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Thoughts on the Chelsea DOC?

Enough is enough. I saw the earlier thread and it's time to have a chat about the Chelsea Gulls DOC. This is just my OPINION and there is no fact behind this but it truly seems this man has completely de-attached himself to the clubs program and cares more about his Youtube channel then about the kids & coaches of the club. Which is why the decision to cut 60 kids 3 weeks after tryouts concluding was such an easy one for him.

The amount of coaches and employees that have left the club in the past 12 months is extremely concerning and it might be time the committee does something about it. The club has it’s bright spots players wise, and there is massive potential to grow. But it all means nothing when you have someone who is cold and distant at the venue, doesn’t communicate to anyone and makes decisions on the fly without thinking of the longterm impacts of anyone. This blokes been doing this for years, but now the clubs at a critical point and it’s about time some serious pressure internally is put on this DOC. Players will leave, the young promising coaches that the club still actually has will leave and the club will be run into the ground.

Who can do something about this? Who internally knows a way to make change happen? Again, this is only my OPINION and it means just as much as saying a professional sports coach should be fired. This is not meant to be a personal attack but if a referee performs poorly, they get criticised, if a player performs poorly, they get criticised. The DOC of a club- like any employee of any business, Is not above criticism.

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I saw the earlier thread
Then why did you feel the need to create this one, saying exactly the same thing that's being said in that one?

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Don't stress yourself. Transfer to other programs.

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"This is just my OPINION and there is no fact behind this"

Thanks for letting us know.

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Just go to either Sandringham or Frankston - both are much better programs.

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There have been so many posts on this forum re Chelsea. They all relate to one person. Like his half brother, both are very selfish people!

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last year

Have they found a general manager yet?
As previously mentioned,the DOC has selfishly ran this club firmly into the ground.

would love Rr and Mighty Mouse to make a comment

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Last year

Hasn't he just been named the men's coach.

They just can't seem to get rid of him. He must have some juicy info on something to be able to still be employed.

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I think the DOC is the only paid staffer left at the joint? The excellent and bright young domestic comps manager, who was a key part of the Gulls jr coaching structure, quit in disgust at the way the 60-kid cut was rolled out.

And yep, now collecting a wage as DOC, a second wage as men's head coach.

Club has now bizarrely put their AGM on a Saturday night in the week before Christmas in a not so subtle attempt to minimise the chance of getting some feedback.

Really such a shame

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last year

The club is as good and dead.there is no other way to describe it.
So very,very sad,it was a great family club,WAS

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Karma Basketball  
Last year

Problems like this simply mask the bigger problem.

And that problem is the way in which junior basketball is managed in Victoria by BV.

It's really easily to blame individuals or individual associations for all the problems with the sport at junior level.

But really, it's BV that is most at fault.

No vision whatsover in how to promote and conduct a well organised Representative Junior Competition that serves the needs of a wide range of junior players.

Might as well ditch the lower levels of VJBL and simply focus on VC, VC Reserve and maybe VJL1.

Anything lower than that should be consigned to zone based Representative competitions.

Alternatively, focus on expanding Domestic Level basketball.

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Last year

Football would love that idea

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Last year

Change is afoot!

Job ad for a new GM: https://www.sportspeople.com.au/jobs/79095-general-manager-chelsea-district-basketball-association

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Last year

They advertised for a new GM back in June but never filled the position.

Understand finances must be tight at a club like that, but not sure offering $77k is going to attract top talent? Maybe someone young and upcoming who can get the club moving in the right direction before moving onto bigger things is the target

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Last year

Here's an idea. Get rid of their full time DOC, and put that money towards a decent GM. Then put on a part time local DOC like they had before the young guy left. They don't have the budget for 2 full-timers!

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Last year

That young guy was their GM for the past six months! Did a pretty good job to hold the fort. Forcing a passionate local identity like that out really should give the current committee pause to consider if they're really acting in the best interests of the club.

Just hope people fire up and come along to the AGM to vent

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last year

Who in their right mind would go to the AGM.it use to be a bloody top club until 4 years ago.
Only meeting required now is to work out when to close the doors for the last time.
It saddens me to make this comment,but,ITS FACT

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Last year

Chelsea was never a top club and never will be.

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By the sea  
Last year

A few years ago they had 1000 people at the men's GF which they won.
Lucky to get 10 people at a men’s game now.

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last year

Anon,your a goose.just look up the records idiot

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Last year

@Red'n'blue : you seem to be keen to see the club close. Why? Agree it's a shitshow right now but surely it's worth salvaging, not least for the opportunities its affording kids in the area.

For example, Chelsea has four boys U12 teams - very few, if any, of those kids would make it into frankston or dandenong teams. Would be same across all the grades, girls and boys, and that just weakens the entire VJBL structure

It's worth fighting for IMO. Plenty of scuttlebutt about with new nominations for the comittee and domestic club presidents pushing for change.

No idea if it's in the remit of BV to step in and take over on an interim basis but current committee seems too dysfunctional to find a way forward so a cleanout is needed

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Last year

Beating a dead horse by returning to this thread, but latest whisper is after big behind the scenes efforts from parents and some committee members, they were able to rustle up committments for additional referees that would have allowed the club to reinstate four of the six teams they cut.

DOC did his usual act of complete inaction, and nothing happened. So very frustrating

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last year

Talk about a absolute hypocrite.this club has done so much for this clown and he simply has ran it into the ground.shame on you

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Last year

Thought the community would like to know. Chelsea DOC is at it again. Email was sent out on December 3 notifying players that all U20s programs both men's and women's have been cut!! Gone. Finished. Ceases to exist. Ridiculous excuse given, "lack of referees". Spare me. What the hell is going on in that club?? Does loyalty mean nothing?? Some boys at the club since U12s.
You knew you were cutting the 20s program long before tryouts yet you put them through it only to rip their hearts out. You could have told them before the December 1st deadline to register new teams. But you chose to tell them 3 days after. No chance to register the team at a different club. Cruel and self-serving.
You have now single-handedly destroyed what was a great club to be at. What pathway have you now got for anyone to play Seniors??
Consider this. How many U18 top age boys and girls do you think will remain at the club after next season? None. Why would they? On the off chance they'll be playing U20s? I think not. Mass exodus is coming. DOC and the pandering incompetent disfunctional committee must go. You have signed the Clubs death warrant. Bravo!

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last year


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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last year

How many people are expected at the agm?
The interesting point will be,will basketball Victoria have a representative there?they must be extremely nervous with all this garbage that has been allowed to happen.

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Last year

Anecdotally expecting a decent turnout at the AGM. Hopefully people follow through and do turn up and have a vent.

I knew a bunch of players had already moved on from the U20s to try out - and secure spots - elsewhere, but to kill the whole program is just shit.

Reckon the AGM should be asking some pointed questions of Chelsea's Referee Advisor too. Just really disheartening to see and it's only the kids who suffer.

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Red ‘n’ blue  
Last year

I have noticed that a number of the players have headed to westernport.peterwill look after them,just as he did when at the nest

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