Mister Mr
Years ago

What will sengstock have to do to piss you off?

Like a parent who has just got a new baby, Larry hasn't made one mistake yet, however in my opinion he should probably take one or two calculated risks (as opposed to doing nothing) in order to give aussie basketball fans the confidence that things will change.

Will he:

1)Introduce trades?
(during regular season, with a cut-off time, it's never been done before in aussie pro sports, it'd be different and not entirely unecessary)

2) Open import restrictions to include asian players for example? (Few top leagues restrict local players to just 1/2 countries - Europe is different kettle of fish i know!!)

3) Push for AIS U/22 team in aussie league in near future (college culture in canberra, plus developmental advantages for future - happens in many sporting leagues around the world also)


will the league change timing of season,

have themed rounds,

have sponsor handouts at games (food tends to be most effective IMO - it's cheap and = instant satisfaction)

have a different system of sponsoring at all,

will the boomers play here more often against quality opposition?,

is FTA at all possible? - if not, what is needed for it to be a possibility?

If Lazza does nothing (granted, i know he is not the only person to have control), he will be quite disliked by most people in this forum and others IMO. And if he does only 1 or 2 things or plays it extremely safe then he'll be disliked by 85-90% of b'ball fans.

Indifference would be a very ordinary response by the aussie sporting public to the NEWB.L. next year.

Good Luck Larry.

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Years ago

Those are almost all NBL related things

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LA Boy  
Years ago

He'll real get under my skin with no good marketing strategies in line. Risk? Spend good money on marketing campaign!

Introducing trade can be interesting, while open the Asian market is a great idea and great move. There are some decent Asian players who can boost quality of NBL while NBL can provide them with best competition in Asia Pacific in preparation for their NBA dream (the quality of NBL is much better than CBA in my mind). Whilst allowing signing of Asians as non-imports will also open a whole new market for NBL with so many Asian's living in this country, why not try get them to attend some NBL games? They're all mad basketball fans.

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The truth  
Years ago

This was done for the Slingers wasn't it and I don't really think it helped their club with supporters. With no team now from Singapore I don't really think it's worth it.
I think being able to trade is maybe a good option, would really open a can of worms with layers no longer getting the choice of who they play for.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

I was told things were picking up before they drew out from competition. They were starting to get decent crowds and government were also starting to support the team by doing various things such as building better transports to the stadium etc. Singapore withdrew from competition knowing NBL was going to take them out the following season so they didn't want to waste time and money on a league that's going to ditch them.

You also have to remember things will be different if you sign a big name Chinese player in CBA. With their population you only need 1% of people wondering how he's doing and the league will be making money.

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Years ago

Singapore has also never had a fully proffesional sporting team, hence no sporting culture - another reason it failed. That's not to say it will never work.

Filipinos, Chinese, Koreans all have produced decent players over the past 5 years - try it for 1 season at least then stop.

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Years ago

I guess the other thing is, if there are asians comming into the league, it is harder for Aussies to get a spot in a team. On the other hand it should increase the standard for the better aussies.

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Years ago

One other reason why Singapore failed was that they want to watch Singaporean players play not Australians. When the Wildcats had the 2 exhibition games in Singapore and got massive crowds before the slingers were introduced to the NBL it was not because of NBL basketball. It was because the Singapore National team played before hand. all the locals came for that game and then stayed for the NBL game. When it was just the slingers playing pretty much only ex-pat Aussies and Yanks attended other than when the local insurance company brought out 2 games for company christmas parties.

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Years ago

By all means, enable Asian players in the league as unrestricted players, but who will that bring? Any of the Filipinos will stay in the PBA. The Chinese would have bigger budgets over in their own league as well. Who else is going to be able to steal a spot from the end of the NBL benches?

I think Larry just needs to make the league something that existing fans are proud of and speak glowingly of. An attractive brand and tagline, an appealing web site that works regularly and does the basics well (results, stats, scores, etc). Then some coordinated, consistent and exciting TV promotions - the sort of thing we have seen from the A-League each year. And that will be a solid, achievable start.

From there, he just needs to stay on top of the NBL's admin issues - no dodgy decisions, no owners refusing to pay fines, no horrible points cap figures, no blatant rorting, etc.

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Years ago

why don't we join the Asian League competition - just like they have a Euro league each year to decide the best team in Europe - to gain exposure OS

They also need promotions of basketball - and make it affordable for kids to watch

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Years ago

they also need consistent teams - no more new teams and then different teams coming in every year to have fan loyalty

and bring back teams historical like Sydney Kings and Brisbane Bullets ... and whover else they kicked out. these teams swappings every other year really pisses people off

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Years ago

This 1 mill bank guarantee assures the 10 or so teams which will make up the new league will definately last more than 3 years right? I.E. the same teams will be around for a while. Ideally you'd have divisions of 4 teams and an asian division. Trade only within your division so some NBL veteran doesnt end up finishing his career in taipei.

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Years ago

Doing nothing like the last few before him would certainly piss me off.

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Years ago

they should recruit new young upcoming talent. if you look hard enough you can find this talent at the local level - have a killa crossover like Timmy Hardaway (the old Heeat guard of legend)

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LA Boy  
Years ago

Issac- Chinese team can have bigger budget but NBL has better standard of competition. Australia #2 in the world, enough said about Aussie's quality of ball. Chinese players with NBA dreams can try hone their skills here first before go to the draft.

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Years ago

Will they, or would they stay where the money is, where they speak the language, and where they have a better chance at endorsement deals?

Singapore had an exception in place, unless I'm mistaken, and they had all of one impact player (Castro) under the rule and for some reason that didn't really last.

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twenty four  
Years ago

LA Boy, after all the fuss that Yao and Yi had to go through to leave the country and play in the NBA, and with all the meddling that has gone on since, do you really think that we have a good chance of getting their star players over here? I'm not too optimistic.

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

Dear Larry,

Please may I have Free To Air TV coverage & a return to jump balls ? ( I f-----g HATE the arrow )

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LA Boy  
Years ago

been a Chinese myself, although I haven't lived in China a whole lot but I'm quite optimistic about it. People are willing to do whatever it takes to get their foot into the NBA. They don't have to remain in their country to get good endorsement deals. Yao and Yi are in USA. Furthermore, their psycology has that Western superiorism thought process, which means they would love to be challenge by playing in a Western league.

another thing you've got to remember Issac, Singapore basketball and Chinese basketball is whole lot different, Chinese has lot better quality players due to their populations.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

oh yeah and everything can become irrelevant if NBA does introduce a D-League in China, something that's been in discussion quite often. For the reasons I mentioned above.

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Years ago

In current financial thingamyjig i doubt nba will go ahead with chinese d-league for a while, plus china's in a worse state of growth than USA at the moment. Allowing asian imports as locals is merely something to try fro a season or 2, if it's a failure - this stunt alone wont put teams into administration. It's worth trying at the least.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

China has been the BIGGEST market for USA for the last 5+ years (including USA) and putting an affliation league in China will just get them even more involved, so financially it's kinda almost a no brainer regardless the current state of economy.

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