Years ago

Is the NBL - DEAD?

Ok so it sounds like an overhype, but lets face it...
No team in Sydney
No team in Brisvegas
No team in Adelaide
all will lead to no support, no coverage.


What a fkin shambles, i wish i knew who to blame

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Years ago

I think you're getting ahead of yourself here and being a bit overly dramatic.

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Years ago

no the nbl is not dead !

there is a lot of crap to sift through.

the smouldering carcass of the old nbl still has live maggots crawling and the forward process is being bogged down by them.

b/a will hold a line on this to rid them,and we should all be behind them !!

i feel for the 36ers,there quest has been hamstrung, once again by the same sought of people who bought the game in australia to its knees.

lets get behind b/a, they are not stupid, they will want the 36ers in !!

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Pigs Of War  
Years ago

they want Brisbane and Sydney in too, but they i don't think they are going to help out Adelaide....

not sure it's dead, but i think if Adelaide topple, you will hear from the players who are out and about with the money sniffing to put in a rogue team...

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Years ago

I noticed that finally removed the Hummer logos.


If the NBL aren't willing to release details till they have all teams set, and people aren't willing to spend on a league that hasn't released any details, does that make us fairly screwed?

For that i blame the NBL.

If Hemmerlong has had trouble getting in investors, he should have said that straight as i am sure the community can get the cash. It's easier for a community to fund it since there are already many sponsors and fans from last year (unlike making a team in Sydney or Brisbane).

For that, i blame Hemmerling.

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Bruce Beck  
Years ago

Mal said he can get money from sponsors , investors for the team and the venue , and from members and ticket sales , if it was known that the sixers are playing in the new league, and how many games.

Probably worth giving the 36ers a go at it, isn't it?

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Years ago

36ers have the biggest fan base in the league,b/a will want them in.

bullets and kings are more about keeping fox happy.

fxxk sydney anyway!!

POW what do you mean rogue team??

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Pigs Of War  
Years ago

if the 6ers do not have a team next persons will collect together to put in a Adelaide team...i used rogue coz it wont be the much loved 6ers..

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Years ago

The fans lose.. they have been losing for a while, I followed the Kings for ages and last year couldn't even get to a Spirit game, not the same.

I am sure there are bullets fans and 36er's fans who feel like, even if there is another team formed, it won't be the same, won't have the same history, in some cases name even.

I think it is going to be a slow build again, hopefully not driven by big business and advertising. Getting back to more of a fan based, love for basketball feel.

It's not dead yet, but it is at the moment it's in a slow resurrection and missing a few parts. Hopefully together we can put it back together again and it will be an even better beast.

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Years ago

Don't speak on behalf of Brisbane fans if you're not one- they are starved of live games, still angry about the way they were an afterthought by Bullets admin, Eddy and the NBL.
They will be back in droves when whomever is successful for a bid the season after next goes ahead, and premium tickets aren't witheld from public sale to fund Eddy's ego and staff who never respected the game anyway.
Brisbane is still hurting, and perhaps only about 10 people in Brisbane even know officially that they will not have a team again after much big talking and fanfare from Basketball Qld since September.
My heart bleeds for the day when the official announcement is made- I am watching a car accident in slow motion.

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Years ago

POW - any "rogue" team will still be subject to the NBL's requirements. Won't happen this season, and without the Sixers brand will struggle in the Adelaide market, IMO.

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Years ago

'They will be back in droves when whomever is successful for a bid the season after next goes ahead'

I recall that people in Brisbane only came back in droves when Eddy spent millions on a good roster, prior to that didn't the Bullets barley get a half filled convention centre for years on end?

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

I think BA and the board are saying, we will only accept teams with the $1m guarantee will ensure the NBL will be around in 10-15yrs time, not just 1-2yrs.

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Years ago

A- Try losing your team ENTIRELY for two seasons then see if it changes your city's perspective and history of a franchise.
The Convention Centre doesn't hold that much to begin with- not like Boondall in comparison but it's the location they paid for- many club struggle to get now what the Convention Centre holds.

