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NBL coaches not up to it

Recurring topic.

Jackomas - Not up to it!
Listening to his press conference last week, not quite sure he knows much about basketball.
A lot of people blaming J-Rob but he's simply doing what the coach tells him and that's go all guns blazing.
Hawks actually looked good in the first qtr last week against Sixers and he said he didn't like the way they were playing...

CJ - Not up to it!
What the hell man, how is Tohi getting more mins than Humphries! Humphries is visibly frustrated at the guards defense last night, easily blowing past them and he's getting punished for it.

These guys just don't get it, it's a shame Hawks won't fire Jackomas because the payout will be too much.
CJ needs to go though.

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Grote 12  
Last year

My understanding of the 6ers situation in terms of coaching is this...

They are in the last year of Wright's contract, they are still paying Henry and are paying CJ.

If they let CJ go they are paying 3 Head Coaches wages for 0 coaches.

They are stuck.
With this roster build though there are additional thoughts...
How involved was CJ in the acquisition of talent? The roster doesn't fit well, if he had no control or input and the Front Office is just pulling anyone who looked good once, then CJ is already at a loss.
How much coaching is CJ doing? If he doesn't select the team, does he get to choose the structure? rotations? If Flowers for example is being promised 30 mins per game, hard for CJ to sub him out, or lambast him if the contact stipulates a mins buffer.

Some glaring items though that are in CJs control...
The broadcast team BEGGING CJ to use a Timeout in the 3rd last night... as a coach surely you are on top of how many and when to use?
Foul Challenges... many times the broadcast illuded to CJ using a challenge, from memory he challenged 0 calls, even though 6ers had a nice run which was ultimately stopped by a 50/50 call that went SEM way (NOT SAYING THE UMPIRED INFULENCED THE GAME, just that CJ could have had some control of a call and didn't use)

6ers seem to always be in the top 3-4 of spending each year, but more recently the Front Office is letting the city down by hiring and firing coaches, by mismanagement of talent and by not scouting effectively. These are basic basic basketball business things that the 6ers have let go of the rope. How long will the city of Adelaide fill the entertainment centre and live off past success with an organisation that obviously cares more about vanity than wins?

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Last year

CJ was asked about an import spot, he seemed surprised, said not to my knowledge, and followed up with something like, maybe happening up stairs. It is really hard to understand what is happening at Sixers

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Last year

Top tier- Vickerman, Roth, Forde, Moar

Decent coaches- Kelly

Struggling, on thin ice- Rillie

Heading out the door- CJ, Jackomas

Jury still out- Abdulfattah, Schueller

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Last year

Some of Rillie's post game comments makes you wonder as well.

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Last year

I think by the mid/end of the season Abdulfattah will move up to top tier

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Last year

I thought the Sixers signed Wright to a 5 year deal in 2017, so he should be done with now? 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22, so he should be off the books now. He said himself he had 2 years on his deal when he was fired in 2020.

I don't think Henry is getting paid anymore either, originally given a 3 year deal, so did the first, then fired and CJ's had two, so he shouldn't be paid anymore either. Last year we were definitely looked like we were paying 3 coaches, but think we're just down to CJ now.

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Last year

Heading out the door- CJ, Jackomas


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Q Anon  
Last year

Wright and Henry are off the books now. Resistance at paying out another coach though. See what happens after today's meeting.

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Last year

Yeah not sure why the jury would be out on Abdelfattah at this stage - too early to say top tier, but he's been impressive as far as I'm concerned. I loved it last Sunday when he yanked Jordy and Valentine after they both had some poor turnovers a minute or so into the quarter. Valentine protested, and Abdelfattah told him exactly why. Valentine sat down, and coach brought him back on a few mins later. Little things like that are promising signs for me, compared to Usher chucking up junk the other night and somehow Rillie just letting it slide.

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Last year

Yes totally agree re Abdelfattah, got this side going well already, Buford took half a season in his first stint before kings got rolling, had a better squad imo too. Buford also caned the refs, Abdelfattah just goes about his business. Really looks the goods.

