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NBL free agency '24

With the season past the halfway point i think its now a reasonable time to start talking about NBL free agency/off-season.
My team the JJ's are a team in need I feel of a not insignificant revamp(mainly to their bench). Their depth this season has been a concern in most areas and certainly needs shoring up next season along with defense and outside shooting. One area I also feel that could be helped is point guard depth. In the previous two seasons they had Jarrod Weeks and Sean McDonald as their bench pg's, Weeksy providing veteran nous, leadership and timely outside shooting while McDonald was slowly developing into what he is now. I thought they should have had a crack at someone like a Kyle Adnam this past off-season to help even as a third string pg to use in times of need. To facilitate this in the coming o/s i think we can let Madut go who even though can be a decent player he does not fit the mold of a Scott Roth player(gritty and defensive minded).
In a perfect world I think we replace Crawford with a bigger point guard(can i dream about WMW?, this then would free up a marquee spot for a thought below) who is a touch more capable on the defensive side of things(someone who at least can hold his own on that end) and with better outside shooting(JC currently shooting 39% from the field is not good). This would also help Doyle as he tries to do a bit of everything(play good D, run the point, hit from outside etc.) where he should be just concentrating on scoring off the bounce and running off screens. Plus when doubled MD has a tendency to turn the ball over more times than not so having him bring the ball up the floor less would be a good thing.
I think as long as he returns in the next game or two and stays injury free the rest of the way we resign Magnay, maybe in a two year deal with team option on second year(plus NBA/Euro out for Will).Will has been excellent this season and absolutely beasted in a couple of games(20pts/13rbs/4blks vs NZB, 17pts/10rbs/4blks vs perth and 12pts/12rbs/2stl vs NZB) showing his potential when healthy and given the opportunity. Plus his defense when switched onto smaller guys this season has been nothing short of great. This has helped the team immensely compared to previous seasons when we had Matt Kenyon and Sammy Mac chasing down the opps top scorer.
To help out with our defense and outside shooting I think we should make an offer to Bul Kuol(maybe 3 yr deal to get him over the line and could we make him a marquee?)and let Majok Deng(along with Madut as above) walk. While Deng he is a decent scorer he gives it all back on the other end(again not a Roth type of player), due to lack of opportunity this season I could also see us letting Jarrod Bairstow walk as much as I see him deserving more time(rarely makes a mistake, can hit an open 15ft shot, always seems to be in the right spot, sets a great screen and can pass well for a big).
Marcus Lee is an interesting one, hasn't played as well for the JJ's as he did the season before with MU but also probably hasn't been given the opportunity offensively to show what he can do(but also hurts his game time with his fouls). Lee is a walking double/double threat and if can prove by end of season he can cut down the fouls might be worth another go-round(unless we can get a higher octane 3/4 or 4/5 import to be a big minutes back-up).
This all then leaves the JJ's with a lineup like below
PG- Crawford(or other import PG), McDonald and Adnam(or other third string PG)
SG-Doyle, Drmic and Richards(I think he could realistically play 3-4 mins a game which is all that would be needed)
SF-Kuol(plays a lot of minutes), Drmic and Walter Brown(I think he could realistically play 4-6 mins a game which is all that would be needed?
PF-McVeigh, Lee(if kept in a twin tower lineup with Magnay) or another 4 man
C- Magnay, Lee and Krslovic
One last thing I would like to see the JJ's have a crack at is a Next star, maybe a bigger 3/4 or 4/5. We tried with the Russian kid our first season but he appeared to be in the doghouse from day one and never got a real chance in-game( i heard his training habits weren't great and the language barrier also didnt help) but gee it would be nice to have a Hukporti, Sarr or Toohey(or even Mantas as a 2/3 for his shooting) this season to help out in the frontcourt. Anyway that is my thoughts about my JJ's and how they could improve their roster next season. Thoughts?

