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36ers lose to Tigers in Melbourne

looks like no one is following this game so i will be the first to say we lost and lost pretty big. I just hope that these back to back big losses dont kill any morale thats left. Another quite night by brett and tyndale as well. The only good thing is that we finally will get to see a home game again.

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There was some talk in a thread further down, then the stats stopped.

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So what was the score?? Scorers?

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oh ok, true reflection on how lazy iam i did not even bother to check out the thread below.

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final score 119-91

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the cage capacity
barlow anstey grizzard all dominated
36er out of game by quarter time - not sure if they were ready to play - thinkjoshua point about morale think hit nail on the head -
huge message delivered by tigers

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Years ago

The sad thing is that they actually outscored the Tigers in the 2nd and 3rd quarter. The usual story again that the 36ers only know how to play half a game.

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Years ago

They need a few years to gel.

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How many more games do you think Tyndale should have to prove himself? I believe he should have two more, than get rid of him if he can't produce.

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I would only consider cutting Tyndale once Hodge is available again. In theory, he is the perfect type of player for this team - just needs some consistency.

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Years ago

How hard is it to get it right, 36ers LOSE to Tigers, not loose......!!!!

Loose is what your hat is.....

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Did I read the box score correct that Cooper didn't get one rebound that game?

So far this season (5 games) his stats appear to be:

11 points 3/13 FG 5/9 FT, 14 RB, 3 AS, 4 TO, 3 BL, 14 FL from around 85 minutes of play.

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Bretts the man  
Years ago

Well although not good at this stage didnt expect to beat Tigers or N Z but would have even with injuries liked to beem more competitive . It was the away loss to Spirit that has hurt us. Scotty has a lot of work to do . Has to get Brett back into game . This is when we find out character of team and how good coach Scotty is. Have felt all the time Tyndale is limited in his scoring options on what I have seen .
Why is there so many nagging injuries. Hope all ok to put in solid week and learn some attack and defensive systems.

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Years ago

Hodge recommended Tyndale, so therefor he was probably mates with him. So do you think he would want to come back if we were to cut Tyndale just to get him back, if he becomes available.

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Years ago

I agree Corey. it makes me cringe and not want to read the thread. They clearly dropped out of high school early.

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Years ago

I went to the game it was a heartless performance by the Sixers. The only time they showed any fight was when the game was well and truly over. It is like a big brother picking on his little brother. The sixers cant stand up to any type of Physical game and fall to pieces when they are faced with it.

There was no competition out there for Melbourne as they were able to rest key starters throughout the game. We were only down by 15 at the half and I thought we were lucky to only be down by that much. Tigers should have really had it out to 30 by half time they were dominating that much.

It is time to go Tyndale! His defense is terrible especially his defensive awareness! Add to that his offence is not much better. He looks out of control with his offensive awareness also. His 3 point shoot is average at best. The first time I saw him I thought he was average and nothing has changed on my opinion of him. He doesn't even look like he is getting on with his team mates on the court. Furthermore, The fact that he is only 6"3/4 with long arms is not good enough. Back on the plane!

I am also pretty concerned with Liam Flynn. My understanding is he has been the video analysis guy for the sixers for the last couple of seasons (If I am not wrong? He was at least last year and im pretty sure the season before but I could be wrong). The reason why this concerns me is because for the last few seasons our defense has been TERRIBLE. This would be the main focus for the Video analysis guy as they would be looking at common patterns on players scoring, how the offense is run, how they can stop players, how they are getting the majority of their points etc Now I cant totally point the finger at him because for all I know he could be giving the correct information to the players and coaches and it is up to them to execute it. However, the same patterns are emerging from this team as was the case with Smyth's team but this time we basically have a new team. So im not sure why he was not let go OTHER then the fact that he has a strong friendship with Scott from Sturt! In professional sports whoever scouts the other teams more thoroughly has the best chance to win. We are not even in the game losing by 38 and 30. This shouldn't happen! Even gold coast would put in a more respectable performance then that.

