Years ago

Open Letter to Andrew Bogut

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this - but interesting letter from Etan Thomas to Bogut:

Open Letter to Andrew Bogut

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Years ago

Etan thomas just keep praising the stars and stripes mate.

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Etan Tomas is one of the few NBA players who actually has something between his ears... Nice rebuttal of Andrew's babbling...

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Years ago

I thought it was a well written, balanced response to Bogut. He didnt resort to using the race card either which was refreshing.

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Frog 94  
Years ago

Etan's trying to make a name for himself now, so he doesn't end up like the other 80% later on.

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Years ago

Hmmm.. not to sure about this article.

Since when did Bogut move to Croatia at age 14???

Last time I heard Bogut drove a GTO which here is a Monaro. Not exactly a hummer or bentley or ferrari (maybe Isaac needs to hook him up with his dealer) or lambo.

A pair of earrings ain't a 100k necklace.

Bogut was referring to NBA players, Thomas equated it to the whole country which is a bit of a reach.

Isn't "America is the best country" a class in most US high schools????

Thomas as no knowledge of Australian culture. If Bogut interviewed and said "oh I made $5.3 million last year, I drive around in a brand new Ferrari, and I dropped 100k on this necklace" the Australian tall poppy syndrome would of kicked in and he would of been thought of as a wanker. Bogut tried to portray to the Australian media that he isn't all bling bling, doesn't drive around in a ferrari etc etc. He just has a poor choice of words.

Bogut's original interview wasn't the best, but it's a bit of a storm in the tea-cup thing.

and just think, the Bucks were thinking of trading for Etan Thomas....

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Years ago

Agree with TR

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Dirty Day  
Years ago

Bogut is an idiot. Who cares?

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Years ago

Blame Bogut for everything your not.
The 1st and probably only
Australian Number #1 pick in NBA history, hes an aussie speaks 1st thinks 2nd like most people on this website.
Next thing you know Newley will make it big and everything he says will be Disputed and turned into dribble.
lets remember where we all come from whilst the USA richers Bling Bling there way to happiness.
E.Thomas had some points spoken well, all Bogut did was address issues of 80% of NBA players such as Charles Oakley has said for a long time. Alot of USA brand players take advantage of there situation, i would do the same being in that postion atleast i can idmit it. i would label a player such as Dwayne Wade in the 20% of players on the Path of greatness, on and off the court. IMO

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Years ago

TR, Etan only raised the US as a whole because Bogut said he wouldn't want to raise his kids there.

Etan comes across as far wiser, but has the benefit of writing and rewriting his piece, whereas Bogut simply erred a few times in a spoken interview.

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Years ago

Exactly Issac Point well taken

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Eddie #55  
Years ago

Fair enough arguments both ways.

Thomas makes a fool of himself however by linking Bogut directly to the Europeans in reply to article that has a sub-heading including the words "all-Australian boy" and goes on to link Bogut back to Australia several times.

But yes, valid points from the pair.

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Years ago

I also agree with it being a fair argument on both sides. Bogut has surely crossed the line with a few of his generalizations though but he is entitled to his opinion and if that's what he believes then so be it. Doesn't anyone else think that he could damage the reputation of Australian culture through these statements?

I see Australian culture reflecting a laid back, welcoming and friendly approach to all types of people. Bagging the American culture is surely not the appropriate way to go about things, regardless if they tend to live the 'glamarous' lifestyle.

Bogut is a professional athlete and even if NBA players are pissin their money away it is none of his business, he should simply let his game speak. If you wanna impress me Bogut then regularly put up the numbers that your overly hyped ass should be. NBA players may be arrogant and want the best of everything but hey, most of them earn their salaries, Bogut's stats aren't what i call impressive for a number 1 draftee, unless you want to compare him to Kwame Brown (HACK!)

America's lavish lifestyle and their arrogance of them claiming 'they are the best' may be an issue but if he is so critical of it then i would like to see him leave the states and go elsewhere to continue his basketball career. He says he doesn't want to raise his kids there, ohh but he doesn't have a problem living there in his early 20s and making millions a year.

I believe the real issue here is money. Many of these NBA players grew up without food on the table or electricity in their own house. When they are filled with money up to the necks what do you think they are gonna do with it, save it? Are you telling me that if NBL players (Australian born and bread) were making the cash that NBA players make that they wouldn't go buy a nice car, spend nights with all sorts of girls and flaunt a bit of what they have? Not all players, but surely a fair amount would.

I just think Bogut didnt carry himself well, i was actually shocked when i read that article for the first time.

For people who support Bogut and agree with his statements your points are valid and right (TR especially). I guess Bogut may be right on some statements, i personally just think he is a tool with no class. I'm sure we wont label him as one the 'arrogant, money wasting' nba players if he just forks out a bit of his own to hire someone who can help him use the right words when he is speaking so he doesn't say things that make him look just as arrogant as the NBA players that he has wrongfully put down. There is no substitute for class Mr Bogut

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Years ago

I agree with you Isaac, Etan came across as a wiser more professional person, and the original interview by Bogut was rubbish.

Bogut spoke like a brash twenty year old that thinks to highly of himself, but hey, we were all that age and immature once, and I'm sure Etan was as well. Issues Bogut raised were valid, he just expressed them like a 20 year old and went the wrong way about it, sort of like Pauline Hanson (and I don't agree with her statements).

The child raising reference was probably one of the silliest parts of Boguts interview.

If someone is going to respond to an article then at least do a little research on the topic..

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