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Clarification on player movement this season?

Just wondered if anyone could explain how the player movements will work this summer season. Can players move freely from teams to try out different kids or do they have to stay in the team for the whole of the first phase for div 3s and then they can move? Also for Div 1/2s can players be freely interchanged between the two as previous for the first few weeks? & what about if they need to go down to div 3 for a week can they ? sorry for the questions but Im not really getting it!!

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It states on sportingpulse under both junior and senior news the clarifications.

players in div 1 and 2 can change between themselves as much as they like.

in regard to div 3 and below players cannot move until the end of the first phase then coaches wanting to make changes can do so but then these changes will remain the same for the following phase and so on.

as stated on sportingpulse: A player who has played a game in division 2 within the current phase cannot then play a game in division 3 or 4 in the same phase.

so to answer your question, they cannot move down to div 3 from div 2 in the middle of a phase for one or more games.

copied from sportingpulse:
During the Summer season, a player cannot move from any team in any division into a team that is playing in a competition that uses promotion/relegation, during a phase.

hope this makes it clearer

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thank you for the information this helps and makes it a lot clearer.. one more though.. if the bottom 2 teams move down and the top two teams move up at the end of a phase? could this mean that clubs with lots of teams could end up with 3 or 4 teams in the one group at the end??

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Yes, that is the effect of pro/rel. If the Hindmarsh Hawks (for example) enter 10 teams of a similar standard they could end up in the same division in Winter.

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Years ago

ridiculous system

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dijmm wit  
Years ago

the structure put in place for under 20 and div 2 comp is just plain stupid
check some of the results
loaded up under 20 /21 teams playing in div 2 comp and then fronting for Div one comp on tuesday
well done to clubs for finding a loop hole and then under 20 / 21 playing in age team but risking getting experience spot in Aba team because not playing Mens/womens
cant work it out
somebody please explain the rationale because i am not too bright
also noticed some more clubs now making the dome their home with draw - Some clubs also allergic to going to the port - then again who can blame them -
great to see tigers getting more games at pasadena to help with travelling

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Justin Time  
Years ago

At least you weren't Centrals last night playing at 10pm at Pasadena!!! That is absolute rubbish! These kids come from Lyndoch, Tanunda, Gawler, they get home at about 1am! And then have to get up and go to school? Where is the sense???

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Years ago

the under 20 div 1 and reserve mens structure is a complete joke and an embarassment to BSA. Whoever decided that both comps be played on the same night needs to seriously have a good look at themselves becasue it is doing nothing to develop those players that are Under 20 but good enough to play either ABA or reserves, these players should be able to play Under 20's and at least be able to decide wether or not to play reserves but seeing as they are played on the same night they have no choice.

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Years ago

how about woodville being in south pool maybe they need a GPS because i sure wooville not southern suburb and yeah mavs play plenty at the dome drive pass more stadiums that hot dinners - the battlers just keep getting battered

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Years ago

The rationale behind the change was to punish the clubs that didn't want an U23 comp with only six weeks' notice to prepare. So they came up with a structure to ensure the U20/21 comp would be unpopular, ensuring the U23 comp can be brought in with little opposition later.

If U20/21 Div 1 was on Wednesday night and the other Divs on Tuesday night, most of the problems would go away as the clubs could field their strongest U20/21 sides

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dim wit  
Years ago

#60 well put - whats in the best interest of the players is not a consideration
Its just crazy - and still yet to have anybody explain the benefits -
teams are struggling to get numbers / the game doesnt need hurdles to prevent players playing - it doesnt need inconsiderate draws such as centrals playing 10.00 at pasadena seriously - thats just plain unfair - i mean do we see BSA officals out at stadiums that time - no way -
the game needs promotion - yeah i am negative but dont want players losing interest / having unnecassry hurdles - every club struggling to gwet numbers / sponsors / volunteers and new adminsstrators to get systems right not stuff around with gloried models or structures that billy the tooth fairy might like

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Years ago

So let get this straight- there was a senior reserve game in which centrals was one team which played at 10pm. Is the 10pm time slot a given for reserves- I think it is and has done so for many years. I believe we were at week 6 of the reserve games and my question is how many 10pm games had centrals played to date for the new season-answer none until last night.
Horror horror they have another one next week at the dome and then guess what no more for the rest of the 18 week season.
Yep they are definately disadvantaged with only 2 10pm games in the season.Cant be bothered researching other clubs to see who copped more.
Is the crying because junior players are playing in the reserve team. Well guess what welcome to the grown up world where life is not always fair.
For the record I do believe BSA could have put the U20 div 1 on the opposite night to reserves but having had some feed back myself, I do know that they elected to have the best teams play Tuesdays as they struggle to get refs on Wed nights.

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Years ago

Also I believe they wanted the referees for the U20/21 div 1 comp to be of a similar standard to that of the reserves. With the current structure, they can use the same refs for both

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The Phantom  
Years ago

Well that didn't work did it. As the best u21 players are playing Wednesday night so they can play reserves on a Tuesday night.
Its pretty simple to me. Don't give the clubs a say. BSA should be running Basketball not the clubs. If BSA wants an u23 / Youth League then thats the way it should be.
I say this as most clubs have people who try and do the best for there club. That is what they should be doing. However what is good for the clubs may not always be the best for the sport as a whole and that is BSA should and are looking at.
I believe BSA are doing a good job but in some cases they alone should make the decisions.
Clubs should do what they do best and thats looking after there club.
Look at the reserves most of them are u23 anyway and I believe the teams were going to be aloud 2 senior players to play in the youth league comp?
So to all the clubs who said no, we have it anyway.
It just seems crazy to me that we have this situation that our best u21 players are playing u21 div 2.

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Years ago

as a U20 div 1 coach that coached tuesday night and then watched games on wednesday night i would like to know what clubs you are referring to PHANTOM as from what i saw the Div 1 teams had their best players playing U20 div 1 not Div 2 or reserve mens!! The only two clubs that could do this would be Centrals and the Mavs as they dont have an under 20 div 1 side, I must say didnt see south or woodville play as they were at pasedena and the other games were at dome

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The Phantom  
Years ago

Umm if you read my post I did write u21 so unless the men have changed age groups?? I'm talking about the women.

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Years ago

regardless Phantom, which club did this

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Years ago

It isn't too hard to work out - the player's names are in the results. It won't be a big issue in the Women's, because there are only five teams in the 21W2 and Magic don't have a reserves side. I can count three players that played reserves Tuesday night and 21W2 on Wednesday night. They will soon get tired of that if the opposition are running genuine 21W2 sides

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Cat in the Hat  
Years ago

Norwood's U20 div 1 side seems severely depleted. What's the story there?

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Years ago

After the 5 wk phase is over do the top two teams in the top pool of div 3 move anywhere or just stay put? as we have been told last night that they move to div 2?? but i thought that was weird?

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