Onto the game:

Schensher was great and battled hard the whole night. He better be starting from now on! Lets bring Maher of the bench for a spark from there. Luke was our best player.

Holmes and Ballinger. Both played good and did as much as they could. I think Ballinger missed a few easy shots though however I cant ask for much more from them two as they are putting in the effort.

Cooper was absolutely soft as, as always. He looks like he has gone down the Nash path. His offense has not improved at all and I so wish we could have Mottram over him! Cooper is adding nothing to the offense and his defense has seemed to have faded also!

Bruce seemed to struggle. His shot wasn't falling so he seemed to switch off. He seems to be a very hot or cold kind of player. If he can develop some consistency that would be great. However I cant be too harsh on him as it is his first season in the NBL.

Tyndale AVERAGE!

Davidson put in good effort as shown from last season but Bruce is really killing his effectiveness unfortunately.

Maher went missing again due to the offense not really creating anything for him.

Hill tried heaps hard and drove to the basket hard like no other sixers were however was a bit unlucky with his drives. One time he could have passed it and instead drove hard but missed the layup, he then copped what looked like an ear full by Liam Flynn. Now I could be wrong here and Liam could have been giving encouragement to Hill but from what I saw it looked like he was blasting him. From then on in the game Hill looked disheartened.

Another note from the game was Davidson getting probably accidently hit by Anstey and then having words to him next down we were down in offense. The next play Anstey fired up had the ball on the 3 point line and thought Davidson was on him and swung his elbows and drew contact with mahers head smacking him to the ground. The umpires called an unsportsmanlike foul on Anstey for this absolutely dirty play. This play by Anstey should have been reported as it was intentional hence why it was called an unsportsmanlike foul, if it was football he would be suspended for a few games but because it is the NBL nothing will come of it. However it doesn't change the fact that Anstey is turning into a complaining, cheap arrogant thug!

Also if anyone gets in a Taxi in Melbourne with a taxi driver named Alan can you punch him in the head for me! The reason is because I asked him to drive me to the Melbourne Netball and hockey center and he insisted he knew where it was. Instead he drove me to Hisense areana/MCG and when I got out of the car I was sure it wasn't the right place but this clown assured me it was but it took me 2 minutes before I realized it wasn't. For the record the Netball and hockey stadium is on the otherside of town about 15 minutes away from where I was!

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Years ago

KingJames might have a point about the video analysis, the defence is a disgrace.

I also spotted the 14 minute, no rebound game from Cooper. Schenscher should be starting, with Maher coming off the bench. We REALLY need Winitana back, we are missing his energy on the court. In a blowout with our guards having their asses handed to them I would have thought that Kersten would get a run. 4/24 from downtown is also disgusting, worse considering Holmes accounted for 2/4 of those. It might be worth taking Eze to the Gong.

There is just such a big difference between the Sixers of the first 2.5 games and the last 2.5. At some point it would be nice if we won a road game too.

Tyndale's offensive numbers aren't great, but still rebounding and he had 7 assists. The others need to step up though. Hell, Wollongong beat Perth with one of their imports (Franklin) going scoreless on 0/9! Maher needs to do more, he has been shit for 4 games now.

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Joe M  
Years ago

I blame Phil for this loss...oh he's not the coach any more is he. Didn't every man and his dog on this site last season proclaim that as soon as we got rid of Phil the defence would improve as they would work on it every day at practise and the 30 point hidings would disappear? Really, looks like that myth has been busted as the defence by the Sixer still sucks and we are still getting killed by 30 plus in embarrassing ways. They also said that if we recruit younger players they would play with some heart> well i guess that's another myth that been busted.

Scottie looks like a good knowledgeable coach but how long will it be until the same douchebags come out and crucify him and demand his removal.

So i still blame Phil because that's the easy option for this board.

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Years ago

Did you miss the last few posts calling Tyndale average and questioning Flynn's involvement? Considering it's still early and two losses have come against quality teams on the road, I'm sure we'll see more if the team can't get it together against the Hawks or at home.

