Double Clutch
Years ago

Funny Double Clutch's What's Hot/What's Not-UPDATED

What's Hot:

  • Darren Ng in baby blue; 30 points on 11/16 with a buzzer beater
  • The West Adelaide annoucer, clear, concise and a great job, the music wasn't bad either, great set-up at Wests which many clubs can learn from.
  • Todd Gower getting upstairs
  • Anthony Spadavecchia...kid is a player, actually created a run which forced Sturt to call time, hopefully West won't wait until they are 40 down to put him on again.
  • Shaqdiddy's "I'm a very special boy" tattoo.
  • The Forestville fan ripping into Mike Mckay in the sideline,
  • Hilltop Hoods touring overseas,
  • North Adelaide's D all over Forestville like an ugly wig over Peter Lewis' head,
  • Mike Mckay's selection into the All-Geriatrics team,
  • Adrian from JABA......I see a whole heap of "faceless critics" at ABL games but not your face,
  • Hambour's huge tip-dunk.....bigger than Farley's dunk over Melvin!!!
  • Burdon's birthday; 20 years...
  • the family guy better than the Simpsons...
  • Matt Gange for Forestville.....guy is a player,
  • the Academy....
  • Burdon's D was extremely immpresive and his passing improved as well,
  • Hambour dominating against the small Forestville line-up but with 5 fouls,
  • Talking Hoops on Coast 88.7 6:30 to 8 Tuesdays

What's Not:
  • Potsie's dancing at The Archer on Saturday night
  • Oscar being so cruel to the West Adelaide forwards, each new dunk was nasty, he was sadistic
  • Darren being subbed off, 48 minutes of Ninja isn't enough
  • Erik Burdon's shot selection...still if he was actually given the ball when open maybe he wouldn't force so many when he actually has it
  • Me losing $10 on Forestville...I blame Mike "Cheapshot" Mckay for dislocating Sutton's shoulder
  • my junior coaching record...hello 0-2 with a forfeit in 2k5
  • Hillcrest basketball stadium just seems to have more and more holes in the roof each time I attend.
  • the interest rate hikes,
  • Jason Farman's foul count.
  • P-Money and Scribe,
  • Erik Burdon on the bench...
  • when Mckay fell over last night I thought he broke his hip; make way for the new generation old man.........
  • get Bronson on court a hell of a lot more too,
  • Matt Sutton's shoulder,
  • Not the Woodville Warriors

Find of the week: Matt Gange for Forestville..hit some huge shots and kept Forestville's scoreboard ticking over with Matt Suton out.
Anthony Spadavecchia for West. 17 points, three boards, two assists, two blocks and two steals in 16 minutes, and dude already has a fanbase. Add me to them.

Flop of the week: The North Adelaide starting five/sub pattern. Burdon didn't get on until 3 mins left in the first quarter. Loveday give the fans what they want!

Celebrity sightings
West v Sturt
  • Chiekh and Janet
  • Rupert Sapwell
  • Richard Hill
  • Andy Symons
  • Sixer's dancer Ali
  • Isaac
  • EC
  • basically the entire Sixers cheersquad.
    North v Forestville
  • Paul Arnott
  • Smooth Butter.

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Years ago

Double Clutch, can you give a run down of the game for those who weren't there?

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Well I didn't take notes but I can try:

Forestville began early with full court pressure and got out to a 14 to 6 lead about halfway thru the first. North was able to put the shackles on Forestville for the rest of the quarter and reel in the lead very business-like. Pretty sure it was during the first when Matt Sutton left the game with a shoulder injury. Towards the end of the first North stopped Forestville's penetration and the Eagles couldn't knock down their jump shots.

