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Message to Mal

Dear Mal,

The last two weeks have shown you a view of what an excited basketballing community will do. The crowds I am sure, were the biggest for the last two years at least (anybody?) Well, all that will be gone with the continued pathetic efforts of the current coaching staff.

I for one, will not be renewing my membership until there is a change made. He who can't be mentioned because he doesn't like all the negativity, has got to go. Plain and simple - no explanation needed. But if you do want one - well just look read the posts on this site and see the ineptness (new word!) of this "leader".

Time for him to go and then you may have a shot at signing a team that can make the top 8 in a 13 team competition!

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Years ago

Bring in Scott Ninnis or Ian Stacker.

Please Mal

The time has come.

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Frog 75  
Years ago

Yes the coach is to blame but why shouldn't some of the blame lay with the pathetic performance of the players. Copes exploding last night would have had a massive impact on the game, with the Sixers being down by 1 or 2 points at that stage. Tonight it seems in the third quarter most the players simply gave up, the coach isn't responsible for the attitude of the players on court.

I don't believe a different coach this season would have resulted in a vastly improved season. The club had a collection of role players, aba level role players and, until hodge arrived only three players worthy of starting on another nbl team.

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Years ago

He'll resign Monday.

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Dog 65  
Years ago

Yeah right, and pigs fly.....

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Years ago

I too will not be renewing my tickets of 11 years until something is done. Use our friggin payroll and get some players....get some depth.....and stop giving duds like Sutton contracts in this league.

Stop being an NBL graveyard for players to come and kill their careers because we apparently have a coach that everyone wants to play for ? Who ? Dench, Mastrovich, Maley etc. What about Ingles.....and Newley....THE FIRST TIME !!!!

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Frog 75  
Years ago

Ingles has said numerous times he didn't want to sign for the sixers, rather be apart of something new, eg a brand new franchise in Melbourne and the chance to create history. Newley... well thats just bad luck, is it the coaches fault or the managements fault for not signing him in the first place?

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Years ago

Firstly, this is my opinion and I don't intend to include anyone else's thought about this, so this rests totally on my head....


What was once one of the most storied and successful franchises in the history of the NBL has become a joke, a laughing stock and an embarrasment.

This mess started two seasons ago and has now festered into a wound which will not get any better, nor be healed overnight due to the ineptness of certain people on your staff.

A certain member of your staff which good, loyal fans have been told that they can not mention his name along with his sidekick have been the only stable, consistant faces to this franchise. Players have come and gone over the seasons, but two faces remain perched at the end of the bench.

I agree 'he shall not be named' originally bought success and for that I will be thankful, he entered the league and bought with him new style, but as things in life, basketball and society progress, evolve and become better, one style has not. One style has remain the same, it has become stagnant and rotten and can not be revived.

The so-called leader of this squad displays an attitude which I do not want to see. I've had enough of the slouching in the chair, I've had enough of the hands in the pockets, I have had enough of the lazy display and I have had enough of the lack of passion and energy, and I'm tired of the excuses.

Excuses have come any gone, we were first receptive to the excuses, but we have now been feed the same tripe week in and week out for seasons. There has to be a time where the excuses stop and people either walk away or are forced to leave. Remember that no one individual is bigger than the franchise.

For the sake of this franchise a change needs to be made, either someone needs to fall on his sword and except that he is no longer the man for the job, or it needs to take someone to take the lead, stand up, be a leader and make changes.

Tonight is probably the first time where my loyalties have been seriously rocked. Yes, some of that probably carried over from watching the debacle the night before at Woollongong. I travelled over 300km to watch this game, to watch once was once the mighty and proud Adelaide 36ers... what I witnessed was something of a tragic decline to our famous club.

If results, attitudes and performances continue as they are, then surely this becomes a business decision. People are tired of the same excuses and the poor displayed. You bought into a proud, successful franchise with supporters that will support your product, they will attend games across Australia but they will expects results, they will expect passion and they will expect the best.

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Years ago

I agree with almost everything in this thread. Its heard to see how Mal, having attended tonights game, can allow this to continue.

Sign a new Coach. Make us proud. Please Ax Paul Bauer.


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Years ago

co-sign change is the coaching staff needed.

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

TR couldn't have put it better!
Let's revive the old Labour party slogan.


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bretts the man  
Years ago

great post T R spot on with comments in your post and I feel for you I havent been to interstate games for 3-4 years and when did saw great wins but always a contest. They are tearing the heart out of us long time supporters. All because the man wants the limelight not the work.
Frog 75 what are you on about the coach is responsible for team on court in all aspects and he picked this team not Mal or board and he only saw Inglis as a bench warmer,why wouldnt you go elsewhere.
They say he is the coach everyone wants to play for how come they dont come.
Only decent aust. picked up from interstatein las 3-4 years is Davo and he is 31 and was at slingers.
Mal lets poach a current coach not on huge salary and doing well with ordinary plyrs and team has system
and diff. defences

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Years ago

Thanks TR - you put that all that better than I did!!

