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36ers 24/25

Who stays? Would you keep Wiley? Mccarron must be gone?
I'd make Isaac and DJ priorities but seems they may be both out the door?
Kell been good lately but not convinced.
And does Ninnis get the job?
Big offseason again. Hopefully they nail it this time.
Great crowds and support, bout time we delivered in court.

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Earlier this year

Of course Mccarron will be gone.

DJ and Humphries will both stay I think

Dech and Cadee both contracted I believe. Maybe one will decide to walk.

Hopefully they keep Galloway.

Kell is an interesting one because they now have him as a point guard (How good is it to actually have a point guard that doesn't shit himself every time he is called on to shoot). So do they then get a small forward import like Lamb/Doyle or get a back up centre like Lee (who really has been average this season) to make KET happy. At this stage I think a SF so that Galloway can continue to get minutes.

Wiley probably stays. He probably isn't on huge money and adds a lot of value.

What happens to Starling depends on what other Australian players are available.

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Earlier this year

Keeping Humphries and DJV as a start at least gives you a good inside/outside combo to build around. You could make arguments for and against keeping Wiley and Kell as two of your three imports. I like both, Kell may cost a bit more to keep than what they got him for after his year with SEM though and Wiley is good as an energy guy around the team.

I'm assuming Galloway will leave for more opportunities, McCarron definitely gone, Dech and Cadee have had buy-out rumours around them, but that will cost a bit of $ to get rid of them and then sign replacements too.

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Earlier this year

I think we have the bones of a good team, if we get the imports right

I would basically replace kell and mccarron for a import pg like Walton and a import sf like Cleveland

No point buying out cadee n dech who are decent back ups, just keep them

Keep Galloway if he wants to stay at a OK price

I wouldn't bother with flowers or any next star, let's get back to winning.

Gives you something like


If we get those imports right and actually get a gun point guard then I think that team could be quite good, and keeping some stability with many returning players could also be a good thing, especially if we finish the season strong.

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Earlier this year

Lee having a very good season imo, Humphries and Lee would be great. Is Wiley good enough defensively? I'm not certain. Get import point, top quality, a three and D guy and the best locals around them.

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Earlier this year

Yea I see your point with Wiley on defence, but I'm keeping him for his positive energy he brings to the group , a great culture guy, which is hugely important to winning

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Earlier this year

"So do they then get a small forward import like Lamb/Doyle or get a back up centre like Lee (who really has been average this season) to make KET happy. At this stage I think a SF so that Galloway can continue to get minutes."

I think we avoid using import for a back up spot if we can.

Last season it was a critical failure to not have a defensive big presence. This season it has been weak but improved with Ninnis via playing Humphries longer minutes (about time!) and against Sydney having Galloway in as well for more minutes. Is it good enough? Maybe, it's harder to tell with a small Ninnis sample size, it might just regress to the mean.

We like Wiley and Humphries but as per above, but Wiley needs that assistance a bit when Humphries is off.

I like Galloway a lot. It annoyed me seeing them not play him and I complained about that a fair bit. He looked good defensively against Sydney and actually had minutes. Do we think another year in he is sufficient?

With that said, rumour is he’s gone - Adelaide might have to be savvy.

36ers should work overtime to keep Humphries, DJV, Wiley imo and add 2 more quality imports and atleast you’ve got a starting lineup.

Then they need to focus on that stoic defensive backup big and a shooter wing, and an experienced backup PG (which Cadee is perfectly fine as)

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Earlier this year

There has been a marked improvement the last two games, with the whole team suddenly playing with confidence and intent. Right now, they look like a million dollars, but its a small sample size, so lets wait and see who sustains their performance levels and who falls away.

The only two I 100% want the Sixers to retain right now are Isaac and DJ. After that, its going to come down to performance for the rest of the season. I can see cases for and against keeping Ninnis, Kell and Wiley.

