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Illegal Player on court

Looking for general feedback.

My rep team played away at the largest Association in NSW.

I IPads are checked by both teams and said to be correct before the game.

The game starts and during the first half No:13 subs on for the home team.

That player scores 2 points and then a little later is subbed out.

My teams person was doing the IPad scoring and advised that No:13 is not on the IPad and it is said she is not registered with Gameday prior to the comp starting therefore she is not registered with the team to play.

The basket she scores is not put down as she is not on the IPad

The Court Supervisor is called for and takes their time getting there and mean while the game continues.

On a video received it show shows all this and the Court Supervisor can be seen talking with the Home teams Manager for sometime.

On a copy of Glory League it does not show her scoring but on the video one of my parent was doing it does.

Then just before the start of the 3rd quarter the Court Supervisor comes to the score table and in conjunction with the team coach the supervisor tells the bench to put the score on one of their other players which you see occurs at the bottom where the points for players shows(2 points)

The score on Glory League changes to make the half time score from 36-29 to 38-29.

At the completion of the game the final score is 60-58 which shows on the BNSW Website results but when you add up the score of the home teams players the score only adds up to 58.

As the coach I approach the Supervisor when I find out after the game the home team played and illegal player.

The comment I get back is we have contacted BNSW and I asked again so what did they say and the reply was we have contacted BNSW.

I lthen left and on monday morning I received my parents video copy of the game which I provided as eveidence to our Basketball General Manager.

She contacted BNSW and they said they would get back to her.

BNSW replied to her on tuesday and advised that the score at the top of the teams results panel even though the players points show the difference of 2 points less.

BNSW said the result will stand but we are investigating and that is where it is at.

I know this is long winded but I am interested in peoples thoughts as I feel my team has been let down and the home team should be declared as forfeiting the game due to playing an illegal player.

What is annoying is that the game was never stopped even when the supervisor eventually came out.

All she did was talk with the home team,team Manager and at half time to bench to get the 2 pointsadded on.

It will be interesting to see if BNSW do come back further with anything or if the matter will just get swepped under the carpet.

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Move on

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Last month

Good answer Sebastian.

So if you were the coach your not prared to do the right thing by your team

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Last month

I agree with Sebastian (for once). You're not playing for sheep stations. The amount of time and effort you are wasting is for nothing.

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Last month

Another good answer Sixers Fan.

So it is the last round of the competition and your the coach and as a result you miss out on a semi final spot.

Your prepared to let it go.

You obviously do not care about your team then.

How would your players think knowing what has happened.

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Damo 75  
Last month

I'll go with retired then - good on you for following it up mate. Even if the result goes against you (which I'd suggest is likely) I certainly wouldn't just cop it and/or let it slide.

SixersFan, I certainly get where you're coming from but if not at a rep level carnival, what level do you think rules should start applying (and pursued if they're not)? NBL? NBL1? Junior Nationals?

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Team nWo  
Last month

Rules are rules. Up to BNSW to police it. I would be following it up.

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Last month

Thankyou for for support from the last 2 persons.

We certainly will look to follow it up if we have nothing by monday.

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Last month

30.10. Where an illegal player is played (e.g. a player who is not registered, or a player plays without a clearance), Basketball NSW may forfeit the game.

That lovely word "may" gives them right of discretion - but I would take it to them.

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Last month

Thankyou Lobby so lets see if BNSW enforce the rule.

Probably not because of which Association it is.

Lets wait and see if they do reply to us as they said they were investigating even though they said the score will still count.

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Last month

Why did you post retired? Because it seems you wanted a certain response and some responded with let it go and you didn't like it. If you already knew that you should chase it why bother the original post.

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Last month

Sorry to hear an admin error has spoiled the game result for your team.

I'm assuming the player affected wasn’t then allowed to play the rest of the game. Which would also be extremely disappointing for them as well. Particularly being first game of the season.

Hopefully this will serve a good lesson to all association administrators to audit game day entries prior to the season starting.

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Last month

Yes Kneedeep,it would be upsetting for the player concerned but there is a lesson to be learned.

The reason Iposted it was to see if others had had a similar situation and what the result was.

Also Administrators need to make sure they follow matters up as soon as they arise.

I heard today that a player from our Association who went to the same association could not play last weekend because the Association they went to had not organised a transfer for the player.

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Last month

Move on.

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Last month

^ must be from the opposing team :)

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Last week

Well,after all this time BNSW has replied to our enquiry and have advised:-

"Following further investigation it came down to a misunderstanding between the scoretable and the team staff on the player not being on the IPAD."

Sorry but that is a total load of crap and BNSW are just protecting the Association to keep them happy because they are one of the largest Associations.

Protected species and the staff who stuffed up are not held accountable and the team should have forfeited.

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