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3 point shooting like Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark has been a phenomenon is there anyone in Australia that can shoot the 3 ball like her? Maybe Amy Atwell ... any up and comers?

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Swain probably the closest.

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Last month

You think Swain has a better 3 ball than Atwell Weedy?

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Weedy Slug  
Last month

Statistically not at the moment, but swain is more like Clark than Atwell imo.

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Last month

we will see a lot more of her style in the future - better shooting %s from outside - so expect to see it more.

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Last month

Daly from SA would be my bet as the next shooter like Clark. Hasn't got the range as yet but does have the quick release.

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Last month

Smh at this thread.
The short answer, No, there is no player that shoots like Clark in Australia.
The comment from Pinch that a 14 year old is the next best option to shoot like Clark is one of the most ridiculous comments I've ever read on this forum.
Being serious, Atwell can catch and shoot as good as any but can’t put the ball on the floor. I would take Bec Allen / Sami Whitcomb above any within Australia but they’re not in the same stratosphere as Clark.

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Last month

Agree Blues, absurd take.

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Last month

Not at the same level yet, there was a kid in Youth League Women last season broke the record for most 3s in a NSW basketball season 108 in 21 games. Mainly a catch and shoot.

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Last month

We will see in 5 years if it's an absurd take. In now did I say she is now, I said will be the next best shooter we produce.

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Last month

I'm not even sure she's the best shooter in that comp but yes I'll be eagerly awaiting the results in 5 years

We should heap as much pressure on this kid as possible by calling her the next Caitlin Clark at age 13

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Last month

Totally agree with you Blues67. Absurd comments from Pinch. Smells a bit like a parent or someone close who might have shares??

I have only seen Daly play a handful of games at U14 Clubs and SCC but I can't remember if I even saw her hit an outside shot! Some were from a long way out. She was one of the better players in the 2010 age group.
But just absurd stuff to base the original above comments on. And just because a girl releases it quickly does not mean they are a good shooter, it is just 1 of many key elements.
Imagine the pressure on the poor kid the next couple of years to match Caitlin Clark's No.1 draft position. A bit unfair on the young kid I say.

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Cosmo Spacely  
Last month

In the last NBL1 Season Swain shot the 3 at 28 %. -----38/132

So my take is that Swain is nothing like Atwell and Atwell is nothing like Clarke and god knows what some 13 year is like.

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Last month

Pinch...BIG call and i hope you're right!
Looking at her recent stats, 4 x 3 pointers in her last 7 district games and 43 from her last 41 games!

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Last month

Wouldn't look too deeply at district stats for anyone. Competition is poor except for a few teams in all ages for boys and girls. It’s all about national comps.

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Karma Basketball  
Two weeks ago

Caitlin Clark is an impressive 3 Point shooter.

Her 3pt Shooting percentages in recent games ...

Date Opponent Score Pts 3PM-3PA (3P%)
April 1, 2024 LSU W, 94-87 41 9-20 (45%)
Feb. 15, 2024 Michigan W, 106-89 49 9-18 (50%)
Dec. 16, 2023 Cleveland State W, 104-75 38 9-16 (56.3%)
Feb. 23, 2021 Maryland L, 111-93 34 9-16 (56.3%)
Feb. 28, 2024 Minnesota W, 108-60 33 8-14 (57.1%)
Jan. 27, 2024 Nebraska W, 92-73 38 8-15 (53.3%)
Jan. 2, 2024 Michigan State W, 76-73 40 8-20 (40%)
Dec. 30, 2023 Minnesota W, 94-71 35 8-16 (50%)
April 2, 2023 LSU L, 102-85 30 8-19 (42.1%)
March 26, 2023 Louisville W, 97-83 41 8-14 (57.1%)
Feb. 27, 2022 Michigan W, 104-80 38 8-11 (72.7%)

Her current career average sits at around 37.4%.

And remember these stats are post change to moving to the Men's 3pt line.

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Two weeks ago

Wow. Best results under most pressure too.

Wouldn't some players love the green light to shoot 15-20 3s in a game.

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