For example, Kell has been pretty good, but he has been used as a big guard, who does his best work using his size to shoot over smaller guards in the key. But he isn't quick and he isn't an amazing three point shooter. If the Sixers got a quick point guard who can shoot and create (which I think is a must) would Kell still be effective matching up against opposing threes? He might be, but I'm not sure yet.

Likewise, Wiley has been better than I expected, but he does sometimes get badly outplayed (Clark destroyed us in the Illawarra game when they played small ball and Wiley was unable to deal with him). He does bring a lot of positive energy to the group though and when he is making threes, that can really supercharge our offence. There are better players out there, but for the right price, there is something to be said for continuity and team chemistry.

Guys like Galloway and Dech, who have been awful most of the season, are suddenly playing very well and look like great options as key reserves. Will they sustain that, or fall away again?

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Ski 61  
Earlier this year

The bones of a good team is there in my opinion.

Not sure where OPs rumors of DJV and Humphries being gone are coming from but for me they are priority 1 and 2 at keeping. They work very well together and honestly Dejan is a superstar of this league and I feel is loving being 'the guy' on this team.

Humphries has shown how good he can be when he gets a good run at it.
Wiley is a culture and team guy, I love his energy and the team loves it too.

Kell has actually impressed me lately, I'd look at keeping him.

The rest there's a lot of questions. Galloway is showing he can play, I'd keep him if possible.
Guys like Dech and Cadee, I wouldn't bother getting rid of them if you can keep them, they've both shown that they can do what they need to do when called upon.

McCarron it's up to him really, if he's happy coming off the bench and not playing massive minutes, I'd be happy for him to stay. He's much more suited to that role and it's no coincidence we have been winning more games ever since he's not dribbling the ball up the court for 30 mins a night.

Depending on which imports we keep I would like a third import next season. Backup big I guess but open to anything really.

How far does a starting 5 like Kell, DJV, Galloway, Wiley, Humphries potentially get you? That's the question. Whether you need a potentially elite end import in that 5 too to take you into the top 3 area plus a solid bench. I'd love Cleveland back if that was possible.

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Earlier this year

Completely agree Beantown and also agree with Ski.

The problem the 36ers have is they always try to have a clean slate and get those turnstiles working overtime. Unless you're the JJs, starting from a pure clean slate is just dumb and won’t work.

I think the only Aussies that Adelaide has any chance of securing is DJV and Humphries if they work hard enough to get their signatures.

Let’s keep Wiley and Cadee because we need a good culture and positive energy. We need to accept Marshall is a 36er as well. Possibly a forced starter? If he’s a forced starter than you give up your SF import.

C Humphries
F Wiley
F Marshall
G Stud import

Get a backup big import like Lee, get a backup scorer/shooter and keep Cadee as a backup PG.

That’s your 8 player rotation.

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Earlier this year

Keep DJ. Humphries if they can. Get stud import guard who is fast that can shoot or drive. A Melo Trimble type. Get swingman import who can rebound and play multiple positions. Be good to have a defensive big who eats rebounds and can defend the paint, Derek Pardon type. Humphries doesn't get enough rebounds for starting centre and allows too many scores in the paint.
I wouldn’t resign Kell because of his lack of defensive effort and he’s too similar to DJ. Need different import guard who has speed and can stay in front of opponent.

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Earlier this year

Keep DJV and Humphries.

I reckon hold onto Wiley too - he has great passion for the team and city, and is a good, reliable 3rd or 4th option.

Would love to have Cleveland (or equivalent), great call above.

Damn, Kell might even be playing himself into a return. Otherwise an Ian Clark style PG would be good.

Happy enough to keep Cadee, Dech, Marshall and Galloway, but expect a couple of those to move on

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Earlier this year

Is an Ian Clark style point guard a shooting guard?

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Earlier this year

it's awesome they are selling out and in bottom spot - how hard will tickets get if they have a good season ! - doesn't matter who - you want players that will work together and play hard - entertain for sure but just play well and hard.