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Imo Kuol is so overrated, certainly since his grabbing D has been looked at a lot closer by the officials, why did it take so long, play McVeigh in his normal position of three spot and get a four man that plays really good D.

Season has still a lot of twists and turns to go, I watch that discussion on the nbl site, I thought they only talked about imports and marquee players, there were quite a few very good players that never got a mention.

WMW was discussed, who knows what he's going to do, if PJC leaves nz he probably stays, so instead of rattling on they and guessing where players went they should have gone through all non contracted players.

Good luck to SEM, they had Mitch Mccaron as their starting point guard, saying he had to get back to his united playing days, um that’s over three seasons ago.

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Olgun pretty brutal on Adelaide - starts exasperated with "it's bad" and basically says the place is toxic and nobody wants to play there.

36ers sound absolutely screwed.

They need to throw a ton of money at a highly respected GM, hand the keys to Goorj and hope they don’t go broke.

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Yes Kuol may be slightly overrated now but still better than JJ's have currently at the 3 spot. I think Mcveigh is probably too slow/not athletic enough to keep up with 3's thus being in the 4 spot plus his shooting opens up the lanes for us. But yes a Kristian Dolittle type at the four spot would be nice as he can cover 1-4's(and probably 5's also), bring the ball up in a pinch and hit some shots but again i think if we get a bit bigger PG we can keep Mcveigh at 4 and go after a better SF.
I feel like WMW will look to move on if kept to a bench role the rest of the season regardless of PJC staying or going and supposedly Tassie were in the running late for him this past off-season along with Perth. I could see PJC ending up at the 36ers as they look to spend their "war chest" and should be going crazy throwing money at known quantities(not unstable high risk high reward types like the previous two seasons), plus he is a pesky defender and good assist man. Maybe a tad undersized backcourt along side DJ but those two should be able to light it up on any given night.
I actually wouldnt mind McCarron as Tassie's back-up pg(at a cheap contract price) playing along side Sean Macdonald who can play off the ball quite well. I think Mitch could do quite well in that role for JJ's but again on the right lower priced deal.

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Mccaron is not called money making Mitch because he comes cheaply.

If WMW leaves the breakers I'm certain his home town of Brisbane who have the highest player salary in the nbl coming off their books, Baynes, will lead all chargers to his door.

Adnam is not known for his D either which is a Roth principle. As I said I’d been happier with a list of available players.

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The Phantom  
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Is it wise offering a tonne of money and years to WMW? He was great last season but seems to have been caught up in the shuffle this season. Would really rather a one make good contract, at most two, otherwise he could be a MM albatross.
And Kuol would be in Roth's doghouse every game, can't score from the bench.

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I think Kuol would fit the JJ's really well, defensive minded plus outside shooting and can play alot of minutes if needed. WMW has been injured alot of the season and i think once he gets his rythym back he will be back to or close to last seasons form.

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Q Anon  
Earlier this year

36ers have severely underestimated how much people want out of Adelaide as well as how no agent wants their players in Adelaide.

There will be 2 players next season being bought out so there goes even more money down the toilet.

Galloway in Sydney is getting talks of a 10 day contract, his brother , who I rate as the superior of the 2 , is barely cracking garbage time. Thats telling for any up and coming player.

Why did Olbrich not want to be in Adelaide? Hyrum Harris' article last week about how Adelaide didnt even talk to him, now he is starting on the #2 team in the league.

Ive never known a more toxic situation. Even when Cal was running Canberra players still wanted to be there.

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Earlier this year

My gut tells me WMW and McCarron are in Perth next season replacing the Webster's...

