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Funny Talking Hoops Recap

Talking Hoops 18/7/06

Hosted by Paul Bell, Brett Maher and Corlette Brown.

Bell and Maher spoke about training, had a good scrimmage today with pretty much everyone, except Wheeler who is injured, new players such as Copeland and Majstrovich were in attendance and Smyth and Brehney have returned from the US.

Maher and Bell spoke about the boomers and don't think the results are good enough, and say it shows the importance of a experienced point guard and feel like we are being found out in that position, as we have guys like Bogut and Anstey so should be doing a lot better. Maher thinks if they continue this way the World Champs are not looking good, and wondered if it opens the door for Heal to make a come back. Bell then spoke about Smyth getting sacked by the boomers after losing to New Zealand, Maher feels it shows that BA jumped the gun, given that Maher was basically the only Olympian left in Smyths Boomers team, and compared to the side they have now is struggling to beat the Boomers. Spoke about New Zealands advantage of having played together along time, and gave some credit to Tab Baldwin's coaching, as he seems to get a lot out of those guys.

Maher again spoke about the 36ers, said looking good except for losing Wheeler early with his hamstring, they have Zorich, Hambour, also training with the squad. They go to Port Lincoln on July 31 until August 5, and this will be the first time they will have the whole squad there, even possibly the 2nd import, they may have news in the next 2 days, mentioned they guys they are looking at are waiting to see Europe and NBA options.

Phil Smyth Interview: Asked him about the trip to the US, was a quick trip, got there Sunday and went to the stadium straight away and watched 5 days of basketball, identified 6 guys who suit them, they are waiting for NBA and Europe offers, all players said they will know by August 1, some wanted until the 4th, Smyth said August 1 is the deadline, Daws has already been given names of players and are hoping to have an answer very soon. Asked about the Summer league environment, it's a tournament where teams are formed by NBA clubs to look at players and agents put together teams, some players such as Penny Hardaway played, said they met B.J Armstrong, a friend of KB's and is scouting for the Houstin Rockets, and tapped into some of his knowledge of the players, asked what type of player, all over 6'7 , good athletics, want someone who can fit in and compliment the players they already have. Spoke about Breheneys trip and how a car apparently exploded into flames. Smyth said no NBL coaches, wright and radliff were in Las Vegas, saw Garrison, said he sends his regards, and has a 2 year contract in Japan but would love to come to Australia sometime, mentioned guys like Kareem and Jerry West were there among with many in coaching roles. Said they use the profile players very well in the NBA, coaching, etc. Smyth said he thinks having Max, with the fitness has been fantastic and makes it more professional, and is very scientific and enthusiastic and will work with the team all season, he said it's a really good exciting time at the club, asked about Freeman, said he wants to wait until August 4th, but the 36ers want someone signed by August 1st, so Freeman has probably missed the boat. Said Port Lincoln is meant to be used for a fast learning process of offenses and defenses and a good team bonding exercise with other out side activities. Mentioned the 'Poker night and a Rookies show for the players.

Maher and Bell spoke about the Summer league, seeing all the old stars, Maher said the players they are looking at are big and athletic. Bell said Dusty is arriving in Brisbane soon and they are hoping to interview him nest week.

Spoke about the Under 18's, Maher saw some games and said there was some good talent and the kids are getting bigger and bigger. Spoke about Tasmania making the semis, with a good point guard and good bigs, NSW Country won the event. They congratulated Paul Prior and the Forestville club for putting on the event. Men came 9th Girls got the bronze, and briefly spoke about the SA country and metro team, saying maybe should only have one, which is what Boty wrote.

Jacob Holmes Interview: Asked him about life in Melbourne, he had a accident in his brand new car 1 week after buying it. Spoke about the Dragons CEO situation, said obviously Cowan and Gibson had some differences, Barry will stay for a couple of months, said it would be disruptive like not having an owner. Said they are training hard, doing weights every morning 5 days a week, spoke about the boomers, Jacob said he is glad they won and wants them to win the game in Melbourne, asked what Goorj said to him, said he needs to work on athleticism and a few other things, and Jacob is feeling really competitive to make the team, wants to make it next time. Asked about the dragons new imports, said they should be here end of July around the same time as Heal and Ingles, Mark Price is arriving on August 15th, which is a little late before the first game, and is hoping his experience will help, spoke about ABA, Holmes said this week will be his last game for them, they are hoping to secure top spot, with the Dragons pre season clashes with ABA finals so he decided to leave the team earlier. Pre season games versus the 36ers in Hobart, and he said it would be interesting to play the 36ers and catch up with all the players.

