Years ago

Where was the crowd at the Dome?

Where the hell was everybody tonight, not at the Dome thats for sure.

That would have to be the smallest home crowd I have ever been in since the place was built.

I would guess 3000-3500.

Mal & Eddy would have to be dissapointed with that.

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Years ago

Wednesay night maybe not a popular night...

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Years ago

make that Wednesday..with the D

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Years ago

wednesday+ first game+ many people sydney would win anyway+ busy time of year+ on fox+ does anybody care about the sixers anymore???

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The Journo  
Years ago

most of the crowd would probably be playing reserves or div 4 basketball too!

not to mention the people refereeing and volunteering at the stadiums that make the copetition go smoothly that would normally go to a home game.

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Years ago

Thats not the only D missing tonight...

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Years ago

It would have to be the smallest crowd I have ever seen at a Sixers game. I doubt the place was half full.

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Years ago

Lets see what happens next Friday. One would want to hope there are a few more through the gates.

How was Brett turning over the ball twice in the last and once in O/T. I dont recon I have ever seen him turn the ball over so many times in his entire career.

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Years ago

Very dissapointing. I can't imagine that Wednesday b/ball commitments would be responsible for that many empty seats. Mid week games certainly are not my favorite, but I think the big issue is the negativity and uncertainty with the whole BASA cum BSA cum DHD cum Eddie Groves saga. It will improve when people feel that all is OK again.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

How about the fact that the cheapest ticket this year is more expensive than the cheapest ticket last year as well.

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Years ago

How much are tix this year?

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Years ago

I would estimate that the crowd was only about 2000 .

Terrible turnout.

2 Things i think contributed:

1. Phil Smythe coming out and saying after our loss to Slingers " we'll be ok in 6-7 weeks" WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE DOES THIS SEND TO MARGINAL OR NEW SUPPORTERS ?

2. Lack of visible media activity on the Kings game and rivalry.
- when we did get the interviews, idiots like Kim Dillon pointed out that we got flogged by 44 points last time we played them . AGAIN, why bring that up ???

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Years ago

dammit i put and "e" on the end of his name again !!

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Years ago

Crowd looked horrible early, but then filled in a bit. Wasn't something to be proud of, but definitely improved after tip-off. 3700 would be my guess rather than 2000, Skyhook. The sides were full, but the biggest difference was behind the baskets and the diagonals.

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Years ago

I think Wednesday games at 7 might be great for Tv but certainly aren't great for the fans.

Some people don't finish work til 6 or thereabouts so making it to the Dome by 7 is a stress some people don't need.

For Parents with primary school aged children, they either have to pay for a babysitter or bring them to the games and have them tired for the rest of the week.

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Years ago

Wed games are always going to be quiet.

We still made plenty of noise when we thought we had won at that last time-out :-\

Basketball still needs a lot more marketing and the sixers need to (sadly) do a lot more winning before a wed game will show a good attendence.


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Years ago

Last year a Wednesday Fox game at the Dome against New Zealand had closer to 6,000 people.

The marketing then was not really any different. Prices similar, if not better now. Music similar. Venue the same.

Yet for some reason, last night had what must've been one of the worst crowds in Dome history. I think the 7PM start after work isn't great, but to the tune of 2,000 people?

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Years ago

The reason I don't buy season tickets is purely and simply Wednesday games. Now, if they had a package which only covered Friday and weekend games then count me in!

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Years ago


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Years ago

Ritz, potentially, but 2000 more 36ers fans?

I don't have Fox, but last season a lot of people were complaining about the poor showing of NBA games and also that not many 36ers games were shown. I don't believe there are a lot of 36ers games scheduled on Fox for September or October this season either.

I don't think the change in subscriber count from last season to this would have had such a large impact.

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Years ago

I haven't renewed my season tickets this season, based on too many Wednesday Games (5 out of 16 including last night) (too hard to get there after work), concern over who was actually going to be in the team (a few weeks ago)and maybe even listening to comments like Smyth's "5-6 weeks and we'll be OK" has had some affect on my thought processes.
At this stage I can't see myself buying too many Game Night tickets either!
Also, what's with only 1 Sunday Game too (New Years Eve!), isn't that actually one of the better days to go see "professionals" play sport, seems to work for Power & the Crows, and even the Redbacks

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In the Know  
Years ago

To all those people who say that Soccer is not a threat to basketball, they are getting 10000+ to their home games.

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Years ago

Adelaide Utd had always had over 10,000 people and that is becasue more people play the sport and is advertised

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Years ago

Yeah whats the go with Fox? seems that the only time a 6er game is broadcast is when we PLAY AT HOME! (read the last bit shouting)

Sheece im at the game. Be great to be sittin home on a wed nite and actually see the 6ers live on fox in ANOTHER STADIUM. (read the last bit shouting)

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Years ago

From memory, 3180 was the official number.

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Bob Knight  
Years ago

The low crowd number was due to the Steve Irwin special on channel 9. According to the advertiser, 13 million watched the coverage. I'm sure at least an extra 2000 people would have attended if the interview wasn't on Wednesday night.

The crowds will pick up.

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Years ago

fickle crowds, fickle advertising, fickle product.

dont over analyse.

its all about value for money.

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Hoop Addict  
Years ago

Yogee - I think it was 3980.

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Years ago

the advertisement of games must not be so good. i didnt here a thing about the game.

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