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Earlier this year

Things might only get worse if they resign dj on a long term big dollar deal. Bit of a chucker who seems to only be at his best when surrounded by great talent, certainly IMO not the kind of player you can build around. Now if they can add a really high-end PG(PJC) and athletic 3/4 who plays good D they may have something but as it stands wow they are a mess. What coach will want to go there? Does it end up being a current Asst. looking to lead their first team and will go anywhere(Jacob chance, Judd Flavell etc.) or will they go the USA route like Sydney have done successfully in recent times. I will be interested to see if they can keep Humphries or if he goes on to greener pastures. Back to MU if JLA heads back overseas? Yes Galloway needs more minutes but again IMO not quite as good as his Sydney based brother. 36ers need a GM, new coach, lead PG just to start with, they will be the most interesting team this off-season. I assume buyouts you talk about would be dech and cadee? Dech could be another solid pickup for JJ's if they couldnt get a buol type

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Just here to say I don't think it would be wise for Brisbane to throw a bag of money at WMW.

He’s currently a slightly above average player and a local, sure. But the Bullets desperately need an All-NBL point guard (or close to) - something they haven’t had since their re-entry. Will ain’t it tbh. Going all out to get him would be folly.

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WMW yes but not sure about Mccarron, i get the feeling he would prefer to stay on the east coast if possible but hey who knows. WMW would thrive in perth with cotton and pinder taking care of the bulk of scoring he would just have to setup those guys, play some d and hit a floater or two perfect place for him. Could perth afford WMW along with a good SF/PF ?
What are people feelings on Jacob Wiley? He could be a good fit in perth if they did get WMW right? Doesnt need the ball in his hands, is a great energy guy who just grabs boards, brings morale and hustles and they may not need much more than that. He has a mutual option with 36ers and probably wouldnt mind getting out of there if gets an offer from elsewhere

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I almost think the 36ers getting a very strong GM is more important than the coach if it means GK and the CEO get their fingers away from basketball operations. Seems like if those two are kept away as much as possible then that's half your problems sorted right there.

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Surely its getting to a point where the league need to step in and get things sorted. Parade of coaches last few years, poor player choice, no GM, previous coach asking for a PG and never getting one(even though he was supposedly in charge of player recruitment), lack of hometown talent retention/recruitment for years now and possibly mis-management of their next star who should've never have been put into the starting PG role plus what seems to be a lack of player development(wasn't nick marshall going to be something this season?)

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Any one got full list free agents, from all clubs.

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Earlier this year


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Boti Nagy speculating/predicting that Goorjian will by going to the Kings next year.

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"play McVeigh in his normal position of three spot"

Jack is a four-man in the NBL, doesn't have the speed or mobility to defend perimeter players. Has become a gun since moving to PF full time.

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Earlier this year

His last season finish at Heidelberg was in the three, he got them within one game of playing finals, they loved him and are struggling big time this season. Roth knows better than I do but imo he's undersized for the four. I can’t think of any threes in this league he could not defend. In an ideal situation you want your three and four to be able to play both.

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Earlier this year

If WMW isn't back in New Zealand next year, then IMO he will be in Perth.

From all reports they were the only team actually close last off season, he's good mates with Pinder and Cotton already, Bryce also was actively recruiting him. WMW also had a tour of the Perth facilities etc.

But Olgun expected both Webster options to be picked up for next season, and if so, I can't see WMW joining Perth with both of them there.

Tai is on a big contract, would rather see him move on, open up some cash to sign WMW.

Also resigning Doolittle should be priority number 1 for Perth currently IMO. Wouldn't be too expensive either.

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MMMM's first option next season will be to see if Brisbane have interest. If they are, and offer a reasonable contract, he’ll ’come home’ to be close to family.

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"I can't think of any threes in this league he could not defend."

I don't think he can defend any good perimeter players in the NBL. Tonight's game has Galloway and Goulding starting at the 3, he certainly couldn't stay with either of those.

Roth isn't silly enough to expose his lack of mobility defensively and take away one of his biggest offensive threats which is the 1-4 pick-and-pop.

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How many threes in this league can mark Goulding when he gets going, he'd do fine on Galloway imo. He have for height.

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Earlier this year

Galloway is one of the quickest players in the league off the dribble, he would blow past McVeigh.