Dana Calls in: Asked Maher if he is scared of being fined about his opinions on things such as the NBL salary cap, which she said she agreed him. Congratulated Isaac on the new 36ers website. Mentioned trying to do a campaign of SBS doing FTA of the World Champs she has apparently rang in and recommends as many as possible to do so. Bell mentioned channel 9 are seriously considering FTA NBL, and they said it makes sense for them after losing the Footy, he said he will try and get a Channel 9 person on the show. Spoke about ringing a Lithuanian Radio station and spoke about the Lithuanian team and how they are missing players, Maher said about how a lot of players chose to just the Olympics due to there NBA and European contracts.

Adrian Majstrovich Interview: Said he is loving Adelaide so far, His NZBL team won the championship and is hoping to do the same with the 36ers. Asked about advantages of joining the 36ers, mentioned playing with guys like Maher, and playing for Smyth. Asked about goals and role for team, he hopes to come in and find his niche and win games, his background, born in New Zealand, grew up in Perth, enjoyed watching the Wildcats, and picked it up from there. Asked about the Breakers, he said it was a good situation, professional club, good facilities thinks winning games helps it grow, said he enjoyed his time there, until got injured, looking forward to the 36ers. Asked what he wants to work on in his game, he said basically a bit of everything is hoping to become a better all round player, and just wants to use his strengths to help the team as much as possible. Bell asked Maher about the next Cat saying, Maher said he will prob play the same spots 3 and a little bit of 4 for the 36ers, Majstrovich said Cat is really good see how he goes, and he aims to play for Australia if possible. Majstrovich has a 1 year deal, and hopes to do well and make it a long term situation. Asked him about playing with Dusty in NZBL, who had lots of positive of things to say about the 36ers, mentioned Rampton, Henare, Frank, as some of the few NBL players to play this year, over the last few years guys like Rychart, Goodwin, Boodnikoff have played NZBL.

Bell asked Maher about Majstrovich, Maher said he looked very good all round good post game and can shoot out side, Maher was asked about his role, said he didn't really know at this stage, said the starting would probably C Wheeler PF Import SF is open with guys like Majstrovich, Nash, Copeland, Hill all capable, SG Farley PG Maher, he said it could depend on opponent, and also gives them depth and fire power off the bench.

Jason Dix Interview: Asked about the ABL season, has found it a bit long, they start pre season before Christmas, Said his team is doing well just beaten Sturt, and said you cant take a week off or you can lose against anyone. Spoke about the advantage of having the same nucleus together for 3 or 4 years, and said it defiantly helps coming into the finals and also they wont lose anyone to NBL commitments, asked about NBL aspirations, said early on when Dunlap was around, but never got the opportunity, and Phils teams were Championship team so hard to break in so he decided to concentrate on his Finance Career, mentioned Rob Rose as the best player he has played with and Ian Grigg, a big strong player. Played against, Ricky Simpson, nasty defender, long arms, athletic and always took the premier players. Feels he has a couple more years left in him, especially if he doesn't have to play the major minutes he has in some past years. Asked about Role models, said he takes bits from certain players, mentions Cattalini, as a similar payer and the stand out, and played against him in 96 and he destroyed them, asked about Scott Arnold, there new recruit at Forestville, brings leadership, and talks a lot, a good nasty defender and brought some attitude to the team, Favourite Coaches, Ian Lawry at the start of the team, good at encouraging him and letting him make mistakes and learn, and Shawn Ryan, he put the most effort into things like scouting which helped them win.

Bell and Maher said Dix would rank amongst the best Forestville player of all time, and they encouraged all clubs to do a team of the century night to honour the players and bring them all together.

2nd Caller, Chris: Asked Maher about a comparison of Copeland Vs Rose, who would suit the 36ers better late in there career, Maher said it's a very good question, Rose is a great training player gives 100% all the time, but hasn't played as well in games the last few years, Lenard also has dropped off a bit, mostly due to injury, he said Copeland was on fire at training and thinks he will be very good fit for the team as long as he doesn't get injured. Chris asked about Rose being a good team player, Maher said he is a very good team player but also doesn't hold back his opinion, like wanting to start for the crocs last year.
Asked Maher about his book, Maher said his book is coming along nicely and should be out by Christmas. They are looking for title ideas.

Maher and Bell spoke about the question of players in the twighlight of there career,, Maher said its good to have them around for there team mates and to push the young guys, and Ninnis told them Rose was the best trainer in Townsville last year.

Read ABA results (see Hoops site)

Great Show looking forward to next Tuesdays show!!!

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as usual great work jonno

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thanks again Jonno for a very detailed write-up! Last night was the first time in a long time I could have listened to the show, but I forgot - doh! That means I can rely on your trusty write up.

Thanks againa and keep up the good work!

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You da man!

I often only get a chance to listen to a short segment of the show and you're generally spot on and don't miss a beat.

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