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Why is Dyson Daniels getting no minutes?

Why is he getting no minutes?

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a5ian nbl fan  
Last year

Because he's not needed at the moment and if you see the wamrup games he we just need another big. Dyson is a great player don't get me wrong but theirs already players like him ahead of him at the moment

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Last year

Can't play everyone

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Gold Vibes Only  
Last year

Because the same as Tokyo we decided to select too many guards and be deficient in the bigs. Can't tell me the length of Thon Maker wouldn’t have been more helpful in short stints tonight than Dyson Daniels logging 0 minutes

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ME (he/kangaroo)  
Last year

Yeah you do have to start questioning team composition when these guys who were "must haves", (ie, goulding) never see a minute in any game.

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Last year

Id be inclined to be giving some of Ingles minutes to Daniels or even chuck 8mpg or so at Green.

We're really wasting our open court athleticism and limiting our ability to get some easy buckets in trans O.

If we’re going to go small ball we have to play up tempo. NZ are trying to do that because of their lack of size

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Last year

100% agree with the Thon comment... Makes me wonder (still) what he had to have done/not done at training camp to be one of the first cut, as it looked like he turned up in shape and had the right attitude, unlike a few past bigger Boomers camps...

We were always light on quality bigs and while Thon isn't an all-star he really has a few top qualities that would have been valuable for spot minutes... Seemed like a bit of a poor decision back then, and now a bit more...

I'm a huge Dyson fan, so I get that it's important to blood him ready for the Olympics, but when you bring a dedicated 3pt shooter who doesn't bring a whole lot of other W level qualities and don't use him much even in warm up games, what's the point?

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Last year

I agree, MACDUB, although not quite so sold on the idea of giving too many of Ingles minutes to Daniels.

For all the hype about our youth and athleticism before the WC games, we haven't seen much of it so far. Our transition is poor, forcing us into half-court sets which we aren’t coordinated enough to win that often. And so we often end up playing NBA iso ball (because it suits our many NBA players?)

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Last year

Wookie perhaps it was just a team culture decision. That is the only logical guess I have for Maker not being in the team

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Last year

Team culture SixersFan? By whose account? Give me the scoop on a guy who literally came to defense of his mates being attacked in a game and has by all accounts been a class act.
I think this team was already picked and it would have looked bad if Pinder and Maker were not invited. Remember Kay actually didn't do the full camp, Reath played for Goorj, and Landale was a lock. That’s your 3 bigs locked in. It was a numbers game and Landale wasn’t counted to get hurt. Not a culture thing. Just a numbers and familiarity game.

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Last year

DraftBust as I said it was just a guess. I can't see any other reason why he missed out and especially as early as he did. Perhaps the guys that made it ahead of him are better culture guys. In Dysons case they are looking at him for the future.

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Last year

Yeah but throwing around a possibility of "culture" is like saying the guy is not all in. Would dare say such a thing about Delly?

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Last year

Certain words are dog whistles. Things like this has been said on this board at times about certain guys but we wouldn't dare say it about Delly without evidence. That’s what I’m on about.

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Last year

DraftBust, I think you're being very tactful/reasonable and can appreciate it's sometimes a dogwhistle, but I reckon here it could just be from a list of "things coaches are aware of, fans less so." Culture, agitating for minutes, basketball IQ, etc. I'd guess your numbers game (three bigs picked) is the simple explanation.

Daniels seems redundant in the mix to me. Exum and Green are already underplayed.

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Last year

Isaac I see your point. The reason I feel it's a numbers and familiarity game is I don’t think Goorj is one to not call out a guy who doesn’t fit in what they expect from a culture perspective. He’s a buy in or be gone guy I believe. Look at how he ripped Giddey and Reath on the bench.

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Last year

Isn't Daniels included because they have an eye to Olympics and future events where he will be older and more prominently seen? Get him that experience of even being around the event etc.

I appreciate they didn’t take that route for Giddey a few years ago, but I assume that’s the reason for Daniels’ inclusion

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Last year

There has been some talk I think from Goorj himself that he wanted a team of switchable, positionless guys and that prior to the Landale injury Reath wasn't even a lock to make the team.

Goorj said Reath really put his hand up for inclusion after his 20+ point game against Venezuela. I think Reath not being a certainty to make the team might've been the reason for Gaze's "Reath isn't a lock" statement on radio, which seemed bizarre given Landale wasn't playing due to the first injury.

So by the sounds of things Daniels fits the 'ideal' type of player Goorj wants on the team but then again Goorj said Goulding even after his injury is in his '8 man core rotation' but he's barely played so far so who knows.

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Last year

Also consider that we are full-strength in the backcourt, so if we lose anyone in the backcourt to injury next year, it's good for Daniels to get the exposure to a major tournament when he might become a rotation player next time. Even if he doesn't play any minutes.

Many speculated in Tokyo 2021 that it was a mistake to leave Giddey out, but I think that's already been proven in this tournament so far. Giddey is doing very well for a 20 year old, but I can't help but think that he hasn't quite understood the demands of a major tournament.

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Last year

DraftBust you can try to twist my words if you like but as I said "Perhaps the guys that made it ahead of him are better culture guys" that is not a knock on Maker. If Goulding was picked before Delly due to culture reasons that is fine with me.

Zodiac is probably more on the money with Goorj picking guys that are more switchable/positionless.

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Last year

SixerFans then be specific about the "culture" word. It is vague. What specific aspects of culture are you referring to and enlighten us if you have specific insight. It's a head scratcher to me SixersFan.

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Last year

SixersFan if you had said "Delly might have been cut for culture reasons" I'm sure you would have guys going at your neck. I’m only asking if you have knowledge of specific culture issues with Maker.

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