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Earlier this year

Kings will be all over Humphries, he's a Sydney boy, might be better for his music career as well.

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Earlier this year

A few answers happening in Cairns.

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Earlier this year

Yep, biggest one is that the Sixers can't execute offence under pressure. Kell is the only one with any playmaking ability on the roster and he ran out of gas. If he was Adelaide’s secondary playmaking option behind a dynamic lead guard like Walton, Adams, Barry Brown, or even Taj McCall, the Sixers would’ve won that game.

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Earlier this year

Some questions answered.

Coach went back to Cadee and Mccaron when Marshall was doing fine. Will need to show more in the home stretch now, awful finish. If Wiley was healthy even worse.

Kell great early, faded when the pressure hit, went iso, probably a no.

DJV is probably a must but needs another top quality shooter when he's bricking them.

Wiley and Humphries are totally yes but they need far better back up.

The rest it doesn’t really matter, probably most gone.

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Earlier this year

Agreed Dunkman

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NBL Fan  
Earlier this year

You can run with
Import PG
Import 4

PG needs to be someone who can shoot but first mindset is to get other guys involved first. McCarron isn't the best shooter so teams go under and help off him a lot which hurts the team while he plays with DJV & Kell

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Earlier this year

Not defensively strong enough, the 3 and 4 got be very good in that team, I don't see Kell back on today’s showing

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Earlier this year

Can't have Kell back if you want to be good. Has no defensive bones in his body, cannot stay in front of his man. Evident again last night as has been case all season. Gets caught on screens as he plays pretend defence. Scores some points but gives up way more. His turnovers last night, just passes ball straight to opposition. Need a fast top shelf import who can play defence and create without a screen set for him. Kell got ball on a turnover last night, should’ve been an easy fast break open layup, but lack of leg speed allowed defender to get back in front of him.

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Earlier this year

I think some are being too harsh on Kell. His playmaking carried the team for three quarters last night, he just ran out of gas in the last quarter. DJV really struggled because of Cairns physical D and couldn't get himself going with those nifty drives to the basket he usually gets. Cadee also worried about physical D and not able to create enough of a scoring threat to generate any offence. I think we all know the score about Dech or McCarron on that front too!

I get why Ninnis went with the more experienced Cadee, McCarron, Dech later in the game to protect the ball, but all three just bogged down our offence. I think he should have rolled the dice and given Marshall more minutes. We might've fallen short anyway, but at least Marshall would've given them a much more physical guard, who would've been some threat to score on drives or from three.

Also on Kell, Cairns is not a good matchup for him, but against most opponents, I have seen him play pretty solid D all season. Is he going to be good at chasing agile guards like Cotton or McCall around screens? No, but he does body up against bigger players pretty well and has been boxing out and securing a lot of rebounds.

Now I'm not saying the Sixers should definitely resign Kell, I think it might depend on if he can play the three for us. We need that fast, elite point guard who will be the primary playmaker and scorer, but as long as Kell can guard most threes, he would be a solid, known quantity as the team's secondary playmaker.

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Earlier this year

I wonder if they are talking to Jacob Chance, he's been under three excellent coaches.

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Earlier this year

Kell staking his claim for a new contract. Starling for a bench spot as well.

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Earlier this year

How about Galloway? He's been tearing it up lately.

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Earlier this year

You certainly would keep Galloway, kings will be knocking on his door you would think. Coach has nearly done enough. Humphries and DJV for certain.

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Big Ads  
Earlier this year

Yep, don't need Wiley, give Galloway his spot.

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Earlier this year

I think Galloway is rumoured as wellllll out the door

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Earlier this year

KET, maybe Ninnis is trying to give Galloway a reason to return to the Sixers, given how many opportunities he has been getting over the last few weeks? Even moreso now that Wiley has gone down injured! I hope they are able to hang onto him.

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