Unless you live in Brisbane or spend a lot of time there, your comments are living in the past to compare the current feeling there as well as the future.

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Years ago

Would there be any chance of Mike Rann footing up even half of the mill needed?

Surely he can follow some of his interstate fellow premiers who helped out beloved clubs in strife

i don't get it...

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Years ago

Haha, I completly understand your frustration with the situation with the Bullets/NBL/Eddy up in Brisbane, but if you take away the emotional side of things and look at the economic/business side from people who do not live in Brisbane, it is an utter disgrace that a city with the wealth and size of Brisbane cannot support(sustain)a NBL team.

And to come out and state that people will come out in 'droves' is completely unjustifiable. The bullets were averaging 2500 people to home games in the last ten years, take away free/sponsors tickets, the bullets would have struggled to get 2000 paying fans to games.

Where have the 8000-10,000 fans from the 90's gone?(-please don't compare to Sydney market). In the 36ers leaner years we still averaged 6000+ to games(and this was without much advertising/promoting of the 36ers).

Why didn't this happen in Brisbane? Maybe professional basketball is completely dead in Brisbane? I just hope for the passionate and decent fans like yourself it's not, and maybe the dream is still alive to one day have a Bullets team playing in front of a sell-out Boondall centre week in, week out!

But please don't blame Eddy.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

wow I didn't know NBL use to do that well. were the games on FTA back then?

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Years ago

What said any thing about 36ers are out apart from the Media

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Years ago

'wow I didn't know NBL use to do that well. were the games on FTA back then?'

Yes, FTA in 80's and 90's
-Sydney Entertainment Centre !0,000 most games.
-Melbourne Derby's 12,000 fans without fail and game still shown on FTA
Perth, 7000-8000 nearly every game(maybe even 9000-10000?) games delayed on FTA in Perth same night.

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Years ago

The nbl is trying to rebuild in the midst of a financial crisis - which is still an embryo. I love bball but i'm glad i'm not financially involved right now. Its gonna get worse - SCARY!!

I'm scared!!

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LA Boy  
Years ago

A- what actually happened for a drop off this bad? just because it's not on FTA no more?

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Years ago

NBA went from being popular in Australia (NBA Action on TV, cards, merchandise, ads on TV, Jordan, etc) to now suffering from a groundswell of patriotism that shuns something American like the NBA (shun the frickin' war, shun McDonalds instead - seriously!).

That's been the biggest issue, IMO. Timing of the season is a red herring, though the change itself might've lost a few auto automatically renewed and lost that habit.

Then from there, it's just been the stench of gradual decline. A lot of people would rather be associated with the top dog (AFL), the bold newcomer (A-League), or the solid regulars (cricket, swimming [yawn] and tennis), than be that "Going to the basketball tonight?" "Does Mark Davis still play?" "Err, no." guy.

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Years ago

Market LeBron James in Australia, he's like the new Michael Jordan

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LA Boy  
Years ago

man the admin is a genius to dig a whole like this for the NBL. Why change things when it's doing well?

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Years ago

Anon, who is going to market him though? The NBA have little reason to do so (small market, no interest in expanding here) and the shoe companies appear to have greatly scaled back their spending here over the last 10-15 years while ramping it up in bigger markets like much of Asia.

NBA stars are on billboards and shop exteriors everywhere in China, for example.

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Years ago

LA Boy, the departure of Mal Speed played a massive part I believe, one of the best sport administrators in this country for the past 20 years.

Marketing in the last 10 years = 0, or there abouts.

The unprofessionalism of most clubs, you think they would learn (you do not have to spend the big dollars to be professional, basics are always the best).

The Australian print media, a bloody disgrace, people follow what people write. Journos have not written about basketball for over ten years (Boti & regional media excluded, Adelaide are very lucky to have him).

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Years ago

decline started to speed up when we had the commish running it

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Years ago


Lets review this topic, following recent events.

add to the list of non starters..No Melbourne.

IMO, the NBL IS now DEAD.

I remember the short lived national baseball league.

Im a sad panda.

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