Two months ago

Ninnis and Sixers

Media outlets starting to run stories stating Ninnis confirmed as Sixers coach after meeting today. Usually gospel once mainstream media reports it on local tv news. Now just have to wait for official report from the club, with reports to be done tomorrow. If Sixers can play like they did in second half of the season then it's not a bad signing.

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Two months ago

I thinks it's a good step in the right direction. John Simon is playing very well for Paris, he’s would be a great fit, then get a great point, PJC, Miller type and get good locals. DJV already done.

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Another Anon  
Two months ago

Olgun on Overtime said Gorg was just about to sign and walked away at the absolute last minute, so I think they have no choice to go Ninnis.
At least they did it early and he can have a say in putting his team together (maybe)

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Two months ago

Goorg probably walkes away out of respect for Ninnis - they have a long history.

Also might be able to spend less on the road to glory....?

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Two months ago

Gorjan was never in the running once Adelaide won the last game. We had nothing to play for except the fans and heart. Scotty is best mates with the man whose name is on the court. He is passionate and has the skills. But overall he is a club man and we need more club men.

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Two months ago

Have any of you ever spoken to the man? Because if you had you would know everything all of you are saying is bullshit. But hey it's a forum

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Two months ago

If Sixers can play like they did in second half of the season then it's not a bad signing.

We want to be careful here.

Ninnis' record is 8-7. Is that what we are aiming for? I am aware you chose a specific time frame but can you really pick and choose only the succesful stretches?

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Two months ago

Yeah I agree, Ninnis' impact probably a bit overplayed by NBL media. Sixers were always going to improve by bringing in DJV, not sure how much credit can be given to Ninnis personally.

Though with Goorjian turning the job down, Ninnis really is the only move so fair enough to lock him in.

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Roger Murdoch  
Two months ago

Ninnis record 8 and 7
Not much of stretch to say he goes 7 & 6 if he starts the year and keeps the back half for a 15 & 13 which lands in at 4th. Not bad
As much as the record through was they were good to watch and competed and fought hard.
Does a balanced roster get another win or 2 ?

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Two months ago

I certainly don't think it's a stretch to say Ninnis has the talent to get the 36ers into the play-in spot, his ability to get them into a top 2 spot would be the question. Still, that'll be dependent on the roster too, if they can keep Humphries, Galloway, maybe Kell and add another couple of imports (I know DJV publically called for Cleveland to be brought back) then given what he managed to produce this year he wouldn't have many excuses not to make finals.

I would also say the 36ers record improving wasn't just DJV coming in either. CJ had DJ for 8 games and they went 3-5 including the Tasmania game that got CJ fired. Both Humphries and Kell did a complete 180 form wise once Ninnis took over from CJ (though Craig Simpson may deserve some blame there too) which I think was the bigger thing for the teams +.500 form with Ninnis.

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Two months ago

'Have any of you ever spoken to the man? Because if you had you would know everything all of you are saying is bullshit. But hey it's a forum'

What is BS Sebastian? The signing of Ninnis or something else?

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Two months ago

Might be the Ninnis was fait accompli chatter and that Goorj was never a chance.

I think it's probably the case that Goorj genuinely was close but he only would sign if they couldn’t get agreement with Ninnis (on a reasonable deal I guess since Ninnis was keen) and they rather easily came to agreement with Ninnis?

That’s the only thing that fits the Goorj was a genuine likely option until a day ago story and then suddenly Ninnis is signed.

I have absolutely no knowledge about what’s going on behind the scenes but I’m guessing Humphries and Galloway are gone, Kell probably too. Cleveland if available and returns to the NBL probably doesn’t return to Adelaide.

Am I just being cynical?

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Two months ago

Considering Ninnis only took over in early December so using the second half is probably a good evaluation. You can see that the results and performance changed drastically under Ninnies. In the first few games I give him some leeway because of the fallout after the JJ's game. Lost to Cairns at home after Cairns shot the lights out which included 9 three's in first qtr. Lost away to Melb. Went 1-4 in first 5 games as Sixers went through making adjustments with what he inherited from CJ.

