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Talking Hoops Recap

Talking Hoops Recap  7/11/06

Hosted by Paul Bell and David Spear.

Scott Ninnis called in: Bell and Spear asked him about Heal having a 5 game suspended sentence a few years ago, and why he has only been fined for $1000, and why he has only been fined $200 more than Mackinnon, a first time at the tribunal. Ninnis said he didn't think the NBL was going to take there biggest draw cards in Mackinnon and Heal and suspend them, and he thought it was just a bit of a girly fight and didn't think they would be suspended. Spear said you may aswell fine them nothing as apposed to $1000 and $800, and spoke about Adelaide being fined $100, 000 for salary cap breaches in the 90's when many other clubs were and still are doing it, and it seems like if your on the east coast you just get a slap on the wrist, Ninnis said he was part of the club at that time and fined $2000 individually for it, and thinks the NBL can see easy and hard targets. He said he doesn't think anyone is surprised that no one got suspended. Asked about the win over Sydney, said Heal would be happy and said there are many who have been involved with Goorj in the past, mentioning, Heal, Molloy, himself, Franklin, Drmic, even Holmes with the Boomers, he said the kings looked abit devoid of leadership without Smith in there team. The Dragons have the Crocs next week, at home, and said they should win, its there 3rd home game in a row. Asked if he was missing Price, he said it has been a weird situation, it was great being involved with some one of Prices ilk for a couple of games, he said from his point of view, he only got to coach 5 games, he never had Burston play for him, he said he felt disappointed for him having to bring his whole family out to Australia and not knowing what to expect from the NBL. Asked for his tips of who wont make the NBL Finals this year, he went from what he said in the coaches pole, he picked Singapore, West Sydney and said after that it gets subjective, people could through New Zealand, Dragons or even the 36ers in there. Asked if he is enjoying his role at the Dragons, he said hes still trying to get his head around it, it's a different scenario to what he and the players expected, and it's a huge change, but they are winning so they cant complain.

Bell and Spear spoke about the All Star teams, and announced them they are:

Aussie All-Stars Team
Ben Pepper NZ Breakers
CJ Bruton Brisbane Bullets
Sam MacKinnon Brisbane Bullets
Brad Newley Townsville Crocodiles
Joe Ingles South Dragons
Darryl McDonald Melbourne Tigers
Chris Anstey Melbourne Tigers
Tony Ronaldson Perth Wildcats
Paul Rogers Perth Wildcats
Martin Cattalini Cairns Taipans

Aussie Reserves
James Harvey West Sydney Razorbacks
David Barlow Sydney Kings
Shane Heal South Dragons
Glen Saville Wollongong Hawks
Mark Worthington Sydney Kings

They said they think they have done a great job selecting the Aussie All star team with them all being in good form, said some of the reserves could feel unlucky but the guys who got in are probably better

World All-Stars Team
Larry Abney Townsville Crocodiles
Jelani Gardner Townsville Crocodiles
Mike Helms Singapore Slingers
Rashad Tucker Melbourne Tigers
Dave Thomas Melbourne Tigers
Kevin Owens Cairns Taipans
Shawn Redhage Perth Wildcats
Cortez Groves Wollongong Hawks
Willie Farley Adelaide 36ers
Nick Horvath Adelaide 36ers

World Reserves
Kavossy Franklin South Dragons
Adam Ballinger Wollongong Hawks
Riccardo Powell NZ Breakers
Ebi Ere Brisbane Bullets
Dusty Rychart Brisbane Bullets

They said Owens may be a interesting one, and Farley has hit good form of late, and they said Powell was the unlucky one to miss out, and said having it picked after 6 weeks is interesting, they said the Crocs imports are both serviceable but not sure if they should defiantly be in there, and that the fact it was in Adelaide would of helped Farley. Spoke about the coaches, which hasn't been announced, said they would like to see Westover coaching, and he deserves, they mentioned Fisher and Lemanis, and Wright, and said Fisher probably would get the chance, but it goes on where they sit on the ladder.

They spoke about Spear resigning from the Basketball South Australia, BSA board, he was an inaugural member. He said he leaving is not earth shattering, as no one at that level Is irreplaceable, he had concerns, when he was asked to go on the commission he was concerned about the Debt, he said he was assured they would have a clean slate financially, and the passedena situation, he said he felt there had been several changes in what was happening with that, and with the sale of its assets, and the Passedena floor would be fixed, the original situation was the floor was deamed to be un safe, and after the sale, Pasadena was going to be fixed and since then the goal posts have moved in a direction he is not comfortable with and not in the best interest of basketball in his opinion, but basketball doesn't have a choice, and they need Pasadena back and the Wayville situation resolved, and he thinks the changes and he wasn't comfortable with where they were sitting. Said it was never his intention to leave, but felt he had to.

