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Julius: With time, 36ers would've named the court after me

Just saw the following Status Update on "The Official Adelaide 36ers Page" on Facebook (not sure how official the page is).

"Julius says if he played for the Sixers for two more years the court would be named after him".

Not sure how true this is or if he even said it ... but if he did ...

[SVD clenches fists and looks top the heavens] "JULLLIUUSSSS!"

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Years ago

It is true, the interview was shown on Channel 7 news last night...

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Years ago

However, he did say with a big grin on his face so it was hard to determine if he was really serious or not...

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Years ago

more ammo...

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Years ago


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Camel 31  
Years ago

Aw missed it. Watched 9news sport. Blast - would've liked to have seen it. And stirring up 'young' Gilchrist also on facebook. Never a dull moment when he's around or even when he doesn't turn up.

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Years ago

It's all a bit of fun in the spirit of hyping up the game. He gets all the attention and pressure (which he wants) and the 36ers hopefully get a big and noisy crowd (which they want).

There's a press conference today where the 36ers will no doubt fire back a few comments of their own.

I hope any occasional hoops fan is grabbing their ticket for this one because the atmosphere should be amazing.

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Years ago

He is now saying the Sixers are an ugly ex-girlfriend

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Years ago

More gold from Hodge ahead of Saturday's game:

MELBOURNE Tigers import Julius Hodge looks upon Adelaide as a 'girlfriend spurned' and expects any hostile fan reaction on Saturday to boost his motivation.

"They loved me so much they will turn on me," he anticipated of the fans at Brett Maher Court, most likely very accurately.

"It's like an old girlfriend. It's hard to stay friendly.

"I'm now with a better looking girlfriend so yes, I expect there will be some boos."
When he signed with Melbourne, firm friend and former teammate David Cooper described him as a "cancer" on a team and retired 36ers' guard Brad Davidson flayed him on his internet site, describing Hodge as "self-centred and deluded" while labelling him "the worst teammate I've ever had on my team."
Hodge's response to those comments:
"A couple of guys made comments but I was a nice guy, I was a hard worker and I gave 110 per cent every time I was out there. But you know what? They know they really like me so it's cool."
Full story

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Years ago

This is genius. This is the sort of thing that brings the fans in. Too bad its not the brains at BA behind this...

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Years ago

There are brains at BA???

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Years ago

very smart by julius... actually doing the 6ers a favour by this.

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Years ago

I hope it's not just the fans getting fired up over these comments. We need our team to be equally fired up.

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Black Dracula  
Years ago

As mad as I was at the time he no-showed, it's all water under the bridge - this is just hilarious stuff. I won't be booing the guy but there may be a few taunts fired in his direction =D He is right in one way though - had he not been a douche, he could've been one of the most decorated players we had. Ah well.

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Years ago

It is all rather amusing. I'll play my role and boo the hell out of him with a smile on my face if we're winning.

Of course if we're losing, I'll just turn ugly... in which case the chick that sits in front of me is going to have a long 40mins of me shouting abuse over her head.

Win / win.

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Years ago

Sooo... he's going out with Chris Anstey now?

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Surely we have more reason to boo this clown than anyone even Bradtke.
Unfortunatley might fire him up but this guy is so full of himself and crapped all over his teamates and our team and club .
You have to be pretty keen to win though wouldnt we.
Hodge -- Worthington and Seamus as owner Wow if lose going to hurt.

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Years ago

yes hodge they would have named the CONDOM machine after you so that way people would make sure not one more wanker would enter this world you jerk

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Black Dracula  
Years ago

Let's just hope for a 20 point spanking.

He's probably right that the more hate he gets, the more he'll feed off of it. That's why I'm hoping there's more "taunts" than boos such as "Hey Hodge...I heard you wished for a good shot, instead you got shot good" or something...

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Years ago

I am seriously bringing ear-plugs...

If you don't reduce the row in front of you to tears Loco, I'll be disappointed!

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Years ago

We'd better win this game, it has been built up EPICly.

If we lose i might just need to get drunk and move to an island for awhile to so i don't remember it or hear about it.

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Years ago

^^^ You know I'm all over it man.

Warm up with some quiet Pales upstairs, mosey on down that big ole' center aisle to our seats and embarrass the crap out of Dad for the duration.

"Hey Orange Julius - Shaq wants his jump shot back"

"Hey Hodge - two for one half time special on poison for the hardest working guy in the NBL"

"Hey No-J Simpson - Kiki called. His ass is lonely and misses your lips on it"

"Hey Captain No-Show - thanks for making an appearance. And no, you can't use the freakin' weights room... like you'd even know where it is"

"Hey Sir Trains-a-Lot - Does your agent know you're here?" (I may need the Balmy Army's help on that one)

...annnnd so on.

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Years ago

I won't be booing him. If Mal paid him on time none of this would ever have happened.

I hope we have a huge crowd, it is a great game and we win by one on the buzzer! GO SIXERS!!!

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Years ago

I hope we win on the buzzer* too.

* Of quarter time**.
** Because we're up by 40 points.