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Q Anon  
Two months ago

For me this is more than wins and losses

Remember Cadee, Dech , McCarron and TSM were to be banished to the bench. Galloway was hardly played and Flowers was given more minutes than his ability commanded.

Humphries was disengaged. Wiley and Kell were not performing either.

Ninnis fixed all that in quick time.

I concur that had Ninnis had the reigns from the season start AND a 3rd import the 36ers would be in the playoff mix right now.

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Two months ago

Looks like a one year deal,see how you go deal

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36ers Fan  
Two months ago

Goorjian pulled out because he didn't want to come second, tarnish his 'reputation' and then bullshits a story to the media about respect for Scott.

Ninnis brings more than just basketball smarts. He is the long term club man the 36ers have been crying out for. It's no coincidence the stadium was sold out once he took over. With the right roster the 36ers will make a big impact next season.

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Q Anon  
Two months ago


Goorjian was never coming to Adelaide. He entertained the owner and drove up Scotts price and bargaining power

Unwritten rule in coach land is you dont chase another guys job. Gorj knew Scott had been offered the job in season , hence the " Im not a dog " comment

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Two months ago

I did have a theory that Goorj was mostly using the 36ers as a "You better flag your interest otherwise I won't be available..." advertisement for other teams.

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Two months ago

Olgun reporting it's a straight 2-year deal with no triggers or options on the 2nd year.

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36ers Fan  
Two months ago


Goorjian wasn't cominmg because he was never going to get an offer mate.....

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Two months ago

It's now official.

The Adelaide 36ers are excited to announce the appointment of Scott Ninnis as Head Coach for the next two NBL seasons.

The 318-game NBL veteran will coach the Club for a second time after stepping in for the last 15 games of the NBL24 season as interim head coach, finishing with an 8-7 win-loss record.

Ninnis said he is delighted to be back leading the Club which has been a big part of his basketball journey.

"I'm super excited to be back. 14 years ago I was out of the NBL completely, so to return as Coach of the Club I love, where I have had a 40-year association, is a dream come true," Ninnis said.

“The last 15 games were something of an audition for me, and proved to me that I still have the hunger to compete and win”.

“For all of us, the hard work starts now.”

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Q Anon  
Two months ago

@36ers Fan


Olgun has stated that Gorj got to the point of having a contract ready to sign. Gorj knew what he was doing.

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Two months ago

Olgun has no clue.. some of the crap he comes out with is hilarious giving the the idea that he "in the know"

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Two months ago

Olgun said he got the Goorj info straight from the horses mouth, so when you're making comments like that they better be true.

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Two months ago

It was good to hear Scott in the news this afternoon saying he wants some continuity in the roster, that first order of business is signing Humphries and that he wants to do a better job of retaining SA talent. Looking forward to a fresh start next season. Feels like the Sixers finally have a chance to build something worthwhile after five years of chaos and disaster!

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Two months ago

Olgun is spoon fed everything directly from the NBL and associated people. Usually on the money due to this.

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Basket 91  
Two months ago

Olgun gets his info from a certain agent...

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Ballin Fan  
Two months ago

Looking at the very old but slightly hilarious YouTube video 'Antonius Cleveland on Kai Sotto and Adelaide'
I am guessing AC does not like post offense
Or points in the paint style of offense that Ninnis likes
Ie the traditional Ken Cole go inside when you need points style of offense.

My guess is AC is strictly 5 out iso style of offense.
In terms of his preferences of programs to go to.

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Two months ago

I noticed that on their Instagram post that Ninnis had changed into a polo with the retro 36ers logo on it.

Assuming that may be a permanent rebrand going forward. If the polo shirt is to go by they'll keep the darker blue of this year with red/yellow added and the '99 logo.

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Roger Murdoch  
Two months ago

@Ballin Fan

Disagree about Cleveland, I remember him loving to attack the basket so I think he would fit nicely and enjoy it here.
Loved him as a player that year so would be happy to see a return

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Ballin Fan  
Two months ago

@Roger Murdoch

I agree with you that's why I think the interview comments from Cleveland are 'slightly hilarious’.

They are old comments but he makes it clear to me anyways what style of ball he wants to play.

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Two months ago

I'd take Justin Simon ahead of Cleveland every time, every where Simon has played the team has been successful.

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