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Earlier this year

Can the NBL intervene with the 36ers?

It sounds like we are royally screwed

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Earlier this year

Why would they? Pretty sure LK got GK involved in the first place.

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Earlier this year

Aren't the Sixers totally owned, unless there is a buy back I’m not convinced. Get the right coach, got be strong willed have contacts for imports and take no shit and I’d think they will be fine, though it’s not happening overnight.

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Earlier this year

Just seen the JJ's have signed Tom vodanovich for rest of season to help cover the injury of Majok Deng. Great pickup of a solid player who plays tough D, grabs a board and can hit a three. Hopefully plays well and we resign him for next season if we let deng go. Should really fit in with Roths style of grit and grind

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Earlier this year

He was in the Philippines, his side was last, is season over or did he get released?. While Tom plays hard, I'm not certain he’s going to make the JJs better than when Deng was playing.

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Earlier this year

He was released as the season isn't over yet.

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Earlier this year

I think that is telling us something there PW, he's probably not going to change the bar much.

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Earlier this year

That's a good signing, has shown the past two years he can play a selfless role doing the little things on a successful team.

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Earlier this year

That link above only opens for Adelaide, who is available? Any lists out there.

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Earlier this year

There are tabs for each team below the table.

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Earlier this year

Couple of interesting names that haven't been spoken about much as yet who will be free agents and could work for a few teams
patrick miller(been good all season), to me he seems similar to a derrick walton jr, good mid range shooter, attacking the basket, getting his team going and solid d
josh roberts(performed when given the opportunity)
gary clark(i dont think hawks will be able to afford him after his season)
Dj Mitchell(while inconsistent i think he has some untapped potential if he puts the effort in)

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Thanks PW, got open them eyes

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Earlier this year

HS list of FA's

Adelaide 36ers
CONTRACTED: Jason Cadee, Sunday Dech, Nick Marshall
OPTION: Jacob Wiley (team)
OUT-OF-CONTRACT: Akech Aliir (DP), Kyrin Galloway, Isaac Humphries, Trey Kell, Mitch McCarron, Keanu Rasmussen (DP), Jacob Rigoni (NRP), Fraser Roxburgh (DP), Tohi Smith-Milner, Alex Starling, Dejan Vasiljevic, Harvey White (DP)
NEXT STAR: Trentyn Flowers

Brisbane Bullets
CONTRACTED: Josh Bannan, Sam McDaniel, Mitch Norton, Shannon Scott, Chris Smith
OPTION: Tyrell Harrison (Team), Casey Prather (Mutual), Nathan Sobey (Team), Isaac White (Team)
OUT-OF-CONTRACT: Aron Baynes, Tristan Devers (DP), Gabe Hadley, Matt Johns (DP), DJ Mitchell
NEXT STAR: Rocco Zikarsky

Cairns Taipans
CONTRACTED: Taran Armstrong, Akoldah Gak, Sam Mennenga
OPTION: Lachlan Anderson, Jonah Antonio, Kian Dennis (DP), Alex Mudronja (DP)
OUT-OF-CONTRACT: Bul Kuol, Lat Mayen, Tahjere McCall, Patrick Miller, Josh Roberts, Sam Waardenburg
NEXT STAR: Bobi Klintman

Illawarra Hawks
CONTRACTED: Todd Banchfield, Sam Froling, Dan Grida, Hyunjung Lee (SRP), Lachlan Olbrich, Mason Peatling, Luca Yates (DP)
OPTION: Biwali Bayles (DP)
OUT-OF-CONTRACT: Gary Clark, Tyler Harvey, Will Hickey, Harry Morris (DP), Justin Robinson, Wani Swaka Lo Buluk