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Years ago

You are a true idiot Joe. Always have been , always will be. What a constructive post.

The criticism of Phil was directed at the complete lack of system, crazy substitution patters and inability to call a time out when needed.

It is easy to criticize those things when they are in your face for 3 seasons

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Years ago

My tip Sixers will go 5 - 0 next 5 games.

I will be interested to see who jumps back on the bandwagon!

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Years ago

Whilst Bruce's stats may have been down he played his ass off out there. Great pass after great pass let down by soft finishers and easy misses. This game was done from the tip off when we started
Bruce, Maher, Tyndale, Holmes & Ballinger
Barlow, Ere, McKinnon, Grizzard, Anstey
Dosnt look like a 20point first qtr blowout there you might say but for some unknown reason to all we defended them as such
Bruce defended Barlow
Tyndale defended Ere
Holmes defended McKinnon
Ballinger defended Anstey
Maher to defend Grizzard! and that is where the Tigers launched their assault through Grizzard, he was involved in alot of stuff early capitilising on that mis-match forcing the Sixers to send help D cause there was no way Maher could contain Grizzard on signle coverage.

Outside that Schens played solid throughout, positions himself well and just keeps going. Holmes shot well and tried his best on defence but nearly always was defending a bigger opponent. Bruce moved the ball well when we gave it to him, too often he wouldnt see it in offense.

Tyndale - horrible. (i've only seen him in this game BUT). Shot is horrible, passing is horrible (often straight to the oposition) dribble is horrible. The only thing he does well is rebound.

Kersten, what was with the massage stick? he was working that thing the whole second half! with great vigor, sure he would have felt like he'd be a chance to get on in a 30 point blow out? but damn those thighs gonna be sore boy.

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Years ago

thedoctor, put it as you like but a loss is a loss whether its under Phil or Scott. Don't tell me Scott is a different and a much better coach when the results are the same. You can fry a potato chip in olive oil or you can fry it in vegetable oil, it is still a potato chip. I would hope that all the criticism against Phil and calling for his sacking would have resulted in a better team on the road atleast. The real test will be whether they can still win some games at home with the way they are going right now.

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Years ago

EC, the results are not the same, Phil had a long time here, Scott has had 5 games.

At least give him the mandatory 4 - 6 weeks before head hunting.. ; )

Do people need to get so negative, so soon? We have not had a full team yet, however we are 2 - 3, and 2 of those losses were against 2 of the top 5 teams by season's end IMO.

We should definately have not dropped the second game against Sydney, but we are not too far off the playoff mark. Having said that, we do not look to be a contender at the moment either, especially with B.Maher having a very uncharacteristic last 3 games..

By the 8 - 10 game mark, hopefully the team will be playing well together, all fit, and still in a healthy enough position to mount a very good playoff surge!

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Years ago

DJ - perhaps the concern with starting Luke is that they give up something defensively? Do agree that in this case especially they could've benched Maher to open things, and had Luke in there.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Would love to be able see what's going on.
( Home games or TV of course )
Boti ; ' The folly of not starting Luke.'
I have only seen the two games and one trial game at the Dome.
Winitana was the stand out in the trial game.
Bruce in the first game. Tyndale in the second.
Luke starts the game awful, then comes good.
Now I'm starved of being able to see what's happening.

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Years ago

Ballinger 2 fouls in the first couple of minutes due to the whole team being out sized and out of position. Schens defense or lack of wouldnt matter that much (BTW he held his own in the junk time (ie 3 and a half quarters), his size was what was needed here.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Sounds like the starting match ups were wrong.
Does the way Luke plays when he first come on - awfull
come into the thinking of not starting him ?

