Two weeks ago

Geelong United granted WNBL license

The WNBL are pleased to announce that Geelong United Basketball have been awarded a license to enter the League commencing this coming 2024-25 season playing at Geelong Arena. Geelong United Basketball are committed to providing more opportunities for female athletes to progress through the pathways from juniors right through to the elite WNBL.
For those unaware, this is the Melbourne Boomers license shifted across.

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Two weeks ago

Yeah this sucks and for me personally means I'm super unlikely to ever get to WNBL games, which is a shame.

these kind of major decisions which are made (seemingly) without any real chance for supporter input really do suck. A club thats been around for 40 years and has a great history with some of the greats of the game, but the current owner says "nah too hard" and the club is gone without a fight? Come on

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Weedy Slug  
Two weeks ago

Just waiting for them to announce petty as HC.

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Two weeks ago

The owners have been giving the club lifelines for the past few years... there's no money left from this group.
Such a strong history to the WNBL, many legends have passed through the club and this will have significant repercussions to the league.

Geelong is a different community base to Bendigo so it will be interesting to see how/if it works after the initial inject.

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Two weeks ago

Do you think that was promised to him before he came Weedy? Harrower seems the obvious choice for the inaugural HC

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Two weeks ago

I'm hearing rumours the entire WNBL will break away from BA and run it themselves.

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Two weeks ago

Petty was promised an AC role. I don't know whether that's changed though. Harrower would make much more sense.

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Two weeks ago

Ewww, another United.

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Two weeks ago

The release from WNBL / BA stinks.

While I get the PR spin needed to celebrate a new team in Geelong, the mere fact they did not mention the demise of the Boomers even once - their longest running team - is disgraceful.

This is not league expansion, this move has been taken as an act of desperation.

The sooner that the league breaks away from BA the better.

An alignment with the NBL appears to be the only sensible option.

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Two weeks ago

That clutching at straws was my first impression too, LC

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Hoopin’ in the burbs  
Two weeks ago

Absolutely clutching at straws.
As for the HC role, SURELY Harrower. The league has a number of great female coaches across the HC and AC roles, investing in that pathway (especially with such a great candidate) is a no brainer.
Losing the boomers is such a shame, but if the alternative to Geelong was one less team; what a disaster at a time women's sport is surging.

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Last week

Harrower would be a great choice, but surely a consideration is given to Mark Alabakov at Bendigo NBL1 he has had a hell of past year or more and despite a loss would still be front runners to go back to back NBL1 South.

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Last week

do some homework AssistantsPen, there's a reason he's not in the league anymore. And, they've lost 3 games now.

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Last week

I liked attending Melbourne Boomers game. Always family friendly atmosphere. For no members to have a say is disappointing and disgraceful, BA should be ashamed of themselves how they're handling the WNBL. In all honesty just be Geelong United and have nothing to do with the Boomers long History.

I agree with LC, read an article about the NBL keen taking ownership of the WNBL. Keep the men’s and women’s team align. It’s the only solution. I know Melbourne United is interested in having a women’s team with the men’s. I like how in the British Basketball League’s playoff final they host the men’s and women’s finals on the same day. Sudden death final at the O2 Arena in London. London Lions have their men’s and women’s team both competing.

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Last week

The BA power base with its large staffing levels is fighting hard to stay in control, and to keep the government funding.

Why would they willingly put themselves out of a job by handing control over to Larry? Larry will drive a hard bargain to make it viable, and I'm sure it won’t include keeping BA’s hierarchy intact.

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Weedy Slug  
Last week

Exactly what is going on hoopie, they think the wnbl is worth 10s of millions. Giving it up means more BA cuts in both staff and salaries.

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Last week

If BA prioritise maintaining control over the WNBL, I wonder if the franchise owners follow through with handing in their licenses (as has been reported).

That would be beyond disastrous for BA. Surely they take that into account, even if only for their own self-interests.

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Last week

@Bluey, what homework would that be exactly?

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Last week

I don't understand this notion that BA have to cut huge levels of staff, they’ve only got two employed to work on the WNBL (which is outrageous in the first place).
Yes I understand that others in their commercial and marketing team may pitch in, but the big bulk of their role is working on all the other things that BA work on, such as national teams, national tournaments etc.

And honestly, with how bad it’s run, one would be forgiven for believing that the league is run solely by two people.

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Last week

BA are insufferable leeches.

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