The second quarter was where things became interesting. Burdon entered the game and was aggressive offensively but couldn't get the ball in the whole. On one of his plays the ball bounced off the rim hard, this is where Nick Hambour flew out from the left side of the post grabbed the ball mid-air and threw down a massive tip-dunk which looked set to break the backboard. What was amazing was he nearly pulled it off again a couple of plays later. Hambour had 10 points by half-time and was dominating the boards with #15 for North. Forestville's small line-up was struggling on the boards and Farman picked up two quick fouls in consecutive plays to have 3 by the half. Gange hit a couple of shots from the corner to keep Forestville in the contest.

The third was an offensive drought for both teams. Defensively North was able to force a couple of shot-clock violations with Burdon getting a huge block on one play to force the violation. North went to a press and the Eagles struggled to get the ball over the half-court and couldn't get into any sets. During the last few minutes of the third North went on a run and finished with a 12 point lead which included a pushing foul on a half-court shot on the quarter buzzer which gave 3 foul shots.

Early in the fourth the Eagles got in below ten but not much closer. A 4 point play on Mike Mckay seemed to break the Eagles back and each time Eagles made a run the Rockets were able to reply. Hawkes came up big getting to the rack with ease with North being able to get out into the open court. Hambour was called for his fifth foul halfway through the quarter to send him to the bench but Forestville weren't able to get close enough to make it interesting.

A good game overall with an impressive defensive performance by North. I'm not acquainted with the Forestville players but for North everyone contributed defensively who came on. Hawkes got to the rim, Hambour killed Forestville's frontline and Mckay hit a few jumpers in the 2nd and 3rd. Bronson, Burdon etc all played great defensively.

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Years ago

Cheap shot - shoulder charge by McKay dislocating Matt Sutton's shoulder

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Years ago

Anyone got any of the stats for any of the games so far?

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cat no go  
Years ago

Mckay doesnt do cheap shots, just protecting his teammate who was being raped by Suttons defense. Maybe if forestville players talked screens then Sutton wouldnt have ran into the pick.
North with numerous players in double figures with Kent and Hambour big on the boards.Farman was good for the Eagles until he picked up early fouls and had to hit the bench. Gange with 19 shot well,haydon did some good things, sullivan held to 11 and Douggy was great to watch diving on loose balls. Score was blown out to 20 in a blink of an eye behind some blistering full court D from North with Forestville making a late run to get it back to near 10. Fville guards hurting themselves with to many guard turnovers.

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fat dougs  
Years ago

cheap shot.....i dont think is called a screen...sutton did not get told it was coming. i would be pretty angry with my team mates if i was matt.
double clutch i love your little segment, but i must disagree about burdon. yes, the guy has game, but last night he was not good at all...forced his shot early, and did not let the game come to him. #15 is simon kent.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Who said McKay doesn't do cheap shots? Surely not! Must be North Adelaide supporters.

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Easy Rider  
Years ago

From where I was sitting at Hillcrest last night McKay's hit on Sutton was pretty close to a "cheap shot" and was clearly outside the rules of the game.

That it happened right in front of one of the referees and no call was made was amazing.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Sorry, I just can't accept that he would give someone a cheap shot. If he does cheap shots, my wife is having twins. Hang on, let me check that ultrasound again. Oh no, it's true ..... ;-)

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Years ago

Call me defensive, but I hardly see Woodville as 'not hot' after both the men and women won tonight.

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FLY - pinch me! Woodville won both ???

who said life was boring

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Years ago

Yep... I think the women's was 72-79, and the men's 103-96.

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Double Clutch  
Years ago

Updated the list, more than glad to eat my words over Woodville, the more competitive teams the better.

Mike will for the rest of the season now be refered to as Mike "cheapshot" Mckay.

Todd Gower will never be uttered from me again. In future articles Todd's name will henceforth be replaced with his streetname "The Difference."

Agreed Burdon did force his shot early on the other night and miss two FTs. Still he was injected far too late for a team struggling with offence early. Still Fat Dougs I should have called him out for it so I have added a comment for him.

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Years ago

Nice list!

Should be a weekly thing :)

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Years ago

todd gower who does he think he is

(Mod: Don't make me get the bunny out!)

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