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US scholarships

Does anyone have thoughts on best way to approach trying to get college scholarships. I have seen Ausa do tours in the US in front of college scouts but $$$. BA Pathways but also $$. Son has high expected GPA3.5 and played state level bball.

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You can look into scholarships for academic excellence. Use free web databases and chat with your high school guidance adviser. You should motivate your son to maintain his GPA and succeed in the sport, as many scholarships value both academic and athletic achievements. 

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Get video of your games. Upload then to YouTube.
Research colleges/conferences where you may wish to play and at the right level. No point applying for D1 school if you are not of that level, and do not meet the academic qualifications.
Email your the coaches at the schools you have targeted - their emails are listed on the directors on their school website. You need a cover letter and then provide links to your videos.
If you wish to spend big $$$ on exposure tours and with people who can help you through all this, go for it.

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ask your states HP Manager

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Just be careful as most of these groups who offer the chance to be looked at for snolarships are only after the $$$$ and do not necessarily help you.

If you do videos make sure you do the full game and not just highlights showing the athlete scoring and not included is how they are defensively.They want to see how they are doing everything in a game.

Best ones to talk to about looking at opportunities would be BA or the COE.

Their academic results are also very importent because if you don't succeed academically in some colleges you will be out prtetty quickly.

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It is a very confusing process with a lot of 'companies' who sell scouting services:
Airtime Scouting
Recruiting Boost
ATC Academy
Aussie Basketball USA
BA Pathways

I've heard positive and negative comments about a number of these companies from players with personal experiences. Some are a lot more active on socials and actively 'sell' you to recruiters. And remember, some colleges pay these companies to refer athletes so that can influence where the company 'suggests' you sign and it may not necessarily be best fit.

I think speak to each, make judgement on fit and cost and make decision.

LC makes good point, self promotion through twitter, Instagram, YouTube with regular correspondence/posts to take some measure of ownership in it. I recently asked recruiter where they 'spotted' the athlete and they couldn't recall specifically except to say they saw footage and liked what they saw.

Tours are very expensive and some are run when colleges aren't able to attend to scout. Again - do your homework. Great experience for athlete to 'measure' capability

Also to LC point, go where you fit both athletically and financially. JUCO is a valid pathway.

From a international student perspective The NCAA eligibility Centre are very responsive to email to help navigate that space.

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Team nWo  
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Why are more people also not talking about the NAIA pathway? They give scholarships to some good schools.

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The Blue  
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This is a complicated process and you don't need the help of a recruiting service. A lot of them are lazy. If your son is a state level player he will have been contacted via Insta, twitter by some of them already. If he's not a top performer at Nationals they have to work pretty hard.

I have one at College another close, Here's what I know.

Work out the right level he can play at. Every D1 and D2 program with a reasonably up to date list of roster and prospects they are recruiting out to 2026 kids. Click players in your sons year and find their film via their twitter account if there's a link. There will also be a link to the College official team page with contact details of every coach.

D3. NAIA and JUCO are seriously good options. will have links to schools. Most livestream games and have archives where you can watch film. Also have coach contact details on the schools page.

Get comfortable with no response from coaches. They get 100's of emails. Follow up. DM on Twitter. If you try to contact coaches at too high a level they just won't respond. If you target the right level you might 5-10% response.

Playing AAU is a complete lottery. If you are not in the top couple of grades at a tournament coaches won't even bother watching your games.

Have a 3 minute up to date highlight package that shows your sons best weapons in the first minute. Average watch time of mine from over 150 views in a few months was 1.30. Have full games ready to send on request. Make sure he's a good team mate on film and they can't hear you yelling at him or the refs.

D1 = Full Scholarship (or walk on) Only a handful of Aussies each year. COE/Aussie reps and a very small number of others.
D2/NAIA/JUCO = Can be full scholarship but now grades become important as you can get academic money as well. If a Coach doesn't have to spend his scholarship money you improve your chances. Lots of Aussies playing at this level. D2 is where most of the solid State rep kids end up. JUCO if they don't have the grades in the hope to transfer
D3 Only academic scholarships. But it can be from a little bit to full. Usually a pretty decent education. Grades!!

Happy to answer specific questions.

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Thanks Blue, good info

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I know a number of girls went over to the US with Ausa and ATC Academy around July last year and a lot of them received scholarships. ATC Academy just ran some sort of combine in Sydney for college coaches to see Aussie girls, which is posted all over social media. These two grouos in particular seem legit, but it would be interesting to hear from parents who have used such services.

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Earlier this month

I've heard good things about AUSA. Like most things, if you are at the top team, it’s easier to get recruited then if you are a lower skilled player. A lot of players who don’t representative seem to go in the lower teams hence the lower numbers being recruited.

I think whichever provider you use, it’s a good pathway to get to college and the BA pathway will only get 12 boys and 12 girls. Just make sure they play in good tournaments!

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