Melbourne United
CONTRACTED: Kyle Bowen, Flynn Cameron, Matthew Dellavedova, Chris Goulding, Shea
Ili, Tanner Krebs, Luke Travers
OPTION: Jo Lual-Acuil Jr (Player), Malith Machar (DP, Team), Zac Triplett (Team)
OUT-OF-CONTRACT: Campbell Blogg (DP), Ian Clark, Tom Koppens (DP), Brad Newley
NEXT STAR: Ariel Hukporti

New Zealand Breakers
CONTRACTED: Finn Delany, Dane Pineau, Max Darling (DP), Carlin Davison (DP), Alex McNaught (DP)
OPTION: Will McDowell-White (Player option)
OUT-OF-CONTRACT: Tom Abercrombie, Zylan Cheatham, Izayah Le'Afa, Dan Fotu, Cam Gliddon, Parker Jackson-Cartwright, Justinian Jessup, Dominique Kelman-Poto (NRP), Anthony Lamb, Mangok Mathiang.
NEXT STAR: Mantas Rubstavicius

Perth Wildcats
CONTRACTED: Bryce Cotton, Hyrum Harris, Michael Harris (DP upgrade), Ben Henshall, David Okwera, Keanu Pinder, Dontae Russo-Nance (DP upgrade)
OPTION: Corey Webster (Team), Tai Webster (Team)
OUT-OF-CONTRACT: Jack Andrew (DP), Kristian Doolittle, Jordan Usher, Jesse Wagstaff, Kyle Zunic
NEXT STAR: Alex Sarr

South East Melbourne Phoenix
CONTRACTED: Ben Ayre, Mitch Creek, Owen Foxwell, Matt Kenyon, Rhys Vague, Alan Williams
OPTION: Anzac Rissetto (Team)
OUT-OF-CONTRACT: Gary Browne, Gorjok Gak, Craig Moller, Abdel Nader, Austin Rapp (DP), Luke Rosendale (DP), Kody Stattmann (DP), Reuben Te Rangi

Sydney Kings
CONTRACTED: Klairus Amir (DP), Jaylin Galloway, Angus Glover, Jackson Makoi (DP),
Option: DJ Hogg (Mutual option), Makuach Maluach (Team option)
OUT-OF-CONTRACT: Jaylen Adams, Jonah Bolden, Shaun Bruce, Zac Gattorna (DP), Jordan Hunter, Kouat Noi, Jasper Rentoy (DP), Sam Timmins, Denzel Valentine
NEXT STAR: Alex Toohey (2-years)

Tasmania JackJumpers
CONTRACTED: Milton Doyle, Fabijan Krslovic, Sean Macdonald (DP Upgrade), Jack McVeigh, Clint Steindl, Walter Brown (DP)
OPTION: Jacob Richards (DP)
OUT-OF-CONTRACT: Jarred Bairstow, Lachlan Barker (NRP), Jordon Crawford, Majok Deng, Anthony Drmic, Marcus Lee, Will Magnay, Majok Majok (NRP), Junior Madut (deactivated), Tom Vodanovich

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Q Anon  
Earlier this year

A lot of hype about 75 names being available but only a few to get excited about

Top tier names for me

Will Magnay - injury concerns
Jonah Bolden - is he back to wanting to play basketball?
Jordan Hunter - love this guy would be a target for any team
Kouat Noi - great off the bench
Bul Kuol - has skill but offset by brain fades on D and fouls
Sam Waardenburg - would be a great asset
Isaac Humphries - stigma of injuries still exists but solid
JLA - is now over 30 so potentially on a down trend
WMW - would be a solid get

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Earlier this year

Not much to work with if you're trying to clean out your roster...….ahem 36ers

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Q Anon  
Earlier this year

No South Sudanese player will come here after how Dech has been treated.
No Aussie/ Kiwi will want to come here after how McCarron , Cadee and Galloway have been treated
No players with one of the big 3 agents will want to come here after the way their players have been treated.
DJV doesnt have an agent, per Olgun, at present so hence why the 36ers are trying to lock him in for 3 years. As Olgun suggested , once he gets an agent the game will change against the 36ers
The bigger issue for Adelaide is who is the coach going to be.