Phil Smyth Interview: Asked about the West Sydney game, said it was a good comeback, they took Copeland and Ng out in the 3rd to rest them for later in the game and they came on and along with Farley got a couple of steals, and gave them the momentum and they were able to sneak in the win. They then traveled back to play New Zealand, which they lost. Spear said he thought the endeavor of the players was good, and liked Sutton, and thought it was a good move to bring him in, Smyth said he has been terrific, 6'5 strong, handles the ball well, carries the ball and takes the open shot, asked about the rotations, with Maher being back, who is going to miss out, he said they will look at it week by week, Ng has to miss some games due to exams when Sutton will play, and said it gives them a opportunity to move Maher to the 2 spot at times and take the pressure off him a bit and maybe lengthen his career. Asked about Maher, said he had his first full training today, and has got his shooting touch back, and in a week or 2 he will be 100% and should be right for the rest of the season, joked Bell worked with him in the morning and he shot 1 for 9 in the evening, said he was good at steadying the ship. Asked about Wheeler. Nash and Horvath, said Wheeler had his first session today and was loookin the best since he has got here, and they have made some changes to the offence which really suit him, Nash, they hoped he will train on Thursday, on Monday morning he went into a deep muscle spasm, hopes to train on Thursday and play on Friday, asked about Copeland, said he is in a real good patch, 1 reason they bought him was his personality, enthusiasm and experience for the group and the public don't see that, but now are saying he is a good recruit and is playing the best he has for 2 years, which is impressive at 41, and hopefully he can maintain it for the rest of the season. Asked about the changes of having a privetly owned club to the old BASA board, Monday was the first time Mal had been there full time, Mal is still in the final stages of taking it over, he said it is a change as you are answering to 1 person, as you get a yes or no answer and no hamstringing from boards, he said next season could be an amazing transformation of the club and team, a re launching of the team, he said it would be fantastic to get it back to where it was when they were winning championships, asked if he feels confident about getting the tools to get what he wants, he said yea, he senses next year will be different to the last 4 or 5 with being able to offer outside employment, etc. Asked about Luke Schenscher, said he rang him to see how he was going, more so than to try and recruit him, he missed the world champs to stay in Chicago and then got cut by them. Still discussed the possibility of him playing for the 36ers, and has spoken to Mal about putting something to him to help him out whilst he is in the D-League, and he hopes he does make the NBA, but hopes he can also come back and be a 36er sometime in the future.

Bell and Spear spoke about the 36ers, said it seems to be positive, no doubt they need some new recruits, and cant afford to be losing anymore of the SA guys.

Bell and Spear spoke about the BSA board situation, he had resigned from the board, felt that the goal posts have been changed from outside forces, Spear said BSA has been hamstrung, he said they need the stadium and infrastructure, and it was disappointing that the goal posts had been shifted.

Sam Mackinnon Interview: They congratulated him on having a wrestling match with Shane Heal, asked him how he found the hearing, it was a phone hook up with Ken Masden, said it was interesting, and was handled professionally today. Asked about the Bullets successful road trip, said it was great, and a lot has been written about the Bullets having a stacked team, and they are starting to deliver and its good for them. Asked about the chemistry within the group, he said he thought they could tell that straight away, and they knew it would take a while to get used to each other, and they are starting to get used to there role not getting there 20 shots a game all the time, and sucking it up for the win. Said they don't have a lot of egos in the team, getting, Rychart, Bucher and Ere, and they have done a good job recruiting the right guys. Asked about the balance of the line up, he said Bradtke helps with the big body, and smarts and rebounds, and having depth in the team and they are all playing there roles, and said Mick Hill has been huge for them as well. Asked where he sees the strength of the 6ers, said they have had a tough run with Maher being injured, said they can put points on the boards quickly, got to be weary of Willie and Copes and they are a team that always will give you troubles. Asked about his form, he said its been ok, coming back from the World champs which he enjoyed, and is enjoying being Captain this year, said he wont take part of the dunk comp this year after doing it last year, joked about a all star wrestling match, Heal v Mackinnon, and Maher and Stewart. Asked about Dusty, he said hes been doing good, he is a quiet guys, wont say much, as soon as you get him into the social environment he is a different person. Joked about his lazer comb.

