Double Clutch
Years ago

Music man and quality.

Just thought it was the right time to bring up something that has been on my mind while everyone is talking about changes for next season.

While the 36ers there selves haven't been fun to watch, the music man at the game hasn't helped.

He started the year playing the exact same of songs in the exact same order for the first handful of games. After a while it occurred to him, to maybe mix the order of the songs. Meanwhile 36ers season ticket holders are being subjected to the same old tired songs we hear week after week while getting thrashed by 30 points each week. Nice way to kill the atmosphere.

Has the DJ ever heard of familiarity breeds contempt? Well the same rule goes for music. There are a million of songs out there and there are also a lot of valid song suggestions on this very forum at the very least which he can use if he lacks imagination.

Also, I can't understand why hip-hop has been struck from the play list, while we have songs with lyrics like this:

"Put your hands down my pants, and I'll bet you'll feel nuts." Bloodhound gang Discovery Channel, (another song played every damn week).

The other thing I would like to question is if the DJ knows anything about basketball, and anything about the Adelaide crowd. He plays songs at very inappropriate times, and meanwhile continues to thrash out songs like "Sweet like chocolate" while no one in the crowd gets into it. Here's a little tip, if the crowd doesn't like a song, don't play it. We are not at the game to listen to your favorite 20 songs of all time each week.

There is a lot more I can go on about, but hopefully the DJ takes some pointers and improves in the remaining games. Also I would like to know if he is paid for his service, because if he is, Mal should find another employee.

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Years ago

I agree, more hip hop please.

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Years ago

Grab your ears,"Double Clutch" and pull your and pull your head out of your butt! I think it's the food vendors that are causing the 36ers unfortunate season not the financial wows from last year and beforew.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Being a mod I could just delete your comment "russzz" because it has no link to my post at all but I'd like to see you explain what the hell you are talking about.

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Ben Fitz  
Years ago

DC this years Music Man is new to the gig and has played many songs different to seasons past.

I can tell you that last night was different again because I was doing the music so dont blame Jerry if you thought it was bad.

As for not knowing basketball i think that you will find almost every one of the employees/ volunteers are into basketball and have been so for a long time.

On a personal note Hip Hop whilst a great Genre doesn't necessarily provide the crowd the ability to get into it.

From experience, usually the song with a distinctive beat gets the crowd clapping along whilst a song like "Jump Around" is a little harder to clap along to as it has no distinctive beat with many key changes through out.

Same old story though as you can not please everyone all of the time

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Years ago

i think that while playing some 'favorites' is great...

there needs to be more of an emphasis on playing songs that are in the Top 40 at that particular game time.

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Years ago

Kick push-lupe fiasco

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Years ago

that country boy song just doesn't have the same appeal with out reesy

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Actually I thought last night was an improvement.

But if you remember at the start of the year there was a stretch of 3 or 4 home games in a row on a Friday night and the exact same songs were played in almost the same order each week.

I agree with you with what you are saying about hip-hop (but come on "jump around" is your example, you telling me songs like "Hey ya" which was played the other night don't work), but by the same token a lot of the songs that are being played now I don't think the crowd will get into either. Sweet like chocolate being the obvious choice, a laid back tune which puts people to sleep. Like suggested earlier, a little bit of top40 being thrown in can help to break things up a bit. Techno tracks are also great for the clapping rhythm and yet we don't hear much "call on me" or "my, my, my" anymore.

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Years ago

One comment..I was early to the lightning game and was subjected to 'testing 123..!' ad infinitum and lo and behold, the switch was flicked at the start of the game with a huge 'noise' that obviously wasn't meant to be there. If you're gonna do the sound check so many times, can you make sure the correct switches are on before you try to do something....this wasn't the regular music man that was playing with the sound at that stage.
The testing, testing, yo, yo, etc. etc. was bloody annoying after 10 mins non stop.

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Years ago

i request Pop The Coochie by 2 Live Crew... classic

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Years ago

just one comment, i love the hit the road jack when players are fouled out but found it a bit bitter to have it played when a former 36er fouled out, but thats just my opinion, allthough the group sitting with me made the same remarks

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Years ago

If you are looking for some news songs with a great beat.

Try a new band called 'The Fratellis'

Their song 'Chelsea Dagger' in particular I think would rock.

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Years ago

Yeh i found the hit the road jack episode very inappropriate especially when aimed at a guy who has just had 31 on us in under 30 minutes. Add to that the fact we were down by 30!!??

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Years ago

how about playing loser by beck.... `I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me' or maybe even You Suck by Murmurs. All very fitting songs for season 06/07.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

To be fair to Jerry I just wanted to add one more thought I had.

This year would have been the hardest year to be doing the music ever, because when you are up by 30, instead of down by 30 you will like anything.

By the same token, if you find a song annoying, it is doubling annoying when 30 points down.

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Years ago

Would be fresh to take the audience on a trip into today by playing a mix of the oldies with some good hard edge contemporary hip hop, techno and top 40. Freshen up the whole night by making a strong statement about today and make it young and fresh. Get with it more. Think street

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Please no hip hop, i hate going to the games enough already. just play 80s stuff everyone likes that.

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Years ago

No 80's stuff please. Everyone hates it.

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Years ago

Hasn't the music been about the same for the past six years?

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Years ago

You LISTEN to the music when the game is on?

I'm not kidding, I couldn't name ONE song that I am 100% sure that the Dragons played this season.

There's a couple I THINK they played, but I'm not sure.

I remember the Titans used to play "Let's get Loud" a lot, but only coz my son used to dance to it in the stands when he was 3.

I don't give a toss about music. I like that it's there, but I don't take any notice of what it is.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Dicko, if you are referring to me, I am of the same mind as you.

Unfortunately my two friends who are season ticket holders find issues such as this important, and I want someone to go to the basketball with next season.

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