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Hodge- is he the best player in the NBL???

Just wondering what peoples thoughts on Hodge are?? do you think he is the best player in the NBL???
I think he would have to come close, he scores almost as much as Ebi but gets alot more rebounds and assists and can run the point, meaning he has a better all round game than ebi. then you look at other all round players say a Dave Thomas, Darnell Mee, Galen Young type player they all score 5-10 points less than Julius, which is why i think he is the best player in the league, if he played the full season he would have to be a MVP favourite i think!

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MC's HammerTime  
Years ago

But thats just it, he hasnt played the whole season.
No doubt he is a good player but I don't think a 'few' rounds justifies 'best player in the NBL'.

Was definetely a good pickup by the 36ers tho.

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Years ago

You'd be confident of saying top five on current form, and I think Ballinger would be another.

Ere, Ballinger, Hodge, Anstey, Penney (Redhage almost, but not quiet).

Statistically, makes a strong case for MVP had he played a full season and Adelaide were at least 6-8th.

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MC's HammerTime  
Years ago

Ahh Redhage.. Frikn Redhage..
Started good, slumped.. Naturalised.. Good.. Slumping again..

Watching him against the kings on Saturday was painful.

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Years ago

Id agree with Ballinger. he has great range and started very well last night until he was hampered by his back (I think) A couple of shots that he dropped over some very good defence were superb

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Years ago

I am now a believer. Sign him up.

Not quite the best yet though. I'd say Ere, Anstey, Penney yes, and also when fully fit McKinnon and Maher are up there too..

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Years ago

I think he is the best import in the league.

Hes been here for a month and already looks like hes a NBL veteran. (surely 2 POTW)

His versatility is amazing. No one can match his enthusiasm, heart, passion, flair which sets him apart from a lot of players. Seems like the perfect team mate and a great lockeroom guy

Ebi is unreal, but he is really just a shooter. He looks awkward when he drives the ball and can't play defense.

As for overall, Anstey would make any team amazing with everything he brings - id put Hodge behind him.

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Years ago

Hopefully the 36ers get to keep Hodge and after a few years he becomes naturalised haha

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Years ago

Redhage always seems to struggle agains the kings.

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Years ago

My top 3



after that, so watching Hodge, but long time to prove things yet

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hoop fiend  
Years ago

If there is a new coach, he will want to put his own stamp on the team and bring in his own imports.

Having said that, the most disappointing thing about Julius's brilliance is that we may only have one last chance to see him play here again in Adelaide. He just got here too late for us {the fans, the league, coaches, teammates ..} to really appreciate him.

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Years ago

Certainly if you exclude his first 2 games his averages are fantasic.

In 8 games he has averaged

27.3 points (Best in the League)
9.3 Rebounds (7th in ther League)
4.3 offensive rebounds (Best in the League)
5 Defensive Rebounds (16th in the League)
6.3 Assists (Best In The League)
1.3 Steals (18th In The League)

Agree that he hasnt played long enough to be given an MVP nod but does any think he could sneak into The NBL First Team?

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Years ago

If there is a new coach, he will want to put his own stamp on the team and bring in his own imports.
Not necessarily true. They could have their own style and want someone different, but anyone can recognise that Ballinger and Hodge are top-tier players.

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