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NBA In-season tournament

Tomorrow marks the conclusion of the NBA In-season tournament 'group stage'.

Two teams (Lakers and Pacers) have qualified, with tomorrow's games deciding the remaining seedings.

What are people's thoughts on the 'tournament' thus far?

Originally thoughts were that it was a bit gimmicky (especially with the floors and unis), HOWEVER i've been pleasantly surprised with how most the courts/unis have appeared on tv, and the media (especially the podcasters) have talked up the event.

I think it has created some extra spark/discussion during an otherwise less talked about part of the season.

Rather East v West i do think they need to work out how the final four is the best teams in the league (or competition) - this would make it more impactful IMO.

Thoughts on how it's going, what can be improved upon?

We had the NBL cup....any chance the NBL tries something similar?

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The courts are horrible. Some are absolutely unwatchable.

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Some are an absolute mess, especially the all Red ones. The better courts are those that incorporate lighter colours, or the main colour is grey etc.

New Orleans, Chicago and Pacers (although that court has brought them luck!) aren't great.

Do love the CUP on the floor through.

......wish the NBL would return to clean courts! We play on walking advertising boards!

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Last year

The courts are terrible but the games have been good and teams are playing until the buzzer.

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Last year

Ive hardly watched any of it, i find it hard to watch with those courts. Golden State seems to have the only one close to a normal court. The others its like watching a video game.

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Last year

I figure it's just an excuse to get a Vegas test-game with stars legitimately putting in effort? Quite shrewd then in that they get the seeding games through regular season play and by the time the final games roll around, players are kinda stuck, whether the stars need the cash or not.

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Last year

Courts are terrible, and it's still regular season NBA which means for the most part I find it borderline unwatchable and have struggled to sit through more than 2 quarters in a row without my attention drifting.

Happy that they are trying to find ways to make the regular season interesting/worth watching, but this hasn't really hit the mark for me and the one thing that would actually make it better they will never do (shorten the season).

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Last year

Shortened season would definitely be the best idea. I dont know why they don't do it when negotiating new TV deals. I mean I know why because everyone wants the most possible $$$, but money now is already insane. Why not step back to 60-70 games for the same money everyone has now? Not only would that make the product better, scarcity higher but mean nobody is LOSING money (aside from i guess casual stadium employees and I'm sure they're not the people most are worrying about).

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Last year

Tournament is hard to watch with those's silly courts, my uncle is colour blind so it would turn you off with the bright colours.

NBL just needs to do a short midseason tournament in one month. Basically like what the British Basketball League Trophy group stage games are this season.

They have 10 teams like the NBL but split into two groups. They only play two home games and two away games so not a crazy amount of games. Top 2 of the 5 make the semis then grand final.

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Last year

Courts are terrible, and it's still regular season NBA which means for the most part I find it borderline unwatchable and have struggled to sit through more than 2 quarters in a row without my attention drifting.

I can't either since they've basically put lipstick on a pig err... court.

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Last year

Josh Hart on winning through to the money games:

"I mean, if we move on, I can get a new watch."

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Ape Savage  
Last year

I really like the idea of it and think it would be really great if there was a way to incorporate euroleague or other international teams into it in the future.i believe Adam silver was talking about this being a possibility a few months ago. Would be a great way to help differentiate it from the regular season

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Last year

Durant today:

"I can't wait to watch. The intensity of these games has been incredible. I wasn't a fan but now I’m a huge fan of the In Season tournament."

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