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Same ol' same ol'  
Years ago

please don't sign Ninnis! He is Voldemort the second!!

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Years ago

frog 75, when copeland was ejected we were down by 8 pts to the third bottom team who had one import and lost starting guard for season to injury. most of our players are pretty good. should be able to do better than this more consistently.

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Years ago

anon i agree with dench and mastro but not maley.

tr again a quality post.

i know it probably wont get noticed but how bout emailing it to the club or faxing it.

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Years ago

I pitty to see all of the faces when "He" walks away from the club, and next season is the same result as this.

Mr P will walk away, they will get 2-4 new players that will turn their whole game around and everyone will priase themselves for being "right". despite the fact the team was built this season and just needs to be tweaked.

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Years ago

skud i do agree the team has been re-built this year, however regardless of the quality of players that are in the team he who cant be named coaching is below par compare to majority of other nbl coaches. He is known to be a 'lazy coach' and not put the work in that is required. This is one of the reasons why players come and play at the 36ers, they know he who shall not be named wont grill them like goorj and joyce. His coaching skills are outdated, and hence new coaching blood is required!

I think stacker is not the answer either, he too has had his day and proven regardless of how much talent he has he still cant win a championship ( ie his townsville days).

Adelaide needs a new identity and he who shall not be named is not that person to carry that into the future!

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Years ago

Skud what a ridiculous thing to say. It's time for change.

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Years ago

What is really ridiculous is that I bet some of you actually think Mal will ever read this.

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Mr. Hemmerling  
Years ago


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Years ago

Skud there is always some excuse from you on his behalf no matter how pathetic the team is performing. What do you think we should sign him up again? Give him a few more chances to prove him self??? What an absolute joke!

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Years ago

Well put TR,
I understand your feelings entirely, i have been a volemort supporter the whole time...but this season has shown that his time is up, its that simple.

I dont believe he is a bad coach, i think that his methods are no longer suitable for our club. he will always be one of the greats of the 36ers, but he needs to go now...

the stupidity of the removal of his name from the boards, the whinging about bad calls, the complaining about the cheerleaders lol. all these things add a multiply effect to his poor results and plans for the team this year

Thanks Phil, you are a legend of the 36ers, but time is up...

you are the weakest link...goodbye

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Years ago

yes, I agree, in most cases, if an employee is not doing his job properly or to the best of his ability,
he is given his "marching orders".
and that is what "you know who" is, an "employee"
plus the other members of "staff" must be lacking in their ability as well.
time for an overhaul!

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Years ago

I trust your judgement! I will always renew my season tickets, win or lose. I will always support the team win or lose. I will never boo my team, win or lose. I will support the players even when they have had a shit game. I doubt that you will see this, but I want you to know that many of us long time supporters of the club don't bother to look on this forum, let alone post on it, and we certainly do not have the same opinion as some on here who profess to speak for all of us.
Here's to a better season next season.

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Years ago

Dana - I applaud your loyalty to the 36ers but even you must have a breaking point?
Would you still fork out for your tickets next season if the following happened -

Same Coaching staff
Ballinger accepts a rival clubs offer and leaves
Ng leaves to be a Dr full time
Newley stays in Europe
Brett retires as his body cant handle it anymore
Howdges leaves

David Stiff returns to the club
Horvarth returns as an Import to replace Ballinger
Dench re-signs
Burdon elevated to replace Brett
Sutton talked up as stepping up to replace Ng
Chappelle brought back as he is fully fit and ready to recapture his for

Surely even the most loyal of supporters such as yourself would have to question whats going on at the club if the above were to occur?

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Years ago

As long as the club is still in Adelaide, I will still buy a season ticket.
Some seasons will be better than others and some will be worse. As often as the 36ers have a great year, other clubs are having a lousy year. We have had more than the average number of good years, even with the current coach. By a simple law of averages, there are bound to be bad seasons. Unfortunately, every team has it's downers. It's just seems like it's Adelaide's turn to be on a downer. If you pick any of the older teams in the league, you'll find that every one of them goes through the same thing at one time or another. Sure it would be great if Adelaide won the AFL, NBL, WNBL, Soccer, Netball, etc. But hey, there are plenty of other teams in this country all trying to Win the same competition. Someone's gotta lose sometime. Sure it's a shame it's our team, but I am still pleased that we even have a team. I'm old enough to have seen good, bad, good, bad, and I have no doubt that the good will be here again.

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Years ago

Oh and to answer your hypothesis Statman, you and I both know that all of those things won't all happen, but even if they did and the team were still in Adelaide, I would still buy a ticket.

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Years ago

I am tempted to not re-new my season tickets until I see changes. The coaching staff need to go, we need change, new voices, new direction.

This season I've mainly come to admire opposition players as they delivered more to cheer about rather than our own team.

The original import was a disaster and the new one has been decent, but come far too late.

