Kent Brockman
Years ago

One HD drop the ball with ads

I spent the whole day avoiding the final score so i could watch the replay.

An ad for One HD popped up during the 3rd quarter reminding me that they are covering the NBA playoffs
( great) what they did not need to tell me was the final score of the game i am still watching.


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Years ago

I hear you dude. I'm in the exact same boat. No paddle. Shit everywhere.


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Years ago

Agree agree agree.


It's a nervous enough time siting through a sports tonight update wondering if they'll tell you the score let alone doing it like this too...

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Years ago

Was about to post this too. Did anyone actually complain to One/Ten themselves?

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Years ago

It isn't the first time they've done this. When the Jazz beat the Lakers on a last-second jumper by D-Will, they showed the footage of the game-winning shot during a break in the first quarter.

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Years ago

hey at least you got one hd up in cairns we aint got shit not even on pay

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Years ago

Just close your eyes during the ad bits?

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Black Dracula  
Years ago

Linda - that is all well and good if you KNOW they're doing that. I was watching the game Mantis is referring to and I was stunned; a Sports Tonight "update" that spoils the replay in progress? considering they're supposedly running a dedicated sports channel, that is epic fail.

But as you say, I watch diligently now. As soon as ad breaks arrive my finger is on the mute button and my eyes are closed.

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Years ago

full credit for one HD showing games etc, but this is a MASSIVE nono

fix it now!

i remember years ago during the suns lakers series going the whole day without knowing the result and so excited to get home and watch game 7 and then KG and cornsey said the score on my drive home from work

KG and freakin cornsey chose this day to talk about NBA???? WTF??? haha

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Almost as great as when (not the NBA page ^ the actual front page - which i have as my default) had Derek Fisher's enter the stadium after half time, because of a sick daughter playoff game winning performance (for the Jazz vs the Lakers?) a few years ago as the front page main story... Seriously - some of the guys that administer these things are bereft of a clue at times...

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Years ago

yeah - that really sucks for us guys that you know, actually have to go to WORK !! - and avoid all
references of the NBA in order to enjoy the damn REPLAY !!! ... ain't no real enjoyment when you know who already won the game have to admit .. like getting told the end of a movie ...rrrrrr

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Years ago

That's brutal. My experience like that was for the NCAA final last year, I figured Hoops SA was safe enough to visit as people are generally pretty good with spoilers, and I'd left enough time for any obvious spoilers to be corrected by the admins, what I didn't bank on was the google ads advertising "Buy Kansas 2008 NCAA Championship T Shirts".

Oh, this one's maybe even better, years ago a mate had been at a Sixers game, a few of us couldn't make it but we caught up with him after the game with a view to watching the replay later that night (or maybe we'd recorded it or something). Anyway, this guy comes back from the game and tells us "I won't tell you who wins but it goes to overtime" thus ruining the first 48 minutes of our replay.

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Little Eddie  
Years ago

I remember when we were gearing up for a 36ers game on Fox in New Zealand. I think it was about six years ago and it was not only the 36ers season-opener but the first NBL game to be played overseas. It was being shown on delay so we'd avoided finding out the scores.

Anyway just as the broadcast is starting I go to grab some drinks and my housemate comes out of his room and says something like "that 36ers game was close hey?". I got a bit shitty at him because we'd built a night around it which he knew and even though he didn't say the exact result by his tone it sounded like we'd lost.

I can't remember if it ended in regulation or overtime but I think we lost by two points. Ruined the night badly.

*by the way Game 2 between Cleveland & Orlando tomorrow is not being replayed so either watch it live at 9:30am or set something to record it.

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Years ago

And the ####wits on have done it again today - if you haven't seen the game yet DO NOT go to Yahoo's front page... If people want to know they will go to the NBA page - is it that important???

Glad i learnt my lesson all those years ago...

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Years ago

Some chick at work told me that the bulls v celtics game went into triple overtime. Would've been best game ever if I didnt already know that there was going to be three freakin' overtimes! Final overtime was only bit which hadn't been spoiled.

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