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Years ago

DB5, as a passionate 36ers fan I expect to be among the top 5 not make excuses for losses against the top 5. We almost had a full squad last night in Melbourne, the hammering we got was inexcusable. For a team that has been credited with being deep, the loss of 1 player should not make that big a difference. Whether its the coach or the players, something's got to change quickly. It is totally embarrassing and for a fan, I get a lot of rude remarks from people with just a passing interest at how badly the team is doing. Despite what happens from here on, we should not be in the current position now. The losses haven't started in the regular season road games. They started in the pre season. Ninnis has had many opportunities to find the right combination and as yet has failed to do so. I would be very happy to eat humble pie if a complete turnaround in results occur from now on.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

In a little bit of excitement, I was telling those with ' a passing interest ' how good the roster was.
( Except, I do not know Tyndale )
So are we under acheiving ?

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Years ago

schescher played horrible when the game was on the line in the first quater! he missed 5-6 shots (airballs and miss lay ups) he hardly dominated!

hurt when balls got 2 quick fouls.

grizzard is a gun!

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Years ago

I hope to be among the top 5 by season's end as well EC, however, I won't write us off with a new coach, new import, and quite a substantial change to the roster.
I would like to see wher we sit, and how the boys are playing after another 5 - 7 games.

Worst case, if a change needs to be made, hopefully it will still be a quicker reaction than last year's was.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

207220. That's the way Schenscher starts. Gets better as the game goes on. Ends up very good.

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Years ago

We really need Winitana back. His absence really hurts this team. I love his energy and enthusiam. He truly gets around his team mates and performs on the court.

He's become a favourite straight away.

Sadly I don't rate Tyndale and he's been nothing but disappointing.

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Years ago

U idiot Joe M.

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Years ago

Perhaps the problem is not the coach or the previous coach but the owner or management.Two seasons ago the team was taken over by the government and no players could be offered more than a 1 year deal.Players left for more money and longer term contracts.Last year Mal had purchased the team behind Groves backing elevated his daughter on a huge salary made lots of public statements but kept few.Boti told me they wanted to cut Chappelle early but Mal would not because it would cost him money finally after Boti embarrased him enough in the paper he decided to make the change.Way to late new import arrives not long after team starts defeating Melbourne,Brisbane,Sydney Kings and Cairns all final teams.Could of should of happened earlier but didn't.Sack the coach bring in new coach same result happening lets see how long import lasts till its to late then it will be Scotts fault.No defence more talent worse result than last year can see it coming.Daughter got a raise this year did any players?

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Years ago

I posted this on another thread too..
But i don't understand everyone bagging Tyndale... sure he shot like a dog, but his stat line was still a nice complete all round game IMO.

9 points 7 Boards(3 off) 7 assists and 3 steals with only TWO turnovers!

I understand the added pressure of being an import in this league, but a young kid who is putting up nice stat lines shouldn't have to put up with such crap! give the kid a chance
*end rant*

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Years ago

hooked, did you see the game. That was a EXTREMELY flattering stat line for a guy who had nothing but negative impact on this particular game.

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Years ago

EC - notice I didn't comment on Phil VS Ninnis. Way too early for that in terms of wins/losses. What I did comment on is the marked difference in recruiting, energy and attempts at employing a system of sorts.

That was always my issue with Phil post 2002. He didn't have Mee and Brooks to let loose and never adjusted to that.

So yes, a potato chip is a potato chip no matter what you fry it in, but I'd like to think Ninnis is a Pringle or a Red Rock Deli chip.

I can't believe I used that analogy.

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Years ago

Joker, I can see how money might enter the discussion when it comes to replacing an import or initial recruiting, but the team recruited well in the off-season and most of us were pretty happy with what we'd put together.

I just don't know how that necessarily makes for a couple of worse than expected results so far?