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Last year

Q anon I will be interested to see what comes from it too, I know humphries isn't happy, their are a few players who are not happy with game style and rotations.

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Last year

Rillie is worse than Jackomas and CJ.

Jackomas is awful but has been given a trash squad.

CJ is bloody awful but has an imbalanced squad.

Rillie has no excuse.

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Last year

Jackomanas put his own squad together and it's had more money spent on it than Sixers.

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Last year

"Rillie is worse than Jackomas and CJ."

Didn't the 36ers try and get Rillie before hiring CJ? So suppose it could have been worse if that's the case.

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Last year

Remember Dean Demopoulos won his first 9 games as an NBL coach.

In my mind the jury's out for any first season coach until they prove themselves in a playoff series, which Mody Moar did last season.

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Last year

Before the season started people we saying Illawarra had the best import trio in the league, had the deepest team in the league. Every prediction I saw had them at least in top 6.

Don't act like Jackomas has a bad squad. He's got the horses.

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Last year

Good nbl coaches seem to have long apprenticeships as assistant coaches. Chance should be on all coaches radar, worked under Gleeson, Roth and now Vickerman. Kings have had success with US coaches Weaver, Burford and now Abdelfattah. They also have deep pockets and contacts there.

Who else out there should be given a shot.

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Last year

CJ Bruton was a fantastic long serving assistance

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Last year

Stop hiring coaches that have no head coaching experience. Ex players don't just make good coaches. The really successful coaches have put in a long apprenticeship, coached lots of teams before taking in a major job like these.

Unfortunately the pool of high level basketball administrators is very thin.
What the hell did Sam McKinnon know about being a GM?
6era have soccer guys making decisions about basketball.
Hire an agent to run the basketball like the NBA started doing.

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Last year

It's pretty rare for someone to be hired by an NBL club with no head coaching experience. Jackomas was a case of a handover after a long apprenticeship under Goorjian.

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Last year

Coaching for a few years here and there doesn't cut it at this level. We expect these people to learn too much on the job.

We don’t pick players and hope they can figure it out so why would we expect coaches to do it.

I get there are exceptions but in general, the NBL coaches have a poor coaching pedigree

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Last year

All coaches make a step up at the start of their careers, some then go on to be successful, some don't. Recycling coaches hasn't been shown to be a foolproof road to success by any means.

There is no doubt NBL coaching has taken a hit in recent times, with very experienced coaches like Lemanis, Gleeson, Beveridge, Wright, Fearne etc moving on. However, all those guys learned on the job after making the step up early in their careers too.

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Master Chief  
Last year

Adelaide are in a position though that anything would be better than what they are currently doing. If they are paying CJ for this season anyway, could they just promote Ninnis?

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Pasadena 72  
Last year

No shortage of state league (NBL1) coaches across the country who would do better than CJ, Jackomas and Rillie.

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Last year

You can see what is going on.
Jackomas and Rillie (1 season removed) took over teams that were successful that built there teams on defense and completely tore it down.

Its almost like it is the new thing to try and just chuck up 3s early in the shot clock and try and out score everyone with minimal effort on defense.

Either these coaches are too stubborn to change there ways or have absolutely no idea how to do it.

The Warriors were the worst ever thing for basketball.

Every coach, especially the newer ones have tried to copy this and mostly fail.

CJ is also in the same group. There defense is abysmal

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Advanced stats  
Last year

You are objectively wrong Jacket. Spatial Jam has Adelaide with one of the best defences in the league entering this weekend.

Not an opinion, straight data. 6ers have one of the best defences in the league. It's their offence that is atrocious.

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Last year

Their defence was pretty bad against SEM though, and they statistically ranked 9th last season. Jury still out on their D, but their offence has definitely been found guilty!

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Last year

Rillie has the worst pretend American accent I have ever heard. Players must think " gee this bloke is full of shit"

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Last year

Coaching is a men's club, that’s the big problem. They barely look at resumes, it’s a joke. Better off having AI coach the team lol! :D

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Last year

CJ and Jackomanas might be coming good.

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Last year

Jackomas showed a lot of promise last season, what he got out of that undermanned team game after game in the second half of the season was superb.

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