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Best Junior Basketball Clubs/Associations SE Melb

Hi all,

We have just moved to Melbourne and my Daughter played her first season of basketball last year and will be under 12's. She is wanting to play down here so I have looked online and some clubs suggested either play in the McKinnon or Waverley association. I also got told we could look at Nunawading or Dandenong.

We obviously don't know the lay of the land down here but are looking for a solid club with good coaching to teach her the fundamentals and help her progress along with a good solid association/competition.

A few representative coaches up home said that she is showing some promising raw talent and wanted her to try out in 2024. We just want to give her the best path on her journey and the main thing is that she really loves the sport and enjoys playing regardless of rep.

We have moved in around Clayton. Thanks for your time and have a great day

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Probably Dandenong / Nunawading or Knox would be your best bet in that order

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Horses for courses really.

Dandenong and Sandringham are probably closest to you in Clayton. They are two of the strongest clubs in the competition. If your daughter is a star, she would be well suited there but they are pretty active adding new players from other clubs as you go up the age groups so unless she is on a great trajectory, she might get pushed down the grades. Nunawading is also very strong although they have lost a lot of players recently following a mass exodus of coaches.

Waverley and McKinnon are also reasonably close to you as mid-tier clubs. It would definitely be easier to make a first team at these clubs although they aren't necessarily a lock for VC across the age groups. They both run pretty solid programs.

Good luck!

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If you don't make the 1s or 2s at Waverley, you only train once a week. So that doesn’t stack up when compared to other clubs. Even their top teams have under achieved as of late as a lot of their good coaches walked out a few years back.

McKinnon do quite well given their smaller size, often good things are heard from that place.

Knox in the girls is quite poor overall and have been really struggling there, about the same level as Waverley.

Dandenong/Sandringham are two of the power clubs around that area and do quite well, Nunawading are up there, but they have had a lot of coaches walk out (mostly to Dandenong) in recent years as well.

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Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to reply, it is much appreciated.

There is every chance she won't be a star but we still want her to be around good coaches that can help her be the best her. It gives me some homework over the weekend to look into the clubs for those leagues. Have a great weekend

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VJBL season have already started, u fortunately and teams should be set at this point so i wouldn't think that you have the luxury of choosing clubs right now. Give clubs around your are a ring and see if they have an available spot for your daughter to try out in.

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Nunawading at U12s is ALWAYS strong. 2 x teams in VC last season, and it is looking like a possibility again this year. The 12.1 team is very good again this year and will contend once again. They have expanded to 6 x teams this year as a result of their development program (prepping domestic kids for rep). Will be strong for many more years to come.

So in Clayton, all the clubs mentioned are worth checking out.

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