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Wiley departs 36ers

The Adelaide 36ers have confirmed Jacob Wiley's mutual option with the club would not be taken for the NBL25 season, which has officially made the import forward a free agent.

Wiley returned for a second stint in Adelaide ahead of the NBL24 campaign, after he had initially represented the club in the 2019-19 season.

Following his first season with the 36ers Wiley embarked on a worldwide basketball journey, and had played in Greece, Spain, Montenegro, Puerto Rico and Japan prior to his return.

He averaged 10.5 points per game across 26 appearances in NBL24.

"Jacob was a great player for us, but we just need some different dynamics in that position," Adelaide 36ers General Manager of Basketball Operations Matt Weston said.

Isaac Humphries, Nick Marshall, Jason Cadee, DJ Vasiljevic and Sunday Dech are currently set to return to Adelaide next season. Next Star Trentyn Flowers is contracted, but the club says the athletic guard is expected to declare for the 2024 NBA Draft.

NBL free agency officially begins on April 15.


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Sixers supporters thoughts, imo they be better getting a very good defensive four to play next to Humphries. Rebounding player as well.

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IMO Adelaide need three imports assuming they don't get WMW.

If they have Galloway, I’m happy for a backup import big like Lee/that type.

If they don’t have Galloway then they need imports in PF, SF and PG.

To be honest, they need to nail 2 import spots and have a really serviceable third.

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Last month

Well it depends are DJV and humphries signed on as marquees? If so then we can only sign on 2 imports but unsure if the 36ers have used marquee slots on either of those two.

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Last month

Humphries and djv

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Last month

Sorry, clumsy, Humphries and DJV would be marquee for certain.

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Last month

Wow Jacob Wiley unloaded on Adelaide on Facebook...

basically said he wasn't given even a phone call or any sort of meeting after the season to discuss the season or future season. Just a notice from his agent that he's out the door.

So much for the "mutual" option.

Just about sums up Adelaide's basketball operations in the past few years. Poor.

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Last month

@KET - WMW to Sydney, per Hoopla tracker.

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Last month

Kings with two imports you would think then, Cooks and WMW marquee players. Kings spending big. Now do Cooks and WMW get to Paris?

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Last month

lol kings are going to spend on 2 players what a team like cairns will spend on their entire roster

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Last month

basically said he wasn't given even a phone call or any sort of meeting after the season to discuss the season or future season. Just a notice from his agent that he's out the door.

So much for the "mutual" option.
Mutual option means both sides need to agree to pick it up. They didn't.

Mutual options are just free agency with extra steps.

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Basket 91  
Last month

Right move although sounds like Sixers went about it the wrong way.

Need a stretch 4 next to Humphries

Right now

Wouldn't mind Lat Mayen at the 3 and get a good import 4 or Motum as a marquee. Dech and Mayen can be the defender in the starting 5 then can get a good import PG.

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Last month

Standard 6ers management which is classic. But never rated the signing last year to begin with.

Between them and the Crows they make it hard to support sport in Adelaide.

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Last month

Yeah a stretch 4 next to Isaac would be perfect. Still hoping they keep K Galloway. Lat Mayen has some ability, but seems a bit volatile from what I've seen in Cairns. If Galloway goes, I’d rather they look at G Clark or Hogg.

Is it correct that the Sixers can only sign two imports because they already have a marquee? I’m still not 100% clear on that. If that is the case, then retaining Galloway or signing a high level local at the point or wing is critical.

I guess WMW has probably been priced out of the Sixers budget? If that is the case, maybe they could sign Hyunjun Lee as the wing and roll with Clark/ Hogg at the 4 and an import point guard?

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Pablo Escobar  
Last month

What happens if Flowers doesn't get picked up in the NBA draft? Does that mean he will be back, and if the Sixers don't want him back do they have to pay him out? Nothing would surprise me with the NEXT Stars rubbish.

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Last month

Where's Bul Kuol going? He's got real potential.

Although at 27 he's older than I realised

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Last month

Pablo the league pay next star wages not the clubs

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Last month

Flowers averaged 5ppg for the 6ers, Terrance Ferguson averaged 4ppg and was picked number 21 in the NBA draft. At this rate hes a chance to be in the lottery ;)

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Last month

Ferguson was picked on the assumption/belief he'd become a knock down 3 point shooter and a capable 3&D guy.

I'm not sure people have that same confidence with Flowers.

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Last month

I can Jack jumpers picking up Wiley. It's all about energy

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Last month

I could see Wiley being a perfect fit for the Jacks.

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Grote 12  
Last month

6ers are beyond a joke at this point.
seeing McVeigh, Drimic and Deng win in Tassie should be a wake-up call to the management. Poor decisions on letting those 3 go. All 3 played important and integral roles in getting a championship for the JJs.

But here they go just cutting players with no respectable communication. Players around the comp will probably have adelaide bottom of the list as club to play for. Hence why you see talent like Olbrich changing states to pursue their careers.

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Last month

You can't compare JJs McVeigh, Deng or Drimic to there Sixers days, three different players coached by in hindsight is one of the best in recent seasons. I’ll point you to Mccaron, good at united and crap at Sixers, coaches and coaching staff are critical. Hopefully they are now on track with the new guys. Re Wiley, his season started well but fell away at season end, imo it’s a reasonable decision. Real professional players would just move on without having grumble, it’s like getting the arse from your job, get on with getting the next one.

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Last month

Kev and Ben I agree, not sure if it would happen but would love to see him in a JJs uniform next season. Interestingly him and Doyle were teammates on the Brooklyn Nets back in the 17-18 season

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Last month

By the end of the season Galloway was starting in front of Wiley, has a better 3 point shot and is just as athletic but without the arm pumping. About 4-5 years younger as well. In regards to Drmic and McVeigh, Drmic was 31 years old when he signed with Jackies while McVeigh signed for more court time and probably more money than he was going to get at the 36ers. Deng also left for more money and court time. A few good games do not make a season.

Yes Wiley was a crowd favourite but imports help you win Championships and he was never going to do that. As harsh as it may sound, the NBL is a business and if you do not meet KPIs then you are moved on. As for Flowers, if he was as good on court as his antics on the sidelines, then he would be a winner - however he turned out to be the Jar Jar Binks of the 36ers rather than the next star.

There are plenty of cases in the NBL where a player flourished at a new team because there were opportunities at the new team. There are also cases where a player went from a lower team to a higher team and it did not work out.

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Last month

Has the talk around Antonius Cleveland dried up?

Would be a great addition

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