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Years ago

Dusty retiring?

For all the talk of next year's line-up I thought I might leave a link to this interesting thread on Dusty's forum. Not sure if it has been mentioned before.

Here's the thread

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Years ago

If you read into it more he just is saying that he will think about what he wants to do. I bet it is hard for a single guy to be away from family and friends. Most of the americans that have stayed around in the league have girl friends or wives with them.

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Years ago

sure, but it does not look good. The bit about the pay is where its at. He said before he felt he was underpaid and last time he really thought about giving up, maybe its just not worth it to him. If he was back in the states it might be different as he has that family support, but here with no family and less cash the trade off is much bigger. Dusty seems to think very logically about his future he knows it wont last and unless he can get some good cash he might be better off finishing early and getting a real job then going on too long on cheap pay and getting a worse job after bball. I hope he stays but to me that does not look good.

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Years ago

I remember seeing an interview with him and the only thing he talked about was basketball and how much he loved playing and being away from his family was bad but he would return ofcourse in the off season...this was a couple of years ago...i hope for the 36ers sake things havent changed! I LOVE DUSTY

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Years ago

It can't be cheap pay over here, surely? In his position, I'd guess he'd be earning more than most of us.

I think he's worried about finishing his career without a qualification. I don't know what the ownership laws are here for an American, but he could just start ferreting cash away and buying up properties to rent out. Build up an empire by the time he retires. Or buy up back at home instead and get someone to manage them.

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Years ago

Dusty does have a gf here, and im pretty sure last time he went home he bought a house back in Minnesota so Isaac you were kind of on the mark as to what he can do here

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Years ago

Depends what you call 'girlfriend'

And yes, he has been interested in property for a while - however hasnt done a whole lot about it yet.

He's a good guy, I think he just needs to work out what he wants..

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Years ago

He didn't mention it on Talking Hoops on the radio last night... he was saying that he hopes the sixers resign him... Which they had bloody better!

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Years ago

maybe he was just down when he posted it. We can only hope but i think stiffy is right, maybe he just does not know what he wants.

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Years ago

Stiffy what do you call a girlfriend then?

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Years ago

The definition of a girlfriend.... m, that question runs along the same lines as 'does my ar$e look fat in these jeans'. It's a question a bloke just doesn't answer. If he says 'yes', he's getting a slapping and sleeping on the couch, if he says 'no' he's a liar. No win situation!!!!!

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Years ago

I find it amzazing that a potential league MVP can be thinking these thoughts at his age. To me these thoughts are what one goes through at that age when they've failed trying to crack it on the surfing tour and are sick of living on the dole (at least that's what they should be thinking, no good beatniks!!).

I suppose it's all about quality of life now vs looking after your future, but in my opinion you need to make hay while the sun shines. He's a domninant player in this league, and while he's not anywhere near an NBA salary, I'd wager he'd be making more here than he would if he returned home and attempted to find 'normal' work, even after you convert $AUS into $US.

If he gave it 5 more years here then returned to the US and started from scratch it may be tough pill to swallow, starting working life in your early 30's, but if he's smart with his cash he should return with a nice little nest egg which would put him in a better financial position than if he'd returned 5 years sooner.

Another thing to consider (and this is almost sacreligious on a Sixers site) is that if we continue to shaft him financially he can surely make a fair bit more at another club. He's stated he'd rather play here, but if you're talking trade offs for financial reasons then surely playing pro ball in Oz for a team you're not altogher happy with is preferable to becoming a slave to the wage in the States. 2 weeks leave a year is what you get in most jobs over there. 2 weeks. Dusty, think about it, delay that sort of scenario for as long as possible!!!

If he gets MVP surely his international stocks will rise significantly also. I dunno, it seems an awful waste for such a talent to give up the game at this age for financial reasons.

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Years ago

Having gone overseas to work I can understand his indescision, you live in a kind of limbo, making new friends and a new life but still holding on to the old one. Life can revolve around work, it might be a great job, but friends and family are home, the new friends you make are not quite the same as those that have known you since childhood, and the longer you stay away the harder it seems to go home, find a new job, house, settle back in with old friends etc.

I think it is probably less money reasons but more what does he do when the basketball is over, whether that is now or in 15 years? I do hope Dusty stays though, he gets my MVP vote.

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Years ago

I hear what you're saying Anonymous, I'm actually living and working in Scotland at the moment so I can totally feel where Dusty's coming from. I guess my point is that for people such as you and me the decision of when to come home is often tricky enough (often dictated by visas etc) and that's when I'm working as an accountant in a place with rubbish weather.

I'd imagine if I was playing pro ball in a quiet little city with perfect weather, getting write ups about me in the paper, winning national player of the week awards, making all star games and being tauted as a potential league MVP then I can't imagine I'd be longing for home quite so badly.

I suppose at the core of everyone's decision to return home there are the same factors (friends, family, familiarity), I guess I just never imagined pro athletes who appear to lead a pretty charmed life also go through the same thing. I can totally imagine Dusty wanting to return home and play ball there for a living, but it seems like he wants to get stuck into the rat race before it's too late, which seems absurd. The real world will always be there, the fastasy world of a pro baller will not.

He seems like a pretty real bloke, much respect for putting that sort of stuff on line.

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Years ago

billo, BTW, if you're looking for a good meal, I can recommend the place that I worked at in 2003, about an hour out of Edinburgh. They have a great steak there ($60+, but nice!) that I used to always get.

As for Dusty, what about the potential of him saving up his cash, and then investing in a local business when he retires to his home town? Small business is one area where you can be rewarded for your hard work, and that's something that he's known for.

I know he reads this site, so Dusty, how about it?

Rychart's Right Arc Shooting School! Hmmm.

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Years ago

Would be a tragedy to lose such a great player.. and a great bloke. I think he should be MVP this year.. the best (undersized) 4 man in the league..
You would re-sign him ASAP if you were 36 er's wouldn't you ? More money if need be ..

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Years ago

do 36ers have more money???

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