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Technical foul query

Recent game u16 boys, 17 yellow fouled by 10 black on a layup. Makes the basket, 2 points count, bonus shot to come.
17 yellow didn't like the contact and remonstrated aggressively with 10 black. Then 50 black comes in and pushed 17 yellow.

As ref's, we assigned tech fouls to 17 yellow and 50 black.

This was 17 yellows 5th personal foul.

We ruled that 17 yellow could not take the bonus shot as he now had 5 personal fouls and was out of the game.
The sub came on and took the bonus shot.

Assistant coach from yellow team was adamant that 17 yellow could take the foul shot as it occurred before the tech fouls.

What's correct?

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A tech fould on each team cancels them out so no foul shots are taken and the team that had the ball retains the ball.

50 Black probably should have had an unsportslike foul called on them for running in and pushing 17.

Then a player from the black team would take the free throw for the tech foul and then a player from the yellow team take the 2 free throws for the unsportsmanlike foul and then their team would have the inbound from the side in the front court.

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The Assistant Coach does not know the rules as 17 yellow has to leave the court for his 5th foul and as mentioned above another yellow player can take the tech foul shot.

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Tech fouls cancel out any extra shots. 17 cannot take the shots cause he is no longer allowed to participate in game. Player subbed in takes the shot.

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Thank you for reply.
Yes, probably should have been unsportsmanlike on 50 black.

Tech fouls cancelled each other, and bonus shot for the regulation foul was taken by yellow sub player.

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The Phantom  
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No umpire in charge or more experienced ref at stadium? If it's district then terrible but not surprising.

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Phantom, no it was just an u16s game

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If an issue arises like this then talk to uic if they are not around they are either having a smoke or hiding in toilets,or disguised in casual clothes so they do want to put up with complaints.

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Phantom, no it was an u16s game

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