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Gilchrist's DraftExpress profile

just found this profile on Gilchrist, must say it seems to sum him up fairly well from waht ive seen of him.
Just thought id post it for others to see what they think

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Years ago

Hit the nail right on the head - his temperament will be his undoing unless he learns to control it. Has the skills, has the ability, just has to get his head right.

As with the refs, consistency is the key!!!

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Years ago

Did anyone else see Balls screaming at Gilly to pass it to him in the post on that last play last night - I think Gilly wanted to be the guy that put the nail in the coffin. Balls had awesome position for an easy post move.

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Years ago

Adelaide's two imports may be the two players that prove their undoing. I I were coach, Groves IMO has to go. Gilchrist only has another 2 weeks to prove he can do what is required.

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Years ago

LC, Gilchrist just won Player of the Week! Has his faults, but has been doing OK.

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Years ago

Yea i wouldnt cut gilchrist, i think overall he has been quite good, just thought the article was interesting reading and summed him up fairly well.
Definatly could do worse with Gilchrist so anyone suggesting we cut him is fairly harsh, as Isaac said he was last weeks player of the week and his season stats are quite good.

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Tru Blue Emcee  
Years ago

not sure if i took this the wrong way or not but after the game last night i was talking to Balinger and he made a sly remark about players "Finally getting him the ball" i thought it could have been a lil dig a Gilly...

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Years ago

Don't you get all high and mighty Isaac, you were suggesting we cut him after that losing streak :P

I agree though, he's locked in for the year. I actually think he has changed his mindset a fair bit since college, he's not just a scorer now. Yes he makes some poor decisions but he has been a pretty good distributor so far. And you can tell he's trying to shake that 'me first' reputation, anything you ask him he replies "just trying to help get the win" or "its all about winning for me".

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Years ago

Had a look on draft express and have always liked the look of luke jackson in the nbl

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Years ago

I didn't suggest cutting him. I raised a hypothetical about the structure of the team without Gilchrist as opposed to without Groves. I wouldn't cut either of them, or anyone in the team. From memory, the last player I thought should be replaced was Chappell because he just didn't seem like he'd returned from injury healthy.

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Years ago

Pretty amazing that a 6'2" PG is in the Top 10 in the league in rebounding. Then again, Jacob Holmes is leading the league with only about 8 per game.

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Years ago

I think passing the ball is a legitimate gripe. Quite a few players seem to have glue on their hands when it comes to passing. That was one thing I really liked about Hodges game was his passing under pressure, and his court awareness, two things I haven't really seen in this team yet, not only with
Gilchrist and Groves, but also with some of the others, Hill for one. But yes, quite a bit of slow reaction time going on in this team when an "open man" option is available.

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