Loco - you should totally try and get on the Courtside Couch(TM)!

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Years ago

If nothing else, the row in front of me would be spared an ear bashing.

I should have never moved away from the rowdy section a few rows in front of you hereschenes; my antics were part of a bigger movement there.

My Christmas present = Gilchrist hits 35, Hodge goes scoreless, Sixers win by a landslide.

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Years ago

The best response for Hodge is silence - Hodge lays the ball up and the crowd - yawns!

Hodge is right though, the court would have been named after him. As soon as his jump shot was better than Brett's.

We have a bust of Davis, the Maher court. What about the Julius Hodge memorial brick?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Fiveaa sports show will interview him tonight, they said at the start of their show . Haven't said what time yet.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Just after their 6 oclock news tonite .

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Years ago


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Years ago

props loco, like tha shaq wants his jump shot back call.

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Years ago

Isaac, any idea how many tickets have been sold for the game to date?

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Years ago


Yeah I better think up a few as well. You can't just rely on boos and "Hodge is a wanker" all night...

"I saw Kiki in the gym with Devin Harris... cheating bastard!"

"Look out! Chris Paul!"

"You're why people wear Livestrong bracelets Judas!"

"Pack away the stands on courts 1 and 2 so Judas can see what this place looks like for training!"

"Kendall faked that injury just to get out of being your teammate!"

"We're not even bagging Wortho, that's how much we hate you!"

"Oh shit! I dropped my money, could someone find it!?"

...and about 40 "shoot it!" calls.

Ok, so they're not as good as Loco's but it's a long night, I'm gonna need about 50 of these they can't all be pearlers.

I'm feeling the Barlow-esque JUUUUUUU-DAAAAAAAS chant too.

DaddyO, good call on the memorial brick! That's sounds like something I could whip up tomorrow and take to the game...

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Years ago

I wouldn't worry too much about this game. Sure Hodge will feed off the energy radiating from the fans in his direction and he may even have a pretty decent game out of it. However, this is all about Hodge and no one else. Hodge will completely forget that he is part of a team and that can only lead to his team's detriment. The only comment he makes in his interview about the team is that they are his better looking girlfriend. He is not coming out here to play a team game, he is coming out to prove he is better than the Adelaide fans.

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Years ago

So over the Hodge hype. Yes it did not work out last year for whatever reason and it got ugly. But at the end of the day he still has to play and Tigers are a wage.

Looking forward to the game including the trash talk. Had a good laugh at the channel 7 news last night. All helps build up to the game and it certainly was tongue in cheek. Hodge had a big cheeky grin through out the interview. He was having a good time trash talking.

Just hope he has a bad game.

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Years ago

hodge does not have a good time talken trash he is trash with a big T .by the way his new girlfriend is so ugly the dog pound put her down the tigers l mean

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Years ago

About 4900 as of 5.00pm last night and rising

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Years ago

Apparently Worthington and Hodge had a bit of biff at Tigers training at some point recently. Wortho calls him Dr No J. Not surprised at all to hear that there was an altercation between those two - there used to be rumours of Wortho and Kendall freezing out imports a bit at the Kings. Add that to a big personality like Hodge and you have a potentially volatile situation.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

The Adelaide 36ers held a press conference in response to recent comments by Julius Hodge.
With Bob Dylan's "Most likely you'll go your way and I'll go mine" - playing as the intro. 'Ya say ya got some other kinda lover, and time will tell just who as fell and whos been left behind. As you go your way and I'll go mine."
Scott Ninnis - Julius told me "This place ain't doing me any good. I'm in the wrong town, I should be Hollywood.
Ben Fitz. " We wish to advise the public that the court will still be called the Brett Maher Court and we will not be changing it to the Julius Hodge Court.

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Years ago

"We're not even bagging Wortho, that's how much we hate you!" --> Hahahaha! Cracked me up.

MAN I hope the Worhto/Dr. No-J biff thing is true. Sounds like something Wortho would do. Imagine they're losing and the two of them get into it on court.

C'mon Santa, I've been good all year - do this thing for me!

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Years ago

I wish i was in Adelaide for this :(

Music man have you any plans for the sountrack when Julius enters...
"Jump" ?

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Years ago

Poison by Alice Cooper would be gold as he enters.

Gin and Juice - Snoop
Alabama Song - Doors
One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer - George Thorogood
Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys

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Years ago

I don't know what Hodge is on about..........calling it the "self centred wanker court" just wouldn't have sounded right!!!

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Years ago

keep the brett maher court and name the practice courts after julius, wank fest court.

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Years ago

fancy naming a court after some deadbeat player like hodge. maybe he could get a gig with the thunderbirds as they are always changing their look. Hodge and the Thunderbirds at Hodge Park, Mile End

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Years ago

I just returned from the game and cant put into words my disgust for this chump. The way Hodge carried on at the end of the game just shows what a complete and utter tool he is! Glad he left, Im only sad that no one gave him a big right hook when they had the chance. I hope the league investigate this and throw the book at him. Piss off back to America, you knob!

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