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Mills to stay in Draft - likes GSW

Patty has conclusively put his name in the draft, as was expected recently and wants to stay in Bay Area, very un-nba of him to campaign for that. I've said before however that with monta ellis slightly less popular than he was, being his back up would be a good move. To be honest if Patty were to have never gotten injured and his dfaft stocks were sky high he would get a ton of pressure and be expected to lead the team early on. IMO GS would be the best possible fit for him.


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Years ago

Don't blame him...stays close to all his friends and what he has come to know.

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Years ago

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Was just about to post the same thing Hong Kong. Are you also NBL Indonesia and NBL by the way?

Also, just checked Draft Express and they have moved Mills up one slot to #29 now too. So he is starting to look more like a solid late first round pick, with all of the major draft websites pegging him somewhere from #20 - #30.

The Warriors would be okay for him, being close to what he is used to and being a high octane team. I still think he could do worse than Atlanta though. They have great athletes that would thrive in an up-tempo game, have an ageing Bibby whose current successor (Acie Law) hasn't lived up to expectations, and are already a playoff team. Mills could be absolutely explosive off the bench for that team, whilst not having to shoulder too much responsibility for running the offence with Bibby being the starter.

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Years ago

Oh yeah - the other problem for Mills is that the Warriors pick #7. No way they take him that high. They would have to trade down.

Looking at teams picking late in the lottery, my worst fears could come true, with Lakers taking him at #29 (ugghh - I think it would make me sick watching him in purple and yellow!)

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Years ago

also noticed Joe Ingles has made it into Draft Express Mock Draft at Round 2 Pick 23 to the Spurs

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Years ago

if gaze could make it in the NBA and win a championship then our millsy is a sure bet !!

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Years ago

if only Aus legend shane Heal stuck with KG back in the day - they'd be celebratin a few NBA titles by now especially with Spree and the alien looking guy on the team!!

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LA Boy  
Years ago

First of all no offense, Shane Heal and Gaze didn't have the chops for the NBA. Period.

Anyway back home right now, with what I've been hearing is Mills almost a definite 1st rounder. Beantown- I have said before perhaps Lakers might pick him up. I been talking to a few LA and Phoenix scouts lately and from what I was told, LA would definitely be interested to pick him up IF he is available then. But they also said it is unlikely Mills will be there at 29. Obviously they have Brown, Farmar, Fisher but Lakers is in serious consideration to trade one PG for a SF in the offseason (Fish is untouchable). So if Lakers do get Mills (which is unlikely) he might turn into a J-Critt, which will be unfortunate.

Haven't got a chance to see Pat workout but apparently he's doing extremely well. On the other hand, Ingles will be unlikely to get seriously looked at, as well prepared as he is, his lack in athleticism is a big disadvantage for his position. People claims he can play 1~3, but not in NBA.

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NBL in hong kong  
Years ago

Why would the Lakers take Mills unless they use him very very sparingly. Since when did Phil Jackson recruit tiny PGs. I agree however he would be the best player available at # 29 and will end up better than some of the PGs that will be taken ahead of him.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

NBL in Hong Kong- in the NBA draft sometime you just gotta take whoever's the best available. Outside of your top 15 picks that's probably your best bet, needless to say low 1st round.

Why would the Lakers take Mills if he's available?
1) He'll probably be the best available at ta spot
2) If Mills' to be kept, he can replace Farmar's role playing a fast pace styled basketball off the bench. While from what I hear is Brown is drawing lot's of attention right now to be Lakers next PG.
3) If Lakers decide to trade him, he'll probably have the best stock for this pick.
4) Lakers are somewhat still thin in the PG position in the sense that there are yet to be a reliable PG in the playoffs, so upgrade is necessary.

As to reference why Phil'd take a small guard? He don't mind the idea! Especially a big-small PG combo from Brown-Fish-Mills, this will add more versatility to Lakers lineup.

But once again no guarrantee he won't turn into a J-Critt due to misfortune.

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Years ago

Hi LA Boy - by back home I guess you mean you are in LA right now? Whats the connection with Hoops SA? Do you split time in Adelaide/ Australia and the US?

Also, just interested to know why you think Fish is untouchable? He seems like he has slowed down this season and has now become a liability for the Lakers. I believe he is on the books for one more season at $5mill, so that would make him expiring contract fodder would it not?

You are probably right that the Lakers would pick up Mills more as trade bait than as the answer to their PG woes. He is just not ready to start for a contending team like the Lakers next season.

I'd definitely prefer that Mills land somewhere that there is less pressure on him to run an offence straight away, but where his ability to rack up quick points off the bench would be seen as an asset.

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Years ago

Herald-Sun has picked up on the story: http://linky.com.au/w5i4p

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Years ago

And more on USA Today: http://linky.com.au/m1k3y

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Years ago

Just had a look on the Golden State Website:

Some good articles and video's on Pat Mills. Excellent to see more positive news on Pat, especially on an NBA team's wesbite.

Fans were also asked who they wanted to see an interview from after each session.

POLL RESULTS for MILLS' SESSION: Out of 943 votes, Patty polled 43%. Next best was Jeff Teague with 22%. Jeff Teague is a 6'2" PG. Round1, Pick22, prediction by Draft Express.

I Know this in no way is evidence that Mills' is a definate to get drafted first round, or by the Warriors. But in saying that, it is fantastic to see NBA Fans getting behind our Future Australian Superstar.

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NBL in taipei  
Years ago

let's go saint pat!!!

eurobasket got story too -


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Years ago

Why would he go to the Lakers?...They have Fisher and Farmar to run the point, and are already trying to develop Sun Yue at the PG position.
Warriors is a perfect fit for him:
*In the Bay Area, not far from his current location
*They play a fast, up-tempo style that he loves to play at
*The Warriors were the worst defensive team in the NBA this season..They gave up 112 PPG, and whilst players such as Jamal Crawford, Stephen Jackson and Magette are good offensively, their perimetere defence is terrible..Mills will bring great on-ball pressure, IMO he could guard the likes of Paul,D-Will and Parker better than anyone did this year (though his height may be an issue)

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Years ago

millsy is gonna rock !!

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LA Boy  
Years ago

Beantown- I still check this site out when I can because it's the best place for me to find out whatever's happening in Aus Basketball/NBL (everything's on here!).

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Years ago

SKUX, if you read the thread, you will see why LABoy and I were speculating that he could possibly go to the Lakers, and why I said I doubt he will go to the Warriors.

LABoy - nice to see that the Hoops SA community is lucky enough to include hoop fans from the other side of the globe. So will you get to a few Finals games then?

Also, I asked above why you thought Fish was untouchable, but I think you missed it. I was thinking he is likely to be expiring contract fodder next season. Any reason why he wouldn't be?

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Years ago

Fisher is untouchable due to his close relationship with Kobe...

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LA Boy  
Years ago

Beantown- yeah I get 2 tickets to all Lakers home game throughout playoffs; been to gm5 against Denver and last night. But seats aren't great as they are staff seats (which means it's like 20rows up!)

why Fish is untouchable? here's a few reasons:

1) who'd want Fisher? Cleveland? For a veteran? as much as we love Fish but his trade value is relatively low.

2) in the lockeroom many call him Mr Mayor for the great "political" speeches he make. believe me! this guy can talk! he keeps chemistry in check.

3) LA loves him and have great respect for him. Period.

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