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Earlier this year

KET - 36ers can play if they all buy in - what they need is a better PG and backup C, keep DJ, Kell and Ice, and probably Wiley although a defense minded wing would not hurt ie Justin Simon or Pardon, Cadee is a backup PG. Reinforcing the bench should also be a focus - retain KG and tell him to play like his brother (drive not chuck 3s), Dech and Marshall are there, get Glover if he decides to leave or Noi (although he will ask a bit). Get a good coach like Forde to instill proper mind set... the problem with 36ers seems that some of the players think they should do something outside of their scope - KG and Dech shooting 3s and missing badly is just one of the examples. A good coach would set them straight.

And many here keep forgetting that the players most mentioned here played with DJ in juniors so I wouldn't be surprised if WMW or Glover or Kuol or Noi or Waarnderburg (I thought he had another year on his contract) already had some talks with him, one way or the other.

And Olgun is a DH - the players' careers are very short and talk about toxicity and not wanting to play for 36ers (or any other team) is just talk since in this business money talks - throw enough of it and everyone will go for it. It's not like they are being sentenced to a significant jail time.

Here everyone talks about GK and what he did or doing with 36ers, strangely Olgun doesn't call the Kings toxic although it is so obvious how disgruntled and unhappy some players are, so Olgun will just follow the scrip given to him, so no credibility at all.

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Earlier this year

QA - you wanna bet they will come if the 36ers open the bag. And Olgun said what :) you'd be surprised to know how little he actually knows and the information he presents is provided by those managed by Moldovan, so with CJ gone there are no more leaks from the 36ers, you don't hear much from the United side either where Olgun has a very limited access. Soon enough Olgun will become obsolete.

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Q Anon  
Earlier this year

Im aware of how much of a mole Olgun is and where he sources his intel. Im aware of who his ex housemate is.

I am also very aware of what I wrote and why. There are players that will not come to Adelaide even if you doubled their income. Agents are actively making their players avoid Adelaide

There is a main agent who has been banned by Adelaide - so that immediately limits the talent pool available.

That changes with the coaching position and only Gleeson and Goorjian have enough cache for players to consider Adelaide. Ninnis may get the job by default for reasons previously stated.

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Earlier this year

Moller should be the first player SEM sign, try get Pineau back. Wa Swaka lobo, Drimic, Doolittle also other good gets.

At Q Anon, all these guys do more for winning than most of your list bar a few.

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Earlier this year

My guess DJV's current interest in Adelaide is down to two things.

1. They will/are offering him a big $ deal
2. He's got the green light to shoot whenever he wants

The question will be will those two things still exist once they hire a new coach/management.

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Earlier this year

LaPark - I don't think he is that much worried about that. From what I heard there were two other teams interested in his services (and still are) so if he doesn't get what he considers a fair price there will be someone wanting to pay for his services as there are not that many reliable shooters around and he's got that winning experience. If he improves his decision making a bit so instead of taking a silly shot he passes to somebody open (we saw he can do it) he will be really good.

Q Anon - I can understand the motivation for seeking healthier environment but if there is nothing available and the bills are piling up everyone tends to change their mind. So if there's an option I'd say go and pick your peace, but if there's nothing else I'd say to my agent to pay my bills if he/she doesn't want me to go and play there. I do agree that GK should stay away from managing the players but I also understand his frustration that he's been putting money into the product that keeps failing on delivering the results. Actually I'd say the 36ers are doing good financially as the crowd keeps turning up, which is surprising. We all saw what happened in Sydney.

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Q Anon  
Earlier this year

Until he realises his role isn't to be a motivator or a coach the situation isn't going to change. 36ers best game at home in 4 years and he wasn't there. Correlation?

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Earlier this year

Yes, even Smith, Bogut, Longley, kings owners sit well away from the kings bench, baseline opposite end of the court.

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