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Only margins of last 2 games and Syd. loss were below expectations. As far as coaches go cannott believe Phil believers still out there as on and off the court effort has been put in and saved a lot of money to be able to grab Bruce late in off season .Would have loved Mal etc to have had more bickies in the tin to have got Beveridge, how well does he do with a ordinary team. Scotty will get there but needs some hard work and time.
Whilst Tyndale is no Chappell his allround game is limited apart from a good drive in attack if given space. I still belived we needed a taller Fwd type to add to our game not another 6 ft 3-4 plyr and is this mix stuffing up Bretts game and confidence.
Winitiano is not our saviour when back from injury he is another of same type although adds some enthusiasm . Maybe Scotty needs to get Bruce feet back on ground and not start him and less time as his 1st 2 games were huge

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Stats Machine  
Years ago

hooked, sure the stat line isn't horrible for a role player but this guy is meant to be one of our key guys. His stat line is pretty ordinary considering he needs to be one of our guns if the Sixers are going to achieve anything this year. He's had 1.5 good games out of 5. Not a good start at all for an import. If he's not on thin ice now, he must be very soon if his performance doesn't pick up.

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Years ago

Bretts the man they didn't recruit Bruce he rang them as he didn't have many options.Dragons released Holmes no one else chased him.Hill came home no one wanted him had a year to go on his contract but Dragons let him go so that tells us something.Tyndale they recruited.Schensher wanted to stay in Adelaide so wasn't looking to go any where in fact New Zealand were the only team showing interest.Winitara was recruited.We are going to be better defensively Ninnis said well that hasn't happened.As for defending Smyth his last 2 seasons were not good but finals action and championships in ever other year is damn good.If he were coaching the Crows they would of signed him for life.Lot of people on this site wanted Ninnis now looks like a mistake or management didn't give him what he wanted but he will go with the party line same as Smyth and he will be the next fall guy thats my point.

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Years ago

When Winitana is healthy he could definitely play SG. Take him off the leash, and that's what he'd love to do IMO - his natural tendency is to run and score more than play just a small defensive role.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Hey Joker some good points love your loyalty also.
Firstly Phil got very lazy in all aspects of the position and when he can pull a Darnell or stage 1 willie and Hodge out of the hat he was successful .
I would rather lose more games this year than put up with another year of pay me top wages for minimum effort coaching. My point also is there is only so much money available from owners and I believe we were able to get a extra player or 2 with the difference in Phils and Scottys wage.
Getting a untried import was also part of this money restaints. The value of the aust. $ will make it even harder if Tyndale has to be replaced.
Isaac I guess that is the problem here we have all these S G type players and if given ooportunity can light up the scoreboard. We have to establish right roles and systems

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Years ago

Bretts the man: I would rather lose more games this year than put up with another year of pay me top wages for minimum effort coaching.

I know for a fact what both Phil and Steve's wages were last year and they were NOT over the top.

You really shouldn't go talking about people's salaries when you don't know what they actually are.

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Years ago

So your saying one player makes the difference.How is it that since leaving niether Darnell or Willie have won a championship.No money no depth no top line players no success i would suggest with the options left to recruit Phil wasn't lazy they probably did as well as they could.If we have more talent this year which we are constantly told and more money why are we getting beaten so badly?Secondly who are you blaming this time?Bretts the man it only leaves Ninnis or management so who is it?

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Years ago

Hooked you feel Tyndales stats equal a nice complete all round game when we lose by 30? He should be stepping up in games like that as he is the IMPORT! Furthermore, his defence is terrible! He only gets a hand up to the 3 point shooter when it is too late and players easily drive past him. His defensive awareness is also horrible. Also I don't get this argument people are saying that he is young and just out of college so give him a break?!?! This is professional sports. There is an abundance of possible imports out there so that excuse isn't good enough. Either the player is good enough or they aren't and currently he isn't and I don't see him improving any time soon.

I like the suggestion of getting Burdon into the line up for Kersten as it seems he doesn't offer this team anything in his current physical condition. Burdon could really be moulded into another Darren Ng.

This team will make the Playoffs and as people have said the only loss we weren't expecting so far was the Sydney game. However, Sydney have proved to be much better then people expected.

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Years ago

I have never seen tyndale play, so only am going by online stats and boards etc. Sure he should be our star... and he obviously can't play D.

so he's going to fall into the Jo Jo and Paris club!?

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