This season is bloody wasted with another year of no playoff action. This makes many of the fans angry including myself.

Mal! Time to make major changes.

Start a long-term team. Stop this on and off nonsense we keep receiving. I am sick of seeing players left after 1-2 seasons. It's a disgrace.

36ers are in deep trouble and currently laughing stock. There is no passion or past history involved right now or insipiration. Fix it Mal!

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Years ago

Fair enough Dana - I can see your point regarding good times and bad - I agree that we cant win all the time and I can accept the losses when they come. What I cannot accept however is a team (and coaching staff)that seem to be just going through the motions and not giving 110% at ALL times. If the players and coaching staff think they gave their all last night agains the Bullets then we have more problems that I thought!

I have no doubt whatsoever that 'the coach' hates losing and wants the team to be winning. He has proved in the past as player and coach that he is a winner and will work hard to give himself the best chance to win and Im sure that at the moment he is trying his best. However - at the moments somethng is not working, the mesaage is either not getting through or its just gone stale. Thats life - it happens and IMO this means a change is needed. Nothing personal - nothing sinister - nothing nasty - time for a change has arrived and its up to The Club and 'the coach' to sit down and work out the best way for this change to happen and ensure that the club moves forward and a club legend is able to walk away with head held high.

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Years ago

congrats on your support Dana, i hope that you get to enjoy the 36ers success well into the future.

By the way, those who suggest that Mal - Voldemort - sixers admin etc etc, dont read the site...

makes you wonder why we are forced to refer to our head coach as voldemort, me thinks someone has been reading the posts

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Years ago

Dana, I wish you had been with me last night at the Brisbane game. The 36ers were just simply embarrassing. Made me feel ashamed to be a supporter. Like you, I will also renew my season tickets because this rot has to come to an end and I want to see a successful 36ers team. I don't entirely blame the coach, its the players that have to show more passion and put their bodies on the line for the game. Copeland in Friday's game got a tech foul for his treatment of a ref. Davidson last night got a tech foul and his 6th for the game after he let out his frustration and kicked the ball. Did he not know he was already sitting on 5 fouls and that point. The frustration did not come from any bad calls from the refs but purely from the team's inability to do anything. Their shooting again was woeful. They got their opportunities but could not convert them to points (this has nothing to do with the coach). I watched Dench just standing on court watching a loose ball or a rebound just go past him without making any attempt to try and catch it. For God's sake he is blessed with a monster body, why can't he use it? Copeland also fouled out. Hodge injured and out for the 2nd half of the game. Maher injured and not in attendance. It was a case of looking around the bench and thinking who in the hell are they going to sub on. The Bullets played an elite team all night, we looked like a bunch of ABA players because that is all that was left. Ng and Ballinger are the only two that worked tirelessly all game. With so many players out, I would have thought that Davidson and Copeland might have been a little more considerate and work towards keeping themselves in the game. Especially a game where Copeland was actually making some shots.

The coach can only do so much. He can't avoid injuries, he can't make them shoot well and he can't stop them from becoming frustrated and earning themselves tech fouls. He also can't control how much money the owner spends to put together a decent team.

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Years ago

Dana - to a point, there has to be some blame at the players, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the coach.

Who has to motivate the players?
Who has to organise player matchups?
Who has to call what offence and defence to play?
Who is charge of practise to ensure peak performance and minimal injuries?
Who manages the players and knows when they are getting frustrated?
Who has to find ways to get peak performance out of there players?

Voldermort's attitude of basically go out and have fun might work with some players, but others need more structure - take for example Dench and Chappell, both brilliant players at other clubs, yet totally useless here.

To put it in perspective, I have been luckily enough to have been coached over the years by many different and great coaches.

One was like Voldermort, go out and have fun on the court, make your own decisions - and sure enough we won a lot af games, and it was some of the most enjoyable times I have ever had on a BBall court.

Second coach was more like Boy-George, yelling and screaming at players, highly tatical and high pressure, BBall was not a lot of fun, but we won the Championship, making all the pain worthwhile - and my favourite overall coach as much as I hated him at times!

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bretts the man  
Years ago

EC some great posts but mate I get really annoyed when people keep saying we havent had money to buy players as we have spent our salary cap every year if not very close to it and more than a Hawks team.
But remember our coach although reluctant to do get stuck into scouting etc has been able to get a bl--dy good deal for himself in the top bracketof NBL coaches.
Regarding the on field issues, he is the man pick the Denches etc and he is one not willing to work himself or team hard and create team discipline and structure to overcome any hurdles.
How long has his results been inflated by Bretts shooting us out of trouble.
Dana we all love the loyal attitude , so the Crows would have won a premiership by keeping Robert Shaw as coach and not getting Blight .
We just want to see our team each week have a go with passion and be organized with structure like a pro. team should.
Forget excuses the efforts of last 3 games is totally
unnaceptable and we should want better.

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Years ago

hawks are a cheap team. only 1 import and no tait who was their starting guard. that result was not good for us.

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