gonna need to go deep and have Kyrie feel he's a big part though to have any chance to re sign him as a FA. Most people expect him to end up n LA as a FA.

For the Nets its a good move to remove some drama, get a couple of solid starters and a future asset.

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Last year

As a Mavs fan, I am a little torn. On the one hand its nice to see them finally do something to upgrade the talent level, but long term this is going to end badly as it always does with Kyrie.

Word is that the Mavs may now try and move more 1sts with wood and others for Siakam which if pulled off would be great.

Also, seems that Mavs are now all in on Josh Green as a starter which is great for him.

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Last year

As a Raptors fan I hope this doesnt happen.

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Last year

Im no bball expert but luka and kanye are both ball heavy pgs. Will be interesting to see if they can mix it up a bit.

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Last year

That Siakam plan helps it make more sense. Is Wood going to be the best offer they get? I always assumed he was an empty-stats player?

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Last year

I'm don’t have much faith in heliocentric styled teams.

I’m not saying it can’t ever or will ever work. And if it was to work, I guess Dallas would have a real shot with such a talent in Luka.

To that extent, I guess having Irving is a risk they want to take to go all in. The "pick your poison" volume heavy multi-star team is an interesting structure.

So I understand why they’ve done it, but to me this looks like a structure that is designed to fail.

I actually don’t think Luka is a championship style player tbh.

Can he still be an impact player if he is overly-focussed on and stifled by defence? Can he find ways to impact if he doesn’t get the volume as much?

I try to avoid assists as a meaningful stat for heliocentric players as they tend to be high for heavy ball volume players but when they get stifled the ball use becomes terribly inefficient.

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Last year

I don't have much faith in heliocentric styled teams*

Great English...

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Manu Fieldel  
Last year

Currently their offence is amazing, need as many possessions to show that off as possible, but also need to slow pace to protect their substandard D.

Siakam would bring that team together. Get him at the 4 then do whatever you can to get Mason Plumlee. Then you can play however you want in the playoffs.
Javale McGee is also super underrated.

This is easily the best starting 5 in the league:


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Last year

Kyrie is just basically a poison everywhere he goes. Might behave himself to get a big contract. But can imagine him and Luka having issues in the future.
That unprotected 1st could be gold if things implode in Dallas. Ironic that they received one of the players they had to let go to get Kyrie in the 1st place. Nets were probably petty not trading to Lakers unless they were attaching bad conditions to one or both of their future firsts. And if Westbrook didn't work out they would have bugger all at the end.
Phoenix were apparently talking about a Chris Paul and Ayton package.

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Last year

I wonder what the worst rated defence in the NBA to win a championship in the last 12 years is, and how it compares to Mavs current D

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Last year

Pretty impressive by the Nets to get this kind of package out of the Mavs who are showing their desperation. Talk the Nets intend to dangle this FR pick and their other one to try and get some more talent to put around Durant before the deadline expires.

Regardless they just needed to get this headcase off the team even if they had to take cents on the dollar so they did quite well here.

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Last year


The Nets' refused Dallas' attempts to ship them Christian Wood's expiring contract or one of its less palatable long-term deals held by Tim Hardaway Jr. and Davis Bertans.
Mentions Wood getting interest from the Clippers.

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Last year

Wood makes no sense for the Raptors. The only way you ship Siakam is because of the chance of him taking off in 2024. If you're gonna sell him now, you either want a player (or players) of close to equal value (supplemented with picks) to stay competitive, or a whole bunch of picks and young talent to move toward a rebuild. Wood does neither.

I'm not saying Siakam doesnt move, there does seem to be a lot of smoke, but getting Wood for him is almost nothing.

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