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I'm interested in people's thoughts on BNSW's JPL format.

For context ... about 3 (?) years ago BNSW introduced the Junior Premier League for U14-18. Effectively reducing the number of teams in metro and country top divisions in order to free up space in the calendar for cross-over weekends, when the top 6 metro and country teams play each other. Typically 3 cross-over weekends, and each team plays 3 games each weekend at a "central" venue.

The objective was to create more opportunities for country and metro teams to meet. Previously they only met during the final state championship weekend.

The majority of games are blowouts for metro teams (there are a few exceptions). Understandable when the populations around metro associations are so much higher than the country associations.

So... there are lots of pointless blowouts - not good for either side; travel and accommodation costs are much higher; good teams miss out on playing in divisions they would be reasonably competitive in (the top divisions went from 8 teams to 6),...

A solution is needed to allow the better country teams, and better kids in weaker teams, the opportunity to play stronger competition. The JPL isn't it. Maybe an "in-season" tournament (worked ok for the NBA ;-)), and/or additional D-League type events (top metro and country kids are combined in teams in mini-tournaments). I'm sure there are better ideas...

PS - I don't think BNSW haven't asked for any feedback from their customers about the new format - suspect they don't want to hear the truth?

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Larry Legend  
Last month

I think it is a total waste of time, the previous model was so much better. Metro and country play in their respective competitions and at the end of the season, you have the state championships where the top four from metro and country play off.

I know a number of associations are unhappy with the current format!

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Have to agree, was looking at the one sided results and also teams playing each other 2 days in a row and was thinking that this is just madness drawn up in an administrators office (someone living in Sydney). Thought bubbles are great but they need to be carefully thought through. People also need to be able to not agree with proposals and not be alienated for doing so.

One of the best teams didn't even nominate for the JPL because of all the travel and expense. When that happens they should be thinking twice.

Many teams now play the whole season playing Zero games at home. Hardly a great way to promote the game in your local area when the associations best teams never plays at home and a lot of family and friends never get to see them play. Who actually signed off on this?

Other teams get nearly all of their games at home or a couple of hours from home. Hardly a fair and equitable competition structure.

So much for their over the top, equity and inclusion focus, the competition would be home and away if you really wanted equity and to include all stakeholders.

Also Maria just signed all the associations up to Basketball Connect. Another disaster about to happen. Amusing watching people who know nothing about how poor this product is, so joyous about something new coming. buggy gameday is still lightyears ahead in ease of use. There are going to be thousands of frustrated basketball parents over the coming months. At least she is taking responsibility for that decision.

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Last month

There is quite a discussion on this and it is all negative.

This year they decided the 12 teams will be split into 2 pools(3 Country/3 Metro)

You will play your pool twice and the other pool once which was different to last year.

Also for Metro they are not sure how many times they play each other in Metro games only.

Also as stated above the Country teams do not get to play at home and that too is very unfair and as parents the financial output for all the travel etc makes it tough considering the fees they for just to represent their Association.

With regard to the new system they are bringing in obviously Maria is making something out of this and for all Associations who have had to invest in Courtside only to see it gone after 2-3 years and some people know about this new system and the feedback above is not positive but sorry BNSW just make the decision without talikng to Associations.

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Larry Legend  
Last month

BNSW really do need to rethink the JPL model, because I can't see any benefit at all for either the Metro teams or the country teams.

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Last month

Just look at the mickey mouse preseason grading system BNSW uses and you know JPL isn't going to be functional.

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Last month

I know nothing about this but I do find in basketball what systems were set up and historically stayed in place are sometimes not reflective of the current needs / state of the game.

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Last month

Any ideas on the basis how the 3 country and 3 metro teams chosen for each pool? Seeded? Regions?

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Kneedeep,they probably arrange the teams from 1st seed to 6th seed and then 1,3,5 from Metro ranking pool play 2,4,and 6 from the Country pool.

Same as how they use to do the draw for State Championships where 1 and 3 from Metro had 2 and 4 from Country in 1 pool and vice versa for the other pool.

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Last month

Just give some an idea.

Today Metro played against each other,two weeks in a row.

Next games where Metro play will be the Metro/Country games on the 27th April in Wollongong.

Sorry but it is rediculas.

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Last month

You mentioned about changing to Basketball Connect? oh dear, feel sorry for NSW families. Basketball Sa changed to BC a year ago and it caused a big uproar. Still a year later I have not heard very many positive comments. The product has improved a fraction over this time with upgrades but is still hard to navigate through basic stats and comps. Maybe this product costs a lot less?? don't know.

2 weeks ago Sa Country had our u12-u16 junior state champs and BC was used. i know that a couple of the local country associations struggled in the week leading up to the comp with looking up info because they had little experience with the product. Not really a disaster but made life a little tricky in the lead up.

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