Spear spoke about Mackinnon saod he had night mares about him, when he coached the under 18 state team they played Vic metro and they had Mackinnon, Dwight, Shanahan, Dench and they got pumped. Said Mackinnon is playing well this year, he loves the way he takes the defensive board and put the ball on the floor and go, and said Nash can also do that, and every team needs players like that, and he would like to see the 36ers run a lot more.

Chuck Harmison Interview: Asked about the Heal/Mackinnon out come, he said the NBL was happy with the result, asked about Heal having a 5 game suspended sentence over his head, said it didn't ring a bell and he would look into it tomorrow. Said it was an interesting point. Asked about the difference in fine, said Heal has been there before and they determined he should know more, said it was hard to define how much to fine players, with some saying you should fine more and others saying its too much, said each case is looked at individually. Said the profile of the player doesn't come into consideration, they look at each incident individually. Asked about the All Star selection, he said he was glad to have some one else to do it, and it's a tough choice, and likes to get the fans involved, and the fans get to picked the starting 5's, said they looked to put a team together not a superstar 5. Said Powell and Ballinger stand out, as 2 unlucky ones. Said the dunkers should be announced shortly, joked about Mackinnon doin all star wrestling. Asked about the timing of the All star game, he said its almost half way through the season by the time it roles around, it is probably abit early, and it wasn't perfect timing after Christmas last season. Being early probably does impact on selection a little bit as some havnt been fully able to prove themselves. Said they have spoken to all players, baring un for seen injuries they will all be there. Asked about how Singapore is going, he was up there for a couple of games, they are intergrating themselves into the local market, being a tough sell, looking for Asian players who are good enough, and they are working hard to raise the profile they have to give it time to find its feet and thinks it will work as it goes along. Asked about the Gold Coast, they have put a proposal to the board and there will be an announcement in the coming weeks.

Bell and Spear said it would be funny if Heal got rubbed out because of this show. And they wouldn't be liked and it might give Ninnis a chance to coach.

Read out last rounds results, see

Spear and Bell did there tips. Hawks v Taipans, tipped Cairns. 36ers v Crocs, tipped 6ers, Tigers v Bullets, tipped Bullets, Wildcats v Kings, tipped Perth, Taipans v Breakers, tipped Taipans, Razors v Hawks, tipped Hawks, Dragons v Crocs, tipped Dragons. Bulets v 36ers, tipped Brisbane.

Dana called in: She said well done for keeping on with the program, after needing sponsors, Bell said they need some sponsors to pay for there time on the air, they do the show for nothing, but have to pay the station, Dana suggested running a fundraising event for the show. Bell said it works out to be $8000 a year to keep the show on the air. Asked about her thoughts on the 36ers, she thought the New Zealand game was brilliance and the Breakers defence was very good, and was pleased to hear the crowd getting into it like they did, said it was brilliant even though the 36ers lost, and she hasn't seen much criticism of it, and Farleys 3rd quarter was electrifying. Said Maher looked disappointed and said he felt restricted having his calf strapped up, and his shot was just a bit short, said he will come good and hasn't played for a while, Bell said after a week of training Brett will be back to usual. Dana said she hopes the Heal suspension comes off, and thinks he is a tosser, and he causes the rough ness, they said its great to have him back playing as it gets people talking. She said the fines were a joke, said Ninnis had been very borderline with some of his comments, Spear and Bell said they don't want people toing the line, and want people like Stacker who says what he thinks.

Lauren King Interview: She is in Townsville doing her uni commitments. Said she is enjoying playing for the Lightning, working hard and its paying off. She played for NSW country, went to AIS, then to Townsville then to Adelaide. They are playing perth on Friday and Saturday. Asked how she fits in with Lucas's system, she said it was similar to Townsville being up and down and running, its exciting and fun. Her boyfriend is playing for the West Adelaide Bearcats, he is from Mackay and was playing for Townsville Heat in the ABA. Said there is more interest in the league in Adelaide there is way more people coming to watch at the Dome, and she has found it really good. Asked if she has had much to do with Vince Marino, she went to Whyalla to pick up some cars and got to meet him, said he is a great guy, so funny and loves basketball.

Another Great show, look forward to next week